Wednesday, September 3, 2008

MCA - Lack of Professionalism.

I received this e-mail with regards to cricket titled "MCA against Umpires".There seem to be a number of things happening in Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA) particularly with the Umpires. I have always questioned the close relationship of an MCA official with certain personality and the infringement of ethics and principles of natural justice. It seem the hierarchy

in MCA is oblivion to such matters. This is disturbing as people in position think that they have the power to do what they want. This is where all the problems seem to start.

Below is the full text of the e-mail

"Injustice has happened again in Malaysian Cricket Association. We all know of how the National Captain and the National Coach stormed into the field and humiliated the National Umpire.

It is now known that the National Umpire has been suspended from umpiring MCA games and the duty of Secretary of the Umpires and Scorers Board. The duty is now being done by an employee of MCA.

Last weekend (30.8.2008) the employee who is also an umpire with the other umpire refused to bow to the demands of the Kuala Lumpur cricket team where the National Captain is a member.

The Hon. Sect. of MCA who was at the STC ground witnessing the game between KL and Selangor who is also the father of the National Captain totally went berserk accusing the umpires with all kind of humiliating words..

Now the employee has been taken off his duty as the umpire’s coordinator and a new person appointed. The acting competitions chairman seem to be very powerful now, dictating terms and appointing at his will.

Why is MCA always picking on the umpires whereas it was very clear that the National Captain and the National Coach are the ones who walked into the field?

Why is MCA against the umpires whereas it was very clear that the game between KL and Selangor cannot be played because of bad field condition? Both the umpires have suspended play for adverse conditions of ground.

Whenever an umpire reports about the National Captain or does not favour the KL team, the umpire becomes the enemy of MCA. Where is the justice? Have they taken any action against the National Captain and the National Coach?

What action should be taken against the Hon. Sect. of MCA for openly humiliating the umpires?

Why are they penalising the umpires all the time and not the players and MCA officials?

Things ahve to change in MCA.!!!!!!!!

Friends of the Umpires/Scorers"

It is sad as i review MCA's manner of decision making. They do not care what their officials do or how they are connected to parties involved in various incident. Various known principles are completely overlooked to just punish certain party who may not be with the people in power. This is why Malaysian cricket will never achieve the "Test" status. A total lack of professionalism in what MCA undertakes.


Bailey said...

Its interesting to read the national captain seemed to be hogging the limelight for the wrong reasons. Lets hope to read comments from the parties involved which I am sure will be forthcoming. Things have not changed much since I was there years ago, I could only hope commonsense prevail and the powers that be make decisions with their heads and not their hearts. The spirit of the game should not usurped by individuals who claim to be experts in everything.

Anonymous said...

Match Report on Controversial Incident

Match: FTCA vs Selangor
Date: 30.8.2008
Venue: STC Oval
Umpires: Mr.Sivan and Mr.B.Ramani

Complaint by FTCA regarding the calling off the match and declaring the result as drawn.
The following are the chronological order of events that transpired during that match that led the controversial incident:

1.Selangor won the toss and elected to bat and were all out for 157 runs in 43.3 overs.

2.FTCA went in after the break and were 68 for 2 wickets in 13.3.overs. Play was halted at this stage as it had started to rain. The time at this juncture was 3.09pm.

3.The rain stopped after some time and the mopping-up operations commenced.

4.Umpires had a look and they said that they will inspect the ground at 5.30pm.

5.Umpires had a look at the ground at around 5.40pm. They walked around the wicket block, run up and the 30 yard areas.

6.They informed both the captains that the match will resume at 6.00pm. There was some disagreement with the fielding side captain and he was told by the Umpires that that the match will be awarded to the batting side if they do not take the field by 6.00pm.
The target set for FTCA was to score 74 runs. It meant that they had only to score 6 runs in the remaining 6.3 overs with 8 wickets in hand ( FTCA was already 68/2 in 13.3 overs at the stoppage).

7.All the players and the umpires were in position and the first ball was to be bowled after the resumption. Shahid Ali was the bowler and he had to bowl three more deliveries to complete the unfinished over.

8.He jogged in to bowl and did not deliver the ball. He did the same to the next delivery and than requested for saw dust. Saw dust was supplied. He repeated the same motion for the third and fourth delivery.

9.Mr.N.Sivan, the batsman end umpire, motioned with both hands that the match was over. Both the batsmen at the centre were puzzled as to the decision of the umpire. The fielding side then left the playing arena immediately.

10.The batsman end umpire informed us that he has called off the
match as the ground condition was not good (by right, it should have been the bowling end umpires decision). The umpire declared that it was a Drawn Match.

Important Observations

1.Both the Umpires agreed that the ground conditions were good and play could resume at 6.00pm. The conditions did not deteriorate after that decision was made. In fact, the conditions were improving with time as it was bright and sunny.

2.The decision to call off the match was done by the batting end umpire. He did not discuss the matter with the bowling end umpire. He did not even walk up to the area in contention to view it. If any such decision had to be made, it should have been made by the bowling end umpire.

3.The umpires should have instructed the bowling side to carry on with the match. If they fail to do so, the match should be awarded to the batting side under the Law 21.3 (Refusal to play)

4.A similar incident took place in the Super Cup match played last year in Ipoh. The Match Referee was Mr.Tan Kim Hing and the Umpires were Mr.Chandrasegaran and Mr.Sivan ( the same umpire for FTCA/Selangor match). When the bowler Suresh Navaratnam did not deliver the ball after a few attempts, the Umpires awarded the match to the batting side invoking Law 21.3

Gandhi, said...

The above comment is a technical issue and accordingly the Competition Committee has to decide and also the conduct of the Umpires.I believe the Match Referee would have submitted his report.

My issue is the MCA official present who is related to the National Captain and that of his conduct.

In past he had surface in issues that had all the hallmarks of breaching various known principles which calls into question MCA's decision making process.

If you think the allegation made against him by the writer of the e-mail is wrong, i would appreciate a full comment of it.

Anonymous said...

The hilarious part was when the Hon. Sect. who is related to the National Captain outburst in the pavilion and screaming profanity at the top of his voice at the umpires and attacking on personal matters such as educational and umpiring qualificaions uttering words such as 'Stupid!, Fools, Coffeeshop Umpires! and other personal attacks aimed at other umpires.

Do you think this is proper of the Hon. Sect.? Doesn't he know the proper procedure involved?

Anonymous said...

The interesting part is the combination of father and son verbally attacking the umpires. How nice it was to see a family united and standing together even though they know it is wrong of them to do it.
God please help them!!!!!

manaboleh said...

Gandhi, you hit a raw nerve there. Just wait for the affected party's rant and squeal which he has done it before when issues related to him or his son were splashed on your site.

Gandhi, said...

Kindly avoid any form of vendatta based comment. I do not permit such comments to be posted,

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "MCA - Lack of Professionalism.":

(Contents of comment has been deleted as it constitutes a personal attack on the Secretary of MCA, beyond the incident.)

Anonymous said...

Dear Gandhi,

It is believed that The Hon. Sect. was supposed to be the match referee on the 30th and 31st August of the match between FTCA and Selangor.

As a match referee to his reaction on that days was very unprofessional. He should not be given any match referee duty in this competition especialy where his son is involved.

Gandhi, said...

I had received this comment and i had to delete the players names.

Dear Gandhi,

Some Malaysian players have no patriotism for Malaysia or MCA.

MCA brought in 1 Sri Lankan coach and 7 Sri Lankan players to par the Malaysian team to face the ACC Elite tournament.

MCA with the help of MSN has paid a hefty sum of money for the foreigners and the National team.

The most saddening part is that 2 of the National Players are not playing in the Malaysian Premier League. They have signed to play in Singapore. It is good that Singapore wants them but at the same time they should not forget the home. If they have migrated to play then it is a different story. They are travelling on weekends to play in Singapore. Why did they ignore the Malaysian League? It is here that they should show their ability to bowl and let the other players face fast bowlers.

The 2 players mentioned are (name deleted)and (name deleted). If they do this why should we consider them for future national call ups?

Anonymous said...

The lack of planning in the running of the domestic cricket in Malaysia is very evident when the NO. 1 league in the country is being played this time of the year... a Premier league team plays a total of 4 matches (50 overs game)over 3 months. The league started very silently in August and it is scheduled to end sometime in October due to Hari Raya and other clashing events. Umpires are picked based on availability and not qualification. The National Body gives an impressions that the Players, state affiliates, ground owners, officials and relevant parties need to work around the national body's schedule. Are they that powerful and strong that they can dictate the lives of people around malaysian cricket or are they simply plain ignorant!!
What is the purpose of the National League?
Is it to produce national players? Is it to bring in sponsors?
Is it to provide a platform for cricketers to perform to the best of their ability?
Or is the 2008 National league held because:

1. it is held every year, so we need to organize it this year as well.
2. we will need to have a domestic competition in order to show to the international cricket bodies that Malaysia actually have a domestic competition in place.
3. We are allocated a certain amount of money for domestic cricket hence we need to have the league.
4. The MCA BGM is coming early next year hence we will need to show to the state affiliates that as the sole governing body of cricket in Malaysia, we are doing a good job eventhough it defeats the purpose.
Where is cricket heading in this country???
I believe in an organization such as MCA, every EXCO member is given a portfolio hence we have an EXCO who is the domestic competition chairman, we have an EXCO who is the head of Umpires Board, we have an EXCO who takes care of the facilities, we have an EXCO who is in charge of DEVELOPMENT and every EXCO member including the President has a portfolio under their name. If each and every one of them just go out and do their job without putting their legs into someone elses portfolio, i am sure cricket in Malaysia will be heading into the right direction..

But that only happens in an ideal world... i am sure all cricket lovers out there who knows and follow international cricket will agree with me that in every country and in every cricket board be it in a TEST or Non TEST country, there will positive as well as negatives vibes around it but at no point did their cricket suffer... Without the game, we won't have cricketers, cricket officials, cricket umpires, cricket groundsman, cricket ground and cricket organizations.

But after being involved in cricket in this country for close to 17 years now... there is a tinge of fear in me that says that cricket will not stand the test of time in Malaysia. It will either die of a natural death or in 10 - 20 years time, cricket will be reduced to just another sport that we used to play..

Oh else.. in 10 - 20 years time we will be known as the best NON TEST playing country in organizing a cricket tournament but do not have enough cricketers to form a national team!

Come on people... the game is bigger than all of us.. so lets all of us give back something positive to the game in whatever way we can.. if you are a cricketer, play to your best of your ability, if you are an umpire, do the best of your duties, if you are an official, make sure you carry out your responsibility well and if you are the sole governing body of cricket in the country, pls pls make sure you understand and realize the huge responsibility that you have to develop and promote this game so that the future generation will not lose out in playing and enjoying this GREAT GAME of CRICKET!!!

Anonymous said...

How come the names of both players were withheld (referring to the 9th comment) but in the 2nd comment (Match Report on Controversial Incident) both umpires and bowler’s name appeared.

Gandhi, are you being bias?

Gandhi, said...

I agree with the above comment that i was inconsistent in my action. I should have deleted the names as it was an oversight

Still it was a mistake and i take full responsibility for it.

cricketer said...

Hi to Mr. Gandhi and for people whoever sending comments. Only good things you all doing is informing people there is cricket in this country, other than that its senseless. Its easy to sit there and writting sensless. Ok i want say to all of you stop writting senseless and do something for the players. Nobody have rights to question players. Is there anybody do anything for players, Players find their own way of living, its not any state cricket associations help them to get job or scholarship for the players . I will appreciate, if Mr. Gandhi or anybody come out with money or offer job for players to continue play cricket in this country. So they can be patriotic to that specific team in this country. Its easy to tell no patriotism. Do you ever ask or hear that players sacrifice they did in their life for playing cricket. Do you think its easy to acheive this level. If there is no cricketers in this country, there is no cricket associations. If any association dont take care their own players, they will go to other state or other country cricket league. Its nothing wrong, hope you all know word of professional. If there is any businessman in this blog they must know meaning of that word. Come on guys stop senseless stories, do anything useful for players. Stop those days stories come to current days. Hoping for useful comments in future. Cricketers Boleh.

Anonymous said...

Dear cricketer,
Obviously you must be thinking that the cricket fraternity owes you a lot for playing cricket and your untiring effort put in and your genetically given talent to be able to represent the country. Well read this out loud! NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING! When you first started playing, did you go round begging for money? Dont hold the cricket associations at ransom! You have forgotten how the game has helped you to obtain a degree which if not for cricket, you would have ended up being a delivery boy.
You talked about professionalism, first of all look at yourself in the mirror and reflect "have your actions on and off the field warrants you to be accorded a professional tag worthy of your salt?"
Are you in such condition that you cant even put food on the table and shelter for your family? If that so, the honoured office bearers of the governing body could always lend a hand.
Dont hold the association to ransom just because you have become indispensable. Remember your roots!

Anonymous said...

Other than Nicol David, Ong Beng Hee, Azlan Iskandar and some of the cue sports and golfers who can be called professionals, no other athletes who have represented the country play for money, far more less cricket.
Just because some neighbouring countries pay you to play there, doesnt mean you can start demanding the same treatment be accorded here.
Maybe by improving on your English would assist you in making ends meet when you are not worthy of a 'paid' cricketer anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gandhi,

You request readers to leave their comments, and there you are bias
of what needs to be published and

Have sent you afew comments that
would enlighten, public and cricket
fans and you have not published,
Why are you so picky?

Yours Always
Just me.

cricketer said...

hahaha, my article knocked few people's head, that was my whole idea.Thanks to MR.OXFORD, i will improve my ENGLISH, please correct me if any wrong in this article. Anyway what i said is truth thats why people reacting. It could be one of state association member? Hope this guys have some cricket sense.Iam still telling stop those days stories. Take care.

Doosra said...

Dear Gandhi,

Iam not good in english… please do not post comments on my writing skill.. Thank you for not doing it

Actually Mr. Gandhi, you are doing a great job.... last time whatever happens in cricket fraternity will remains silent... but now u r giving a wake up call . Hope things will change soon...

I want to share my view

Some Malaysian players have no patriotism for Malaysia or MCA – comment posted on 8th September…

You have told that some Malaysian players have no patriotism,,, can you please explain them how to show patriotism…

Just asking one more thing, if our players get chance to play in Australia or UK clubs to play their league, do we send them or tell them to play here.

If we tell them to play here.. do you think that cricket league standard is good… please touch your heart and tell the truth…

No body knows when the league starts and ends…

How many premier league matches a player can play … only 6 matches in a year.. Is it enough for the players…

Do we have any other quality tournaments to play…

May be Franchise league.

To the most a player can get 7 matches,,, does all the state players getting chance ????

Last year we had National Inter – Club and Super Cup

What happened to them…

Tournament will be Organised this year or not… Or MCA going to scrap these tournaments..

(Am not blaming MCA because the have lot of other work like hosting other Inter national tournaments)

So now tell us how the players going to get exposure…

Is it wrong going to Singapore for getting exposure…

Please correct it not 2 players, More than 2 playing in Singapore and lot of our players willing to play there because of the better standard, good money and will be able to play minimum of 16 matches and also a better treatment and no promises (this not for mca.. only for the state associations who promise and do not know how to keep up the promise…)

You also must think why the neighboring country calling our players to play there…

Because our players are good …. Simple As That…

If you suggest to drop them from the national call…. Do think players will be stop playing cricket in other country leagues… Definitely No…

Vendetta said...

The national coach wasn't even at the playing ground!!! So, get ur facts rite!! How u doin Bailey?? Gud comment u posted out there!! Saw u at the ICC tournament! No comments on the game cause i wasn't there!! Just wanted to read all the comments on cricket!!

The Toecutter said...

Malaysian cricket is a joke. Very poor organisation, players playing for the wrong reasons, and quite frankly a very low standard for a country that hosts an U19 World Cup, ACC Elite, and a tri-series tournament with Australia, West Indies, and India involved.

This writer has been playing this great game for many, many years and never has he seen the mayhem that erupted at STC on the day in question before.

One thing that must be said though and not doubt there will be bottom lips dropping to the floor sulking that there is a conspiracy, but if the umpiring standard in Malaysia is not great improved, you will continue to have players being very frustrated and upset. In saying this, I certainly do not condone the actions taken by certain players in the instance being discussed here.