Sunday, November 29, 2009

Anonymous comment on matters relating to Sports School

I received the comment below for my article titled': "Sports School seem confused with their hockey boys", dated 21st of November.

Although i have published the comment under that article, i felt it is also proper to let the other side of the story be given its publicity.

The comment has raised some interesting matters and it would be worthwhile to see the reaction of the readers.

Below is the full text of the comment.

"Mr Ghandi,

We have to be fair with the KPM or Sports School!

When a talent is spotted at MSSM Inter-state tournament there is a big cry by certain MHF officials that Sports Schools is "KILLING" the state development.

Then why are there 90% of the current National Juniors that took part in Myanmar consist of players from SSBJ & SSBP.

A good question that needed to be answered by State HAs and MHF. Lembu punya Susu Sapi punya nama. This sounds familiar?

Please also let me clear the air that all players from sports school are released back to the home state for all tournaments. Be it MSSM or MHF tournaments i.e U14, 16, 18 and even Sukma.

Mr Ghandi, why should you not be concern if you are a parent of a player from sports school?
Where do u think the existing national players pick up the drinking habits?

Well with beers free flow out of the chillers after a MHL game (and training) it is matter of time a student from SPORTS SCHOOL be on this habit. Well before you know it he will be reaching the school gate after 12pm drunk. Well the famous 3 recently. 2 current players, 1 is the living proof of this where he received early training to this routine habit.

So Ghandi, please check these fact before we pick on the wrong parties that is killing the game.

I sincerely hope that you are also not a supporter of paying big money to these students. It appears that this is the practice with the clubs. Grab what you can by luring money and buying loyalty.

Mr Ghandi, this is also the training ground towards 10/2 habits and illegal internet betting!

On a sad note why the MHF does not support the idea of Sports school putting a side instead?

Maybe that would be better since the question of accountability and responsibility for these students will be taken care for before they leave school.

Cheers Sir, we hope you are in a better position to promote better image of the Sports Schools and stop the negative articles on the good work done by KPM or the Sports"


Anonymous said...


I came to know from a friend that certain coaches in the National set-up has been calling the players parents to initiate for a transfer out from SSBJ.

Gandhi, can you check your source.

One player was instructed to request for transfer to Setapak High School so that he can play for clubs.

MHF and KPM MUST take appropriate ACTION on this because NATIONAL INTEREST in not given the priority so as the FUTURE of the payer. The writer of the original article must be right where greed takes over the sanity of the national set-up coach. To harvest the work done by the 2 sports school is unbecoming of the National coaches, Sir.

With this kind of mentality they must not continue with the coaching set-up.

Anonymous said...

Sports School and State Project schools have killed all sports in Malaysia. They get the best from the primary to train but yet on the way they also pick up talents when they see them performing in age groups. These coaches don't really coach but still their teams will excell. Others players from ordinary school just give up because they already have in their mind they cannot win. If take hockey players whom did not come from sports school like Kelvinder Singh , Kuhan and others - they are better players in performance and fighting spirit when it comes to high level competition because when they were in their school they strived very hard to bring glory for their school. NSC and other sports association should look into this matterseriously. The Sukan Teras program was good one because all were given a good chance. Sports / project schools others don't want to go in because of many reasons.
Malysian Sports Lover

Anonymous said...

just for your information:

SSBP - 6
SSBJ - 7
SMK Setapak KL - 1
no more in the school system - 4
Elit - 1

and we miss on more player from SSBJ due to SPM

Anonymous said...

Better the SSBJ change their motto- to represent the country to Just play for SSBJ. How come the principal and the hockey coach cannot justify certain things. Here the players want to play at high level and the school is stoping them. How can he represent the country without playing at high level. Its high time NSC and sports associations recomend the SSBJ principal to be transfered to a Boarding school wereby she can concentrate on academy only.
Former Student

Anonymous said...

Please check your facts. Sports Schools are the main providers of players for the national team.More coaches should be sent to these schools as the present teachers cannot handle the growing number.Academic excellence is also important . We need thinking players and this comes with good educational background. Look at Australia , Germany , Holland and Korea who have national players with good academic qualifications hence they become better thinking players. They are able to change pattern of play in field and not just wait for instructions from the coaches as though they are zombies. Dont just critise for the sake of critising. Give concrete suggestions

mahatma said...

Jangan jadi KATAK DI BAWAH TEMPURUNG. Teachers tell their students.

JAUH PERJALANAN LEBIH PENGALAMAN. Familiar with this. Wise men tells the Youngs.

Jangan bersorak sesudah jadi raja di kampung. Proton car manufacturer warned. They should be competitive in the international market.

I can come up with many more.

Why put a ceiling above your head when you can reach the skies. There are coaches who want the players to excel and go higher levels in hockey because the coaches can see explosive potential in them. They are being mold for international standards to win matches..

But at the same time, some school coaches turning their eyes red when there is a sudden jump in the standard of his boys. Some boys even started to compare the capability of their school coach with the national coach if they need to go to higher levels. Some were even prepare to leave the school to go higher levels in hockeys. So why blamed the boys if they can see better future outside the sports school..

National sports school and some state sports school boys have very good talents. Never belittle them. Never treat them like robots. The coach kills their instint to think. He kills their creativity to do exceptional movements that the boy have in them. They cannot do this. They cannot do that. And punish the player when he doesnt listen at times to instructions. He puts so much of fear that the boy's end result is a player who can only play to his directions and instruction just like a puppet. Unlike the National coach who actually explores the players potential to excel.

We need to understand that a National sport school holds a very high responsibility towards development of sports to international standards. And so are the parents who have sent their children with a big dream. It is the Sports Schools responsibility without any excuse or reasons to build players of very high standards. The players must physically and mentally be prepared to represent our country with honour and respect like the germans, spain or australians.

It was a big pity for the under 16 National team not going to Germany. The team was built so strong and so powerful that they had the credibility and strength to be world under 16 champions. There is still talks to revive the under 16 national team because many believe that this team with his coaches will make a turning point to hockey in Malaysia and put back hockey in the world map.

Dear MHF anf NSS,
You only get rambutan if you plant rambutan. Dont expect durian to fall.
You only get to where you want if you set your direction right with the right people. There will difinitely be some cococnuts trying to give better suggetion or putting wrong ideas in your head but we need them for the association to move. Your vision must be cristal clear for you to achieve what you want. Improve your shortcomings but never change your direction as that is the only road map to success.