Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well done Beng Hai & Saiful.

In this world we have many "talkers" and very very few "doers". Smoking as a problem to athletes is a known problem and is always talked about. The sports administrators know what a massive problem there is at the sports schools and yet nothing much is being done. Indeed MHF also knew about it, mainly with the previous Junior squad and nothing was done. Surprisingly most of those Junior players are now with the senior team.

Smoking may not be the only vice. Hear say gossips indicate that late nights and alcohol consumption could be the other issues. Again I must caution readers that these are only comments that have been made and i am not fully conversant with these facts. Yet, I raised it, for the national coaches may want ISN to do the necessary tests particularly with their hair follicles. Once and for all, players must be aware of their responsibilities and conduct their lives accordingly.

So what Beng Hai and Saiful are doing with the national players on smoking and also getting the training sessions to commence at 6.00 am plus the aspect of fitness tests is highly commendable. Since these 2 national coaches themselves are setting the pace, the national players do not have much of a choice but to abide. It is early days and therefore much cannot be made out of it except these 2 coaches have made a good start. My concern is of the following:

  • Whether the players would revolt as they see the journey geting tougher.

  • If there would be interference from parties in MHF or other known areas who may believe that they want an influence on the matter.

I have no doubts Beng Hai and Saiful would strive hard to uplift the status of our national team. Their personality is such that they have the passion and commitment. Results may not come fast and easy and there would be testing times. More so, as they know they are there as interim coaches only. Still as players both Beng Hai and Saiful served the nation more than adequately and I am sure they will accept nothing less from their charges.

Their first few decisions have been good and I believe with time they would set a culture where current and future players would know what are the benchmarks to make the grade as a Malaysian national hockey player.

Well done Beng Hai and Saiful and please know that we will be watching the progress.

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