Friday, November 20, 2009

Golden goal takes Dharma's boys to Under 18 Asia Cup final

In consecutive Sundays Malaysian hockey has worked its way into 2 finals. Last Sunday it was the Senior team at the World Cup qualifier final in New Zealand and coming Sunday it shall be Dharma's Under 18 boys playing Pakistan for the Asia Cup final in Myanmar. Surely the TM must be in jublilant mood as it has been sometime since we had such news.

I do not have the full story of the semi-final game between South Korea and Malaysia except that Dharma's boys won the match on golden goal in extra time with a score at 3-2. Visit to get a brief insight of the match. It provides comments from Dharma of his team performance.

Well done Malaysian Under 18 boys and our best wishes for the final. I am sure Dharma would be burning the late night candle to strategise the tactics and the set pieces for the game. Dharma you have our support, for your boys and you can do it. Good Luck.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the up and coming young talents.

They have a long way to go and THEY CAN IMPROVE- it is how we groom them in Body,Mind and Discipline over the years that matters.Physiologically and mentality they can adapt well compared to others.......TEACH THEM WELL..the nation not only needs Wiras but also the nation needs athletes with character , integrity and disicipline as they are the future work force of the nation.Sports was meant not only to create winners and fairness in games but also to build character in athletes.Teach them not only how to communicate with each other and to officials with respect but also to the media.

Sports is about character building and we must start it when they are young.Welack this in our seniors as evidenced by various previous comments in other blogs

Treat these children as if they are our chidren, discipline them well and make them understand that they must move towards their " Road map" for their tomorrow.

These are the ones to gradually move up into the senior team while we need to phase out some others.

Gandhi, said...

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Dear Hockey Fans,

Just get MHF Council to recommend to TM, for a Datukship for DHARMA,
and all the 'GOOD JOB " is recognized,

Anyway PAHANG STATE gives away Datuks (DELETED) and Dharma has also converted,

Great Muslim praying 5 Time a Day,
"Good Muslim" among all sportsman.

What else TM can provide......

Just me OJ

Gandhi, said...

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Anonymous said...

After the depature of the great 10/2 coach now atleast the young malaysians are doing some thing good for the pride of the country. NSC and MHF should dismantle the present Senior National Team and concentrate on this 2013 boys for the 2016 Olympics. The dirt left behind by the great 10/2 coach is still there so better get rid of all the bad guys in the present senior team and start fresh. take only 3 players fron the 2009 junior world cup squad because it was also trained by one of the 10/2 cronies the "Thai Coach". The coach for the 2016 team should be Dharma , Azlan Bakar and Gobi.
Well done Dharma and gang . This will be slap on 10/2 face. So far there are 3 good acheivements for the hockey fans - 2008 Asia Club cup champions wherby EY became the champion under Dharma , the ladies Indoor hockey Asia Cup 2009 whereby they emerged champions under coach vivay and now the 2013 team. Keep it up dharma. Sure you deserve a pay rise and datukship.

Singapore Hockey Fanatic