Wednesday, November 4, 2009

TM's decisiveness in Beng Hai's "hour of need".

Today Beng Hai has arrived in town in a sombre mood as he makes his way to Taiping to be with his family and loved ones, who are gathered to pay their respects to his late father. Beng Hai's father succumbed following a road accident on Monday. At that time Beng Hai had just arrived in New Zealand with the national team for the 2010 World Cup qualifiers.

On receiving the news Beng Hai in his usual self did not want to trouble others nor distract the team, as such he kept the news to himself. If it was not for the kind intervention of MHF, the Malaysian officials in New Zealand would not know of this "heart breaking" news that Beng Hai was carrying himself. Indeed from what we gather Beng Hai wanted to keep things as normal as possible without displaying any emotions. He probably wanted to continue his duty despite the adverse emotional stress he was undergoing. Poor Beng Hai was caught in two worlds i e the duty as a national coach in New Zealand and to be with his family in providing support to one another in this hour of bereavement.

Fortunately, there was a thoughtful MHF official who brought the news of Beng Hai's father's sudden demise to the TM. Apparently without a second thought the TM requested that all necessary things must be done for Beng Hai to return to Malaysia to participate in the last rites for his father. Such decisive action of TM paved the way to get Beng Hai to Malaysia as soon as possible.

While arrangements were being made from Kuala Lumpur, Saiful as Assistant coach and Gopi as Assistant team manager were prepared to hold the reins in Beng Hai's absences. At the same time the concerned Beng Hai felt that once he has fulfilled his obligatory last rites to his father, he would immediately depart for New Zealand to be with the team. This effectively meant that Beng Hai would be in the country for only 24 hours, thereby making it for Malayia's 1st match.

At this moment Beng Hai would be going through a heightened emotional stress level trying to cope with the demise of his father, the grieving scenario of the family and also wondering about his boys in New Zealand. These are challenging times for Beng Hai but what is important is that people have to give and display the much needed support in his hour of need. The TM and MHF had provided the right support while his hockey colleagues are gathering to help him through this grieving moments. What is important is the Malaysian hockey team have to give their best to show to their coach that in his hour of need they are there with the right results. It has to be the team's added passion.

It is only fitting that on behalf of the Malaysian hockey fraternity, may the blog extend our condolences and sympathy to Beng Hai's family and Beng Hai on his father's demise and our prayers for his father's soul.


Anonymous said...

Condolences to Beng Hai and his family.

If we can take this message on a higher note. It can happen to any of us anytime. It is a trying time for Beng Hai but we need to remember NO one is indispensible before God. This is the real mental strength in real life not the mental strength on the hockey turf.

When things happen remember it is a hidden message for everyone....including the players

TM has been very considerate. He knows The Nation is made up of the family unit and not the individual or the Wira.The Son's duty to the parents is mandatory and overides everything else.

All the money we crave or make in sports cannot buy a "happy well knit sustainable family"

May God give Beng Hai the strength to face this difficult period.

Anonymous said...

RIP Mr. Tai..