Monday, January 12, 2009

Beware TM ! The "spin" game against a foreign hockey coach has started.

When MHF had their Management Meeting, the TM indicated that they are finalising the appointment of the foreign coach. The TM wanted to keep it as a "water tight" information. Within 24 hours the Malay Mail broke the news and like "wild fire" the news caught on. Everyone wanted to know who the Australian was and what is his credentials.

There was confusion as to who was conducting the negotiations. When it was the Korean coach of the China national team, NSC was the main party. The presences of his former assistant in Malaysia had created a "stir" in the Korean internet press and that apparently was one of the reason why the former South Korean national coach did not want the Malaysian appointment. The confusion seem also to continue with the latest candidate i.e the chief coach of the Western Australian Sports Institute. Some say it is NSC, while others believe it is a MHF Vice President, who is responsible for the Medical Committee.

Strange things are taking place in MHF. Things are becoming mysterious i.e the appointment of coaches and managers and now a person who has nothing to do with the portfolio, seemingly having his fingers on the appointment of the foreign coach. Shocking, as the Chairman of Coaching Committee seems to be totally in wilderness, as he does not know what to do. The Vice President for Special Projects, a lawyer by profession, is not even called to assist. So, what is really going on in MHF.

The Team Management Committee's (TMC) lack of in-depth work, the total disregard for policies and procedures plus its lack of understanding of ethics and conflict of interest has set MHF to the road of unprofessional culture. What makes matters even more startling is National Sports Council (NSC) participation and endorsement of the TMC's diabolical process and decisions. I wonder if they know who is the "judge and jury". Such is the extent of inter-mixing by NSC in MHF's functions that the day to day role of MHF seem to be under the control of NSC. Just check out "Who is Who" in NSC, being involved in MHF. Indeed it is suggested that MHF should move into the NSC's main block.

Coming back to the issue of the foreign coach, it is rumoured that there is a group that is influencing NSC and certain key MHF officials to fore go a foreign coach and leave it to the newly appointed 2 local coaches. There is a certain section who is encouraging the appointment of a supervisory local coach to oversee these local coaches. The group also feels the presences of the German Coordinator with the Juniors and that of the Korean fitness coach, can assist in the technical areas. It would seem that if these configuration is adopted, it would appease a number of groups. It is not about the betterment of Malaysian hockey, rather the "tolong kawan" syndrome.

The "spinning" has started and a case would be made for the above idea. The TM has to be careful as the parties would be giving a number of excuses and reasons why Malaysia cannot get a good foreign coach. The marketing and hard selling has started for certain group(s) to achieve their own plans. The last 2 years was bad enough and it would seem that a different set of people are planning the same thing for the coming 2 years, not realising that it may make it even worse. Good luck Malaysian hockey.

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