Saturday, November 14, 2009

Malaysian hockey team - Considered "no-hopers" make it to World Cup qualifier's final.

Following months of fiasco in the national team and the disappointing performance at the Test matches with Australia, many including myself felt that the national team are going to New Zealand just to make up the "numbers" for the World Cup qualifier. The believe was we would probably be positioned 3rd to 5th at the qualifier. This would mean at the worst case we would be behind New Zealand, China, Austria and Scotland. In a way this would signify the demise of Malaysian hockey.

The bigger picture of national interest and not wanting to provide a "damning" prediction prior to the departure of the team or while the qualifier was on going, made me refrain from writing about the national team. After the 1st match against Austria, where Malaysia drew with a minnow team, confirmed my initial views. Thereafter pulling through with Wales and Scotland by one goal margin, did not in anyway change my sentiments especially taking account of our 4-2 defeat by New Zealand.

Today, taking on China and defeating them 3-0 and making it into the final of the qualifiers, has rekindled a bit of hope in the Malaysia team. Part of the reason is probably that they are going to be 1st or 2nd, which in a way has messed up my prediction and i am pretty happy about it. It is probably the team is "peaking" at the right time and kudos must go to the players, coaches and team management.

Tomorrow they take on New Zealand and that game would determine whether we make it to New Delhi for the 2010 World Cup. I do not want to make a prediction for it is important we all stand and support the team. We may have certain views but it must be forgotten tomorrow, for the most important aspect is for the team to be aware that the whole nation is with them. The players must give more than their best and everything is possible. The show of grit determination combined with passion and intelligent tactics must surely get the Kiwis to become guarded. That "mati mati" spirit would rattle the best of teams in the world.

So Good Luck Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Some times people make comments to ceate " reverse psychology" in readers , while others make positive comments right out.

Having said this , notice that is is the young ones who will outshine but this episode is not the end all.

Malaysia must continue bringing in the young speedy talents as they can outshine our opponents. We have the advantage but we are not using them correctly

Congrats to the young players and hope they enjoy the winning streak.

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Anonymous said...

Malaysians, pray. we know that there were many hoping for OUR downfall but they claim to be the custodians of Malaysian's Hockey.

Eat your hearts out, we have reached the stage when all you sour grapes nay-sayers have predicted that we could not.

To all of you whom fits the bill, forever shut your mouth and do not write about Hockey in your blog.

To the Management and the Team may the Force be with you.


Anonymous said...

Malaysia congrats!!!

However we need to move forward. We cannot stop here... the young ones must move to a higher level and create space for others to move in . This will eventually maintain the momentum in the team for the coming years.The team must move on.... there is no time to stand and stare or even rest on our laurels

To the coach well done despite all hurdles he had to face.

Anonymous said...

You said it the are now no hopers kalah means kalah,period.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Malaysia lost with grace(NZ 2-1 ). The management and the coaches did a very wonderful job by not selling the game or doing 10/2 bussinness. The moral was great but it will take time to clean up all the dirts left behind by the great 10/2 coach. Now the 3 players are out who have done the bussinness with the 10/2 coach. EY should also sack these players also to keep up the good moral of the team.We lose never mind but not sell games and win . No moral.

102 supporter