Monday, November 30, 2009

MHF Coaching Chairman seem to be on a "showmanship" trip.

Following my article: MHF Committees in "Slumberland" - Part 1: "Directionless" Coaching Committee, i question the wisdom of releasing the national coaches to be employed by the MHL clubs, when they are paid full time salaries to serve the national teams. I also questioned why when every one of the national coaches were allowed except for the chief national coach.

Today's dailies reported the Chairman of Coaching Committee's disappointment of the MHF Council rejection of his clearance to the national coaches. Firstly there is no change of mind by the MHF Council because it would be the first time they would have come to know about it. In that sense the Council as the governing body has the right to decide.

More importantly the action of the Chairman of the Coaching Committee must be questioned. He has acted "ultra vires" of the constitution of MHF. He unilaterally made the decision without consulting his own Committee. This is not the first time he has done such an act. Over the period he has been Chairman, he has created enough blunders on a unilateral basis , which has turned his Committee meetings into "war" scenario.

Now in the heights of "showmanship", the Chairman in his action of calling for a meeting to discuss the issue of the national coaches, maybe taking on the MHF Council. Maybe he is trying to display who is the "boss" and calls the "shots". Probably this maybe an error of judgement on his part that may bring the whole MHL to disrepute. The point being such a meeting should have been held prior to his unilateral decision. At least he would have had the constitution on his side and more so the Affiliates representatives too. After "spilling the milk" he is trying to salvage his own pride.

If the Chairman of the Coaching Committee "tickles" his grey matter carefully, he would realise some of the facts he made known to the medis may not paint the right scene. He has to recognise the following:

  1. The number of national coaches who are on MHF payroll and suppose to be involved in MHL are only 3. They are the senior team assistant coach, The national Under 18 coach and his assistant.

  2. The above 2 assistant coaches are employees of TNB and they are adequately looked after by their employer. On a piecemeal, the issue of being paid a paltry RM$750 per month as national assistant coach and staying in KL may be dramatising the issue. Please check with the person concerned of his combined remuneration package for the truth.

  3. As for TNB, i am sure they have adequate coaches because of their corporate social responsibilities to hockey. The services of these 2 personalities may not be deemed necessary.

  4. The only person that remain an issue would probably be the national Under 18 coach. On the first place in taking the appointment he should have realise that he is moving to a different bracket and he should have made sure that he negotiated a reasonable remuneration package to make up for what he would not be earning.

  5. Finally the argument of precedent does not mean it is always right when time passes on. At that time there may have been grounds and whether the same grounds apply now may be questionable. Indeed if any, the Chairman should "weight" each circumstances on its own merits and not allow history alone to dictate the decisions.

Just because "one or two people decided to have dreams, it does not mean that they can impose nightmares" to MHF and Malaysian hockey. The strange thing is the Chairman of the Coaching Committee is "blind" to these facts and seem to be guided by "whims and fancies" of the situations.


observer said...

This monkeys in mhf never learn,now they are willing to pay rgt50k to a foreigner but not 10k each to 5 malaysian coaches to handle the national team.

Anonymous said...

Its a pity ! The Chairman is confused so does the MHF. Latest the Coaching Secretary has got no time and has surrendered all documents pertaining to the Committee to the MHF office . Now the Latest MHF is running all the coaching courses not the coaching committee. High time somebody look into this matter or just have no coaching committee at least the coaching chairman's of the various states can concentrate on their own state and at least MHF can safe cost from meetings wherby the state chairmans come and just collect the claims.

Anonymous said...

Now it's the time for all coaches in Malaysia to go out and learn from the best among the best. Don't only just hope for the paid to work. Do sacrifice first.
Foreign coach will not be here for so long off course, as their/his salary quite high. But please pickup 'something good' from them/him and implement it in the future.
Why not pay much 1st for a world class quality, as we can get the seen and unseen profit/benefit later..

risk taker

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Boleh!!!

Hope we can communicate, comprehend and translate all what we see read, hear and do, not to just a mere handful of selected people.

Whatever we do, ther must be a system in place or else it is a waste of people, money and manpower and we are running in circles.

You can get the best in the world but if we do not know the reality we are facing and pretend we are right - it is an uphill task. Then reality strikes us too late ...

Anonymous said...

Human initiate, plan and execute the system. Not the system initiate, plan and execute the human!
There should be a few changes of the system (if any) depends on monitoring and controlling part to ensure system deliverables conform to quality standard.
A good leadership and management will bring a good system. A good system will bring a good deliverables.

risk taker

Anonymous said...

The smart dutch knows what he is heading into.....He has done his SWOT analysis.

Coaching maybe in His blood... but this is ......a different senario....keep guessing

mahatma said...

Results. Results. Results.

If u want a good coach, see his trainings.

If u want very good coach, see his games.

BUT if u want an outstanding coach, see his results, performance of his players and the burning desire in his eyes to see the nation holding the champion tropy. There is currently one coach who can bring the JWC to Malaysia and we all know who he is. Just handover the Project 2013team to him and wait for the tropy in 2013.