Monday, November 23, 2009

Yet again Malaysian hockey misses the "crowning win". Why?

Consecutive Sundays, Malaysian hockey had 2 teams in the finals, one the Seniors at World Cup qualifier in New Zealand and the other at Asia Cup Under 18 in Myanmar. In both instances we ended up playing "2nd fiddles". It seem that the "winning crown" is eluding Malaysia.

Some put it to the fact that our players are unable to cope with the "big game" temperament. The pressure of wanting to qualify for the bigger event adds a higher level of stress which either allows them to start with a "bang" and then fizzle out with time or start poorly with a number of goals down thereby staging a "fightback" against the clock. Both these scenarios seem to fit with our teams in New Zealand and Myanmar respectively.

This "yo yo" temperament of the team seem to reflect the lack of consistency throughout the game and thereby hurting themselves from becoming champions. This is because we do not educate our players to familiarise how to cope with different pressure scenarios and the varying levels of stress. Both the finals in which our boys were involved is a classic reflection of the lack of such familiarisation. Part of the reason is that our national league is not highly competitive as it is dominated in the main by 1 team which has most of the national players. Therefore the training ground does not exist.

One does not have to be a "rocket scientist" to analyse these issues. If we are aware we must take the necessary steps to prepare the boys accordingly, it is imperative that the coaches understand this and select and substitute the players accordingly. This is where Sports Science and Bio Medicine data of the players are fundamental. This has to be incorporated into an IT system where the coaches can utilise it on a real time basis during the game. Modern progressive qualified coaches use such tools to cope with the growing demand of ensuring their team has that added advantage over their opponents.

To be fair to our senior national coaches like Beng Hai and Nor Saiful, against all odds and the predictions of certain naysayers they have done well. More so if we look at the adversities they had to face during the time they were handling the team. It is incredible they still could get the best out of the team. I am not saying that they are brilliant coaches, rather hard working and highly focused of wanting to achieve their objective. Their principle minded nature where they call "a spade, a spade" provides an uncompromising position particularly on discipline and training methodology. This had upset a few senior players plus certain key officials who were trying to undermine the coaches. However the leadership at MHF and NSC had kept faith with both these coaches and in a way the New Zealand final is a testament to these coaches determined quest of working and geting the best from the available talents.

At this point it must be noted that our reservoir of talents as part of the supply chain is slowly but surely "drying up". Almost 1 year has gone by and the Development Committee is still at the drawing board working out their development programme. This is what that puts the pressure on the future when the wise men find it difficult to put together reasonable effective plan to develop talents. The "high flying" stature and the huge financial commitment they are looking at, in the absence of a sound integrated platform seem to reflect the lack of understanding of the terrain of grass root hockey in Malaysia. While the Development Committee continues on its "mental gymnastics" , they must be aware that the ground does not get fertilised with development while they "think". This delay would bring its price too.

Reverting back to our Under 18 team, the coach Dharma supported by Nor Azlan and Gopi are doing a good job. They are moulding the boys well, cajoling at the right time and using the "rod" where it is required. Dharma's boys are shaping up well and they have taken the game to the top teams in Asia. That itself is a good start but we must recognise that Asian hockey is on a downward spiral and therefore we must always look at the Europeans and Oceania nations as a basis of comparison. Can we match with the teams from these regions? That would be the real test.

The Under 18 coach seem to ooze a high level of confidence particularly viewing his pre match comments. At a point it would seem he had portrayed a degree of arrogant over-confidence and Dharma has to be cautious of this. It would seem the defeat at the final had brought him down to earth as he accepted responsibility for the tactical error. Maybe with time and more international exposure the coach too would be able to fine tune his approach.

Dharma's greatest task is how he is going to hold the team together for the future. As it is they are being coaxed with monies and other attractive offers to turn out for various teams in the MHL. They are going to be exposed to all sort of things from good, bad and ugly, which is going to tempt them accordingly. Many had paid the price and in a way had affected the "bolts and nuts" of the teams in the past. Something Dharma and his fellow coaches have to look at if they want their "stars" to perform consistently in the future.

If we are not careful the consecutive Sunday finals where Malaysia appeared has given some hope to Malaysian hockey and may only be a one of matter. We can be in many finals and get all the "crown" but it requires people passionate of hockey with modern, progressive, intellectual outlook, who can bring with them scientific and corporate culture to be incorporated into the operations of Malaysian hockey. That is the only "WAY FORWARD".


Anonymous said...

I like your last paragraph. It hit the nail on the head.

But it is falling on deaf ears- coz the eyes cannot see what the brain cannot think .

They all see the carrot before the eyes and they go salivating. While money is essential it is the root of all evil..It is a double edged sword.
It is unquenchable greed for monies that leads to our downfall...

who to blame??? Your guess is as good as mine

Anonymous said...

All the money matter was started by our great 10/2 coach. Now why blame if the teams can get to second spot. Selling games nad gambling was first introduced by our great 10/2 coach but still no action was taken and he is still holding the Coaching Chairman of one of the states were doesn't even go back once a month. That is Malaysian hockey.

"Ardent fan of 10/2"

Anonymous said...

'Green Shoots for Malaysian Hockey'

We applaud MHF and all Malaysians for the second placings for the two major tournaments that we have completed. To the naysayers they will have their criticisms but to the positives the 'big one' will come. And it will be sooner then we thought.

We only have the authority to talk about this U18 Myammar team as we have been following their progress from the onslaught. This boys will the future of Malaysian's Hockey and if any character that tries to undermine this Team then Kementerian Belia & Sukan,NSC and MHF is doomed.

We have been to numerous tournaments with MHF Teams for more then a decade and we have noticed proceedings that we have never seen before.
Such as:

Coaches: There were numerous discussions and assessments of games played and there were two way communicating by coaches. During training all coaches knows their roles and everyone does teir part diligently and every department is well catered and executed physically and scientifically.
NSC and MHF should be lauded for appointing this group of officials as they have the highest qualities of incalcating good play and values to the boys. And they are all renowned personalities in the Hockey faternity be it local or abroad. That is what a respected coaching set-up should consist of.

The way the boys played is the envy of all present in Yangon and all have departed with the fear that Malaysian's Hockey is in the recovery mode.

The matured way the boys team play, the 90-100 kph flick of our penalties takers is a joy to withold for all present.

We are never buyous and will talk straight with the hope that with our comments and observations the Malaysian's Sports Authorities will act on our unsolicited comments and extract the best out of this without fear or favour then our hockey will see some light.

We know that there are elements that want to see the downfall of anyone except themselves, so the Sports Authorities should not bow to their whims and fancies but to administrate what is good for the sports and discard all the losers and naysayers.

Media reports were written by human whom some have an 'axe to grind' so we must treat them with a 'bag of salt'. Because if the coach say that we cannot win, he is taken to be a defeatist and gutless and when he said the alternative then he is branded as 'arrogant.'

So, please leave all these negatives behind and support and water the green shoots that shows signs of sprouting into something great.

Hockey Lovers

Anonymous said...

good to know scientific approach. Just compare Germany and Netherland players in the ABN AMRO champion men trophy 2009 melbourne starting tomorrow .

It is scientific knowledge put to test in these teams and definitely if Data analysis and application by our MHF and NSC officials are ongoing then we would be wiser in selecting our NEXT / INCOMING national team who will take Malaysia to greater heights

Anonymous said...


what is wrong?

Coaches whom have conduct themselve improperly were allowed to be Chairman of their State HA and Coaches whom have shamed our negri is allowed to be coach of their U14 teams.

It is now known that the KL U14 coach is the coach that brought our country to shame. He did it by misbehaving himself in Thailand when he is only interested in woman,wine and s--.( Top officials of that country will vouch for it.)

He applied to be the Coach of one of our neighbouring country and when they checked with ex-employer and they gave him a 'no-no' label and he was history.

He is also an employee of one of the top MHL teams and because of his reputation have sent him back to 'read meters' and was not allowed to be near the team.( they have checked with his ex-employer regarding the truth of all the allegations towards him and they confirmed all his misdeeds)

Then the KLHA threw him a lifeline because he is a boozing kaki of the most powerful man in the HA and he was given the U14 coaching position.( remember the Razak Cup Coach. another joker appointed by him and we still cannot forgive him for not having KL in the finals)

The question everyone especially the parents should ask the KLHA as to how this Coach with his bad reputations and having been thrown out by his employers and turned down by our neighbour's national HA with teams of adult players be allowed to take charge of kids?

MHF on their part should investigate on all complaints of Coaches behavior by contacting the respective Authorities and ex-employers of the coaches and when confirmed that it happened, then bar them from holding any positions in the Hockey scene.

MHF/NSC must take drastic actions immediately so that our kids are not exposed to all these evil characters.

i feel frightened for the parents of KL U14 kids because of his presence. And the only sane thing for the management of KLHA to do, is to dropped him immediately before any damaged to the kids is done.

That is responsibility, KL.

Worried Parents.

Anonymous said...

Can understand why parents are so worried with the way sports is run

Sometimes, people purposely close their eyes. They let things happen to other people's children but never to their own children.

They enjoy the circus and the entertainment- (read the other blog sites).

After all this game was aimed to attract people to come and watch . It is a world of paid entertainment.

some People have opted wisely and decided to do other more beneficial activities than sit and watch the circus acts on Tv. Cannot blame them for doing so...

Gandhi, said...

The comment has been edited.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Yet again Malaysian hockey misses the "crowning wi...":

When an organisation like KLHA supposedly to be helmed by an educated individual made a blunder such as appointing a questionable character to be the coach who is known to be a drunkard, womaniser and addicted smoker, naturally the parents will be worried. Where is the accountability to character building of our young players??
(name deleted), please explain yourself!

A Parent

Gandhi, said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Yet again Malaysian hockey misses the "crowning wi...":

Hockey (deleted).

In the (deleted) we learned about the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Malaysian Hockey have an answer to the (deleted):

The Father= (name deleted)-Sabah Sukma (Girls)- Team Coached by Teacher from Bandar Penawa

The Son= (name deleted)- Johore U23- Team Coach by (name deleted)

The Ghost = (name deleted)- KL- U14 coached by (name deleted).

They are all coaches of Teams that have been trained by others and then they hi-jacked the teams and they claim credit to bringing glory to their Teams that they suposedly Coached to show-off their prowess in their coaching abilities.

And blind people in the HA allowed them to abused their positions because of gain or affiliation.

This saying is the most apt to explain the whole scenerio:


All of you better commit hara-kiri ( including those whom allowed these abuses). Now.

Shameless creatures.

Anonymous said...

Words really can destroy people.
But the truth, we'll never know.

If that seriously a misconduct behaviour by the SAID PREVIOUS COACHES, why don't they / we refer to the Malaysian Law and Courts to decide? Lets both parties fight in the court and later on ALL THE MALAYSIAN ESPECIALLY HOCKEY FAN will know what definitely the TRUTH.

Don't just talk rubbish in such a good local sports forum like this. Pls look forward for our good of hockey! Not look just into a personality and interest!

If wanna be a hero, why dont they based on the words to complain that some of our Ministers also got that bad attitude? Why dont write on that too. Its more interesting..

Don't waste time by just sit comfortly there and write rubbish. Go out and implement and get back the glorious moment of Malaysian Hockey!

Nowadays, we can see even 7 years old children can write rubbish comments like this in a forum or chat room. Why? Because they are still children and no enough mature brain. Dont be like them! But guide them!

Simply said. No Action. Talk Rubbish Only.

"Yet again Malaysian hockey misses the "crowning win". Now, everybody knows why?

Anonymous said...

Refer 5.15pm comment.

Hi1 Bro,

you one of the runners for the 'family.'

If you are really a passionate hockey digit, you will not magnify your zero IQ for a 'loss cause.'

You know that the truth is being told.

Honesty, bro, not apple polishing.

Anonymous said...

refer 5.15 pm


Are you one of the runner for the 'family.' If you are really a passionate and unbias hockey person then you are doing your IQ a disservice,if you have any or is it bandaged)

What is written is the gospel truth as they only takes all the credit but the work is done by others. Speak to all the HA involved and you will get the truth.

The truth will always hurt and you are championing a loss cause and it is people like you that caused all the 'family' to flourished and walk with disgraceful pride.

Do not throw smoke on our leaders, we just want to share our information regarding the disgraceful conduct of these
hockey Coaches.

Your defence of them is a lost cause and please i am perfectly sure that Ghandi have all the coaches names that have their hard work hi-jacked and those involved, just ask him and i am perfectly sure he will furnished you with all that you want and you can get to the bottom of hi-jack.

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Komen tentang Jurulatih K.L yang sentiasa menyebut bahawa dia ialah jurulatih Piala Dunia. Anak saya sentiasa kecewa kerana dia tidak dapat bermain sekurang-kurang 10 minit. Saya tidak tahu menagapa JK K.L telah memilih jurulatih ini. Pihak pentadbir selalu mendengar nasihat setiausaha Persatuan K.L dan tidak tahu apa yang sedang berlaku. Elok semua pentadbir PHKL letak jawatan kerana Setiausaha PHKL boleh meneruskan pentadbiran dengan diri sendiri. Setiausaha telah memilih semasa B 23 seorang jurulatih yang telah memilih pemain-pemain dari Selangor dan menggugurkan pemain berasal dari K.L. Piala Razak Setiausaha telah memilih seorang belanda sebagai jurulatih dan gagal juga. Baru-bari in pasukan wanita K.L menjadi n. johan telah di latih oleh jurulatih b-14 ini( patut boleh jadi johan). Setiausaha patut jadi jurulatih.

Tulisan ini di sokong oleh 16Ibubapa.

Anonymous said...

The Star today, 7th Dec 2009.

K Rajan Bring KL U-14 Team to become a Champions!

KL stunned defending champion Perak 3-2 in the final

Mahatma said...


Someone trains the KL under14 boys for 2 years preparing them for the under14 tournament and someone else takes the credit in 2 weeks.

It was a sudden shock to this coach upon arriving from Myanmar under18 tournament that his hard work was given to another coach.

Anyway everything started wrong from the selection process to the way the game was played. One player was not even in the top 18 list and was eventually sent off to play for Malacca where he emerged as the top scorrer for the state.

KL lost the first game and drew the second game. I was in Ipoh attending to a meeting when someone call me to inform that KL under 14 hit badly to the extend that some players do not want to play the next game against Tganu.

News went to the "Original" coach who was shocked with the results. He knew this team was a winning team and many KL coaches was lobbying for it. Not believing the results, he decided to see the boys and the game for himself. And his presence at the field the next day chased away all the curse and gave a fighting spirit to the boys. The angel's blessing went on to give a 7-1 winning against Tganu. The others was all history.

This team won all the matches from than on to win the championship. Of course with one coach at the bench and the other sitting outside showing signs to the boys what to do.

I was in KL when I received a call that the KL boys had won the championship. I slept peacefully that night and many others in KL did the same too.

Powerful characters have powerful minds and Powerful minds build winners.
Success does not come overnight but pure hardwork.