Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Project 2013 team doing their bit to salvage Malaysian hockey at Yangon Under 18 Asia Cup. .

The Senior hockey team did its bit to claw back some pride and dignity for Malaysian hockey when they entered the final of the World Cup qualifier in New Zealand. Although playing at the World Cup still remains a dream for many, as Malaysia was defeated by New Zealand 2-1, yet the boys did something unexpected. It is significant for it shows there is hope for Malaysian hockey and it is how we are going to capitalise on it.

More so, as Dharma's boys, the Project 2013 squad in Yangon seem to be keeping our "Jalur Gemilang" flying. In the Under 18 Asia Cup, Malaysia had defeated Sri Lanka 9-0 and yesterday beat India 3-2. Effectively we are into the semi-finals with one game left in the group i e against Pakistan.

Not much has been reported about this tournament and therefore it looks like Dharma's boys are not getting the publicity they deserve. These are young boys and they must know that the Malaysian hockey fraternity is with them. This would go a long way as they are the future of Malaysian hockey. If Dharma's boys do a good job at the Asia Cup then we know that the next generation of national players are being groomed in the right manner.

In a way this is where MHF seem to lack the public relation exercise. Their website seem inaccessible while their leadership seem to be silent with the results of the Under 18. MHF must learn to "blow its trumpet" when it matters and accordingly entering into the final of the World Cup qualifier and the good results emerging from the Under 18 Asia Cup are good instances.

Much too often we are critical of MHF and the performance of the teams. Yet of late that disturbing trend seem to have been diverted with certain pieces of good news. All is not lost in Malaysian hockey, yet we still cannot afford to sit on our laurels. More work has to be done and it is important that MHF should get down to it expeditiously.

Meantime may we extend our best wishes and good luck to Dharma's boys in Yangon and hope that they strive as hard as they are doing to ensure the "Jalur Gemilang" is hoisted as the winning flag.


observer said...

This is a good sign and we should build on this,disband the national squad n stick with this boys.After all it will be good exposure for them to take over the national team.

Anonymous said...

Well done boys! Well done coach!
You all make us proud.
Make it to the final and win the tournament plz..

Anonymous said...

Good progress for the young ones!!!!Well done to each and everyone who churned out these young talents

Yes, do rope these young ones into the coming national squad and show the exit door for some others as
We need to move on and roll on...

we must also give a time frame for these young ones to perform to their maximum after which they too have to move on... Then only players will not take things for granted and that they understand clearly that their position in the national team is not permanent. Furthermore we must keep pace with the other countries

Every young player has to perform to their optimum to earn a place into the national squad.

Yes, disband and regroup with fresh blood.... That's the way it should be and will be for the nation to progress in sports

Anonymous said...


Project 2013 team certaintly showing signs of becoming a world class team.

NSC anf MHF have certaintly drawm a map with a right road with the right people.

Keep track and improvised our method to be a world class team is very important.

Good luck to Dharma boys and to TM and his team,Keep up the good work.

As the great Aristotle once said
"When you lost your character,everything is lost".

Build the boys with the right character.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Build them with the right character. Not like the character build by 10/2 and gang(The "Thai Coach" ). These coaches should learn from Dharma.About our local great Hockey Newspapers reporters , they will not write about 2013 because it is being coached by Dharma, These reporters are bussinness partners of our great 10/2 coach.Keep it up Dharma.

102 supporter

Anonymous said...

102 supporter u always look at the dark side like your black heart. Myanmar is a closed junta controlled country where e-mail and even phone calls are a nightmare and even the MHF, and Asian Hockey Federation as well as the Myanmar hockey federation website got no results.
I spoke to the journalists, and they tried their best, but with news hard to come, they could not write base on rumors.
Grow up, and go google even the India and Pakistan newspapers could not get early results..

Anonymous said...

Just checked http://www.myanmarhockey.com and nothing on the tournament except that they are going to host it!
The checked our more advanced Singapore hockey federation http://www.singaporehockey.org/ they the too did not publish any news on their under-18 boys.
So, those who know where to get the results plse post it on this website so that they can do the journalists a favour too.
Good luck is head-butting with the myanmar junta.

Anonymous said...

from jugjet.blogspot.com

Friday, November 20, 2009

Malaysia-Pakistan final

Malaysian Under-18 boys beat South Korea 3-2 with extra-time goal to play Pakistan in the final of the Asia Cup in Myanmar.
Pakistan beat Japan 4-0.
More to follow soon.
Posted by Jugjet Singh at 7:01 PM
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Anonymous said...

Abang 5.20pm, pasal apa marah? Betul lah 102 supporter kata itu benar. Kamu ini kroni 10/2. sampai sekarang pun tidak tulis apa-apa yang baik atau satu temuramah dengan jurulatih yang telah membawa nama kepada bangsa dan negara. Dulu sibuk tulis pasal 10/2 bila dia buat tahi. Cuba sembunyikan bangkai gajah dalam daun pisang. Betu tah?
peminat 102 supporter