Thursday, November 5, 2009

An apology to the National Team Manager

In my article yesterday titled: TM's decisiveness on Beng Hai's "hour of need", i inadvertently omitted to mention George Koshy's name for being supportive of getting Beng Hai's return to Malaysia. As Team manager, George is in New Zealand with the team and is the principal personality holding the reins of the Malaysian contingent.

I duly apologise to George for the error as the omission may have given rise to various other interpretations to the readers of the article. It is my hope that this little note would help to rectify the situation.

This also mean that i can take this opportunity to wish George and the team the very best of luck and hope they are able to fulfill their objective. Good Luck


Anonymous said...

Readers will understand that when Beng Hai returned home, it was a unanimous decision and discussion by the officials concerned stationed in Invercargill.It was a good decision by the whole team.

It is good to hear the positive note by the writer_ 'I hope they are able to fulfill their objective" but from the land filled with sheep we hear otherwise.....

From a distance.... we hear 3 very familiar rhythms.....:

officials singing:
1.Money, money money...lots of money... in the Hockey world... Aha! Aha! If I had a bit of money... in the hOckey world.

Players sheepishly singing:
2.Ba white sheep, we've got our bags of wool....
Yes, sir, yes sir, all our dues in full
given from the master, to be given to our dames ...
and some for the younger ones who have just joined the team

3. while the younger players while filled with so much enthusiasm in New Zealand would be humming to the tune....
Its just an illusion....

Whatever it is ....we wish them all a happy 'paid holiday" for whatever they have done- entertaining the world with their drama- so let the entertainment the drama unfolds

and as the writer concluded in his article...the best of luck entertainment

Anonymous said...

Harap angin baik
Oleh Bazly Azmi

HANYA tiupan angin kencang menjadi kebimbangan skuad hoki kebangsaan menjelang aksi pembukaan kempen kelayakan Piala Dunia 2010 menentang Austria di Invercargill, New Zealand, esok selepas berjaya menyesuaikan diri dengan cuaca sejuk.

Penolong pengurus, M Gobinathan, berkata keadaan itu mencetuskan rasa kurang selesa kepada pemain ketika sesi latihan kerana mampu membuatkan anggota badan menjadi kebas.

“Pemain perlu sentiasa berlari bagi mengelakkan anggota badan seperti tangan, betis atau muka menjadi kebas. Setakat ini hanya tiupan angin masalah utama kerana ia menjadikan suhu sekitar lebih sejuk.

“Bagaimanapun, ia tidak mendatangkan kecederaan serius cuma, pemain dilihat tidak selesa ketika berlatih,” katanya.

komen :
Peluklah kambing biri- biri supaya badan lebih panas dan semua kaki dan tidak kebas.

Semoga pasukan ini kembali setelah berjaya belajar tenik dan tektik main hoki dengan cara seorang gembala menjaga kambing biri-biri dalam cuaca sejuk dan angin kuat di New Zealand.

A...palah jadi.....-peraturan baru FIH tetap diuji......senyuman kambing biri-biri

Anonymous said...

THIS IS IT Malaysia must aim for top 5 finish
Malaysia will play in the World Cup qualifiers in Invercargill, commencing tomorrow and during the one week long tournament, the team will compete against New Zealand, China, Austria, Scotland and Wales for the sole ticket to the World Cup.
’This Is It’ is how one can best describe the fortunes of Malaysian hockey as it attempts to make it to, for current Malaysian standards, the biggest prize in world hockey, that is to play in the 2010 World Cup in New Delhi

BEST OF LUCK - TOP 5 Finish = SECOND LAST POSITION as we have 6 teams competing

Anonymous said...


can we for once gather round and wish our Malaysian Team the very best and pray that they perform above themselves to keep all nay-sayers dumb.

we must appreciate all the comments from outsiders with their own ulterior motives and sour grapes to criticise our Team. we must also give our Team credit for going through the torturous journey to have arrive at this juncture.

So, we must refrain from all these uncomplimentary comments as it seems that all these comments have been made from vested interested people hoping for Malaysia failure and also sour grapes vibes.

For now can we pray for Malaysia success.

Proud Malaysian

Anonymous said...

Latest news from WC Qualifier, Invercargill NZ heard today...Our National Team draw with Australi...oooppppppss..Sorry..It's Austria..Draw 2-2..Hopefully the moon still shine...RIP Mr. Tai..

Anonymous said...

This competition echoes the ABBA song - THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL

But Jugjet singh 's picture on the SHEEP - is a beautiful picture THAT SAYS IT ALL
He even uses the word New Zealand Slaughter house.....

We indeed have good young ones- They are Malaysia's future ....but we are now facing countries smarter than us bringing in young blood raging through our defense , midfield- the very positions the coach mentioned his concerns in the latest interview. We can only stand and watch......reality strikes us too late.

Despite the draw results - we congratulate the team and wish our best especially to the young ones as they are our future hope in Malaysian hockey

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:08
You are one SOB pessimist the sport can do without in this country. It is s***ass like you that is destroying hockey in this country. A lot of negativity but did nothing to improve hockey. I can only guess that you are one the many lickers of 10/2 chief who by the way is dead & buried after destroying our beloved sport.
RIP 10/2 chief
RIP Anonymous 5:08 s***ass

Anonymous said...

The down fall because of the 10/2 coach who sold the country. Now his friends are giving comments so that he can make come back and sell everybody. They only see the thorns not the rose.

102 supporter

Anonymous said...

Learn from the ladies, thats what Jugjet wrote. When his good friend was selling games and doing bussinness with the players he did not write. If The Malaysian don't make it to the world cup is ok. Better to lose the game in grace rather than winning in disgrace by gambling and selling the game and the country.

Hockey Fan

Anonymous said...

Oh dear,

When the coach first sold the game and the country why the players or others who saw this did not join together and voice out earlier. Could have hit the nail on the head then. Now we have a leopards whose spots are painted white ( temporarily)

After so long..... now the story is on and on and on....No use to complain now- what to do

Others who read will think someone who did not get a fair share just went to stir the hornest nest only now. Now every one blaming......each other

The nation really needs players and coaches and officials who are sincere , truthful - Sports was supposed to be character building on field and in real life . It was aimed to buid a healthy , truthful nation but it seems this philosphy has been murdered by certain people. It carries on in their real life and they hurt lots of people along the way

Only God overseas all our behaviour and eventually there is a price to pay. Only time will tell - everything we say or do is recorded and witnessed by God-Everything is in HIS TIME......We just watch and hope they change...if they realise their misdoings

Anonymous said...

What ? Learn from the ladies???

I overheard someone commenting the other day, the seniors look like they are wearing bra jersery- the blue against the yellow

walk "chest out stomach in"- thats the way it is........
Exit door is open wide but entry door is very narrow....

Our team must witstand failure well
and not push and shove with chest. No one agitates unless provocated

Keep the fire burning and the drama going. Another 2 more to go.

Anonymous said...

kalau menang memang bagus
kalau kalah, mari la berdansa
jadi celebrities

102 fun

Anonymous said...

see now only Malaysia using the young talent after so many days in Invercargill .....must be feeding them with good food and keeping them nice and warm all these days

Congrats to the young ones!!!!They were not fully utilised in the earlier games

Malaysia must continue to seek more young players if she wants to continue winning in future