Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sports School seem "confused" with their hockey boys.

I thought the idea of having Sports Schools was to develop the talent of players in various sports. If that is so, then these athletes must be given the exposure to participate as much as they can in various sporting events. At least that should be the case as opportunities may not be always there unless they are continuously created.

With the coming of the Malaysian Hockey League (MHL), various teams have been on the hunt for players. These teams are prepared to pay the "going" rate as "salaries" for the players and are even prepared to provide scholarships plus employment. Indeed if any it seem to set an attractive basis for the young talents, which must be encouraged.

Unfortunately majority of the young talents seem to originate from the Sports School and there seem to be a confusion of whether such players can be "tapped" for the MHL by the teams. Initially, they were told that Sports School policies cannot allow them, notwithstanding that most of them would have finished their SPM. Strange that a player is still part of the school when he has completed his SPM. When the Sport School found that argument could not sell, they changed their strategy that the school is having a tour to Sabah during the school holidays. Yet again why take the SPM boys who technically will not be with the school. It would be better to take the next generation of players.

The Sport School seem to have created a bureaucratic position of making it difficult for the young talents to be secured to play for the various teams in the MHL. While the confusion seem to be raging on the SPM students something similar seem also to be happening with the matriculation students too.

One wonder whether it is policies or just certain hurdles created so as particular group or groups could benefit from these talents. I raised this as one of the staff of the Sports School has been appointed as a coach of a MHL team and with a "magical wand" some of the previous issues seem to have evaporated into thin air. Is this a mere coincident or is there a change of heart or a planned strategy to gain an advantage? This is where the Sports School and its staff have too be careful for their actions can be construed in many ways when potential conflicts exist.

Whatever it maybe the point is that the young talents who have become "hot properties" are being being used as "tools" by certain party or parties to achieve their own objectives. This must be stopped as they create further confusion as Malaysian hockey tries to keep its head above water.

What must be clear is that these boys must be given all the opportunity to be exposed and reap the benefits that come with it. Rather than creating hurdles and making life difficult for clubs to tap their services, the Sport School must be helpful. They must create a defined pathway for clubs to come and assists their students i e provide a service that is only going to help sports and ultimately the country.


Anonymous said...

Please dig in deeper and get to the root of this evil.

From your article, even leaders simply have no integrity and truth in dealing with reality.

God bless the children of tomorrow if leaders show no transparency or accountability- what can we expect from these children who emulate what the leaders are portraying now?

I can understand why parents do not trust the system and prefer that their children not partake in sports and sure enough the development structure dies.

It is the system and people who lead the system who have created problems . The right people with the right mentality for the right job will bring up chidren who bring pride to parents and the nation.

Anonymous said...

There's must be somebody to explain and guide all the players and parents about this matter. Everybody knows that in Malaysia, sports not yet become an industry that will guarantee a good future of player themselves..Beside MHF, Government, NGOs, etc, actually this is the time for 102 to come out and give some lecture/guidance to them especially to all the parents on this. Or even 102 cant give much as their future also still hang around the corner??
Just like what was happen to the Malaysian U-18 players in Myanmar currently. Did anyone notice that the date of the tournament clashed with the date of SPM Exams???
What happen to all this players whose didnt take the SPM exams?? Hows their fate in the future?? Yes, its now got Open SPM Exams..But it is not the same as the players will take their exams by their own without the close guidance by their teachers.
May the 'Hockey Stick Diploma' will bring them to flying colours of their future..Only God knows!

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon. 3.58.

Yes, 102 shud WORK OUT! Where's the IMPLEMENTATION of 102's memorandum? Where's the Progress Report?
Plz show to all Malaysian just like what 102 showed during the starting period of the memorandum campaign. So that everybody can read the progression.
'Hangat2 Tahi Ayam'?
'Habis Madu, Sepah Dibuang'?

Anonymous said...

aloo bro,, check lagi sikit cerita ini. banyak isu dah timbul pasal pengurusan sekolah sukan yang amat keras dalam menguruskan pelepasan pemain. sekarang tak sure la sekoalh sukan ini untuk sukan atau untuk akademik sahaja. banyak la cerita pasal pengetua tak mahu bagi kerjasama dengan persatuan. apa lagi dig dalam lagi la

Anonymous said...

Dey! tahi ayam,
apa cerita pasal 102. Mesti kroni 10/2, orang cerita pasal sekolah sukan awak sibuk pasal 102.
Patut pengetua sekolah sukan dipindahkan dan guru hoki sekolah sukan sedang cari makan melatih salah satu pasukan MHL. Tetapi beliau telah menasihatkan pengetua sekolah sukan jangan membenarkan pemain-pemain hoki bermain untuk liga MHL ini. Mana ada keadilan.

Bekas pemain hoki SSBJ.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ghandi,

We have to be fair with the KPM or Sports School!

When a talent is spotted at MSSM Inter-state tournament there is a big cry by certain MHF officials that Sports Schools is "KILLING" the state development.

Then why are there 90% of the current National Juniors that took part in Myanmar consist of players from SSBJ & SSBP.

A good question that needed to be answered by State HAs and MHF. Lembu punya Susu Sapi punya nama. This sounds familiar?

Please also let me clear the air that all players from sports school are released back to the home state for all tournaments. Be it MSSM or MHF tournaments i.e U14, 16, 18 and even Sukma.

Mr Ghandi, why should you not be concern if you are a parent of a player from sports school?

Where do u think the existing national players pick up the drinking habits?

Well with beers free flow out of the chillers after a MHL game (and training) it is matter of time a student from SPORTS SCHOOL be on this habit. Well before you know it he will be reaching the school gate after 12pm drunk. Well the famous 3 recently. 2 current players, 1 is the living proof of this where he received early training to this routine habit.

So Ghandi, please check these fact before we pick on the wrong parties that is killing the game.

I sincerely hope that you are also not a supporter of paying big money to these students. It appears that this is the practice with the clubs. Grab what you can by luring money and buying loyalty.

Mr Ghandi, this is also the training ground towards 10/2 habits and illegal internet betting!

On a sad note why the MHF does not support the idea of Sports school putting a side instead? Maybe that would be better since the question of accountability and responsibility for these students will be taken care for before they leave school.

Cheers Sir, we hope you are in a better position to promote better image of the Sports Schools and stop the negative articles on the good work done by KPM or the Sports Schools!

Anonymous said...

3.09 pm,
How come the coach can coach but the players cannot play? Apa awak cerita.Coach cari makan pemain cari apa?