Sunday, January 18, 2009

Strangely, ethics & conflict of interests seem to be non-issues in MHF.

The principles underlying ethics and conflict of interests has been built over centuries, so as to permit a proper order in peoples conduct for the fulfilment of their duties. These are "time tested" and has become a common feature in progressive looking outfits where governance, accountability and transparency are fundamentals.

These principles bind people with the concept of "duty of care" in their conduct of business and this duty varies in accordance to the "standing" of the people. It is commonly accepted that the higher one is in the hierarchy, the duty imposed is greater. Similarly too if one is a professional.

This leads me to MHF's Team Management Committee (TMC), which recently deliberated and made public the appointment of coaches and managers for the various national team. The aspect of TMC not following the procedures is something MHF needs to sort out. While that is an issue, there are other issues that may call into question the whole operational conduct of MHF.

Firstly, the TMC is constituted by personalities, who by their positions create a conflict of interest. 2 of them sit in the Wawasan Committee, which is to supervise the various national teams performance. To add further problem 1 of them is also appointed as a team manger of the national age group team. The issue becomes more serious as a senior representative of NSC is also in the TMC. Why I call it serious is because NSC is the government's custodian of Malaysian sports. Complication is further added by the presences of the Director General of NSC at the MHF's Management Committee and MHF's Wawasan Committee.

Continuing on the aspect of appointment by TMC, the manager of the senior national team is also a member of the Wawasan Committee. Therefore all in all, these people who sit in TMC, responsible for the appointments, would join some of the appointees of the various national teams in the Wawasan Committee, to supervise the performance of the various national teams. There cannot be a better scenario for conflict of interest and the infringement of ethics.

To be fair to 1 or 2 of the personalities, for they have endeavoured to check their status with NSC and I believe they were given the blessing to proceed. This does not surprise me of NSC, as they are desperate to ensure hockey succeeds at all costs. At times in the zealot of performing their duties, NSC becomes "Machiavellian" i.e "the end justifies the means" and therefore conflicts or infringement of ethics are not a paramount issue. Sadly, this sets the tempo with many National Sports Associations (NSAs), where governance and accountability have become serious problems.

What I find difficult to comprehend is that there are insufficient people in MHF, whereby the same people are given a number of posts. If this is true than it is really a very gloomy scene in Malaysian hockey. I do not think so, it is more a question of proper planning and permitting people to be involved, including avoiding the perpetuation of the "clique" system.

The current dilemma of conflict and infringement of ethics can be avoided if the responsible people can choose to resign from certain posts which creates that position, thereby still being able to continue their work for MHF. In this manner we pave the way for good governance and accountability and also permit a wider participation of other people.

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Anonymous said...


Same people ,same ideas and same excuses.

What else to say"

We can only get the same results.

Many great man have died and left behind great wisdom for mankind.

One have have said " Life favours those who see things differently"

and one more have said "What lies in front or behind of you are tiny matters compares to what lies inside you.

What you do today ,that will be your future.

So what can we expect from hockey or NSC the sports governing body.