Tuesday, January 27, 2009

cintahokitoo.blogspot.com - Another new blog for hockey.

Early last year, there were letters circulated under the name of "cintahoki". Indeed if any, while i do not recognise such letters, which was widely circulated but i must record that these letters helped to catalyst the change of leadership in Malaysian hockey.

The 102 former hockey internationals and including this blog came into being after "cintahoki" made the massive incursion with the hockey fraternity. To be fair even the Affiliates also got initially involved due to "cintahoki".

Since this new blog had communicated with voice-in-sports, i felt the need to highlight the past role of "cintahoki" and whether the new blog has any relationship with that "cintahoki".

Anyway, "cintahokitoo", welcome to the blogging world and i hope as sports blogger we can contribute to positive changes to the sporting environment in Malaysia.

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