Saturday, January 10, 2009

What is happening to Malaysian cricket team?

I received the note below and i was requested to put it as an article. I do mot know the motive but i am interested in knowing the answers. Obviously, something may or may not be going on and that itself seem to have stirred someone. Whichever way it would be good to see the response to this short note.

The text is as follows with some editing

"What is happening to the Malaysian National Cricket Team? No news at all. We heard that there is a Division 6 World League on the way ... are they having training sessions... do they have proper coach..

What you guys think!!!!

Are they(MCA) waiting for the election to be over...

Later, there will be a last minute preparation... end of the day who will be screwed... hahaha players right...Keep it up MCA.. you all doing a great job....

Another 2 months there will not be any league..

Only Nava Sheild at moment, where national players cannot participate... very good... where are these guys going to play... Singapore is it? If they play there... PPL commenting no patriotism... good good...

Everybody says that players need to pull up their socks...How to pull.. when there are a few pulling it down...

What to Say!!!! "

Is this a start to a "season" of election built -up?


Anonymous said...

Hi guys thats rite. i saw the calendar in Malaysian Cricket. 2 months no cricket matches for national players - time to Campaign upcoming election and i also saw the web site its says OCM-MCA Under-121 Super 8s – September. i have to call my grandfather to participate in this tournament.
Grandpa pls bring your team from heaven. Malaysia got a under-121
Cricket Tournament.Prizes are very attractive like top teams will be qualified to play malacca league and indonesian cricket league.. organised by local ricky ponting(Malacca M) (current exco member and March on wards former exco member).. hope acting domestic chairman will respond my grandpa...

Anonymous said...

I must agree with the comments posted in this article. While all teams in this region are preparing themselves for the season ahead, we seem to be doing nothing. No coach, no training and no games for players as well.
Does everyone realise that if our national team does badly again in this Elite tournament, our rankings will drop further and with that all funding and competition in future tournaments will suffer. It is critical that the national team is kept well tuned and in shape for competition throughout the year.
No matter what people may say, at the end of the day, we are judged by the strength of our national team, not by our junior or ladies teams. Their efforts are commendable, but we cannot neglect the main group that represents the entire nation.
Come on MCA !!!

dangerous said...

thanks mr gandhi mr gandhi.we need action to be place.get a coach for long term,dont worry about the election.the best will always remain to wishes to all candidates.come on my crickrters do regular training and ready for fitness what you are.M-team boleh.

Anonymous said...

The request was from a frustrated ex player who now turns his sight on the administration. Sheesh! This site is becoming a rubbish dump for individuals who air their grievances with poor command of the language. Maybe that's the norm with ex-national cricket players (c'mon, prove me wrong)"I no speeking Inglis". Even though the issue highlighted is a well known fact, jarring vocabulary just puts one off.
To the 'pain in the ar*#',go play in Singapore, no need patriotism, good, good. Maybe learn to write better there. Better still find a job there instead of living off your training and match allowances here.

Gandhi, said...

I have edited a comment and the text is as follows:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "What is happening to Malaysian cricket team?":

Dear Cricket Lovers,

The Executive Secretary MCA, had his LUcky Stars,That The Blind
President had agreed to sension
his confirmation without the Excos
approval nor recommendation.

This is how MCA is run with ONE mans decision, The President,
is a sad piece of Mor....! still
trying to keep MCA going.
Where do you think he is going to fit in the coming election, may be
back to the (deleted) Group as Group
A Man with no standing, Quality,
and Leardership, a Shame to the
sporting Arena.....!

Malaysia does not need to have such leaders to LEAD the Sports
Outfit, Please.....have your CIGAR,
Whisky, Woman and Song, thats where
you FIT in well, Keep up the good
Job.,Mr President.

Best of Luck in the coming Election

January 12th 2008
Hey Bro , Just me.

Anonymous said...

I think in this blog dont need proper language command to post the comments... we hope everybody can understand what people say...(And dear Freind, this blog never mention people has good english language can only post the comment... if it is mentioned by gandhi can you please show it us)instead of finding faults can you please change your attitude which you have in your mind about the players
"Better still find a job there instead of living off your training and match allowances here"

what is this????
Non sensese..

Players coming for training and matches for allowance... who said

I think you are that kind of person ( a third grade thinking)..
If you are Ex-player, Cricket Management or Officials or Whatever you deal cricket... please do not come into cricket and spoil it, This is not only for you... guys whoever think like that please do not come into any sports.. Wrong Thinking...

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend,
You got a very good language command and we think you can be a very good lecture in camebridge university.

and we all think that you are so worried about English not cricket.

so from this we all know that your cricket knowledge is zero, can you please read some books about cricket and also about cricketers feeling (do not know where you buy)... then come to the party buddy

Come on cricketers you all sleeping ha.. wake up and give a kick in his Ar&#

I have also played some cricket in the past but the way you say players play cricket only for allowance. It hurts the x and current players. please do not hurt them and also we know few of us cannot help them but only we can only say wrong things about them.. please try not to hurt them.

Anonymous said...

If the so called Mr. Gandhi, edited and posted the article then he should be questioned and not the person who wrote to him.

Gandhi felt it was alright to post it. It made sense and people did understand what the writer intended to tell Malaysians.

Ask Ghandi, why did he post such an article with poor command of english. His blog!!

What money can a National cricket player get from attending training or games? RM 30 per day including transportation. Go get your facts rite.

Anyhow, if that player is motivated or wishes to play for money……so be it. Do you work for free?? Does any umpire / scorer / coach / match official render their services for free? MCA selectors are paid to go and watch matches. So there is nothing wrong for a player to get his allocated transport & meal allowance. Not like MCA / NSC is paying a fixed sum monthly.

In today’s world, if there is no money, there is no achievement. Everything involves money…….even campaigning…….to buy votes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11.31 AM,
Ha ha! Well said my fren, good you write show comments good as far as issue understood enough. No need throw money on players, give also same, not give same too. Performance just like how you write. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Why stoop so low in getting personal with the President? If he is that bad, the other elected members must have been equally blind and stupid to allow one-man decision to be made.The Exco members are made up from professionals with experience in cricket (albeit one or two). Exercise your rights this coming election then.

Anonymous said...

Comments here resemble what has happened in MCA last year. Very good at finding faults but cant find solutions.

Me again, Bro.

Anonymous said...

Next exco members:

President: Mr. Cigar
Deputy President : Twin Tower
Vice President : SSVC
Vice President : MMCA
Sect: MMCA /Air Army/'Star'Lawyer
Treasury: SSVC / Mr.Know All @ Sel
Members: SSVC, Mr.HornBill, MMCA, ?

Anybody have something diff?

Anonymous said...

Why is very body so worried?? We have MMCA & SSVC to produce the best quality players for the future.

I am sure MMCA can produce 11 top class players for the Div 6.

Anonymous said...

i agree with your comments about the allowances for players.
dont hurt the players by ur cambridge english n beautiful articles. f they play only for money,they can find a place n aus,uk or spore for their outstanding performances.big loss/sad msia.

Anonymous said...

SuthadiStateVC teams up with Mr Ang?
Hornbill returns to roost with Airforce?
Mr Knowall seems cant get enough of jumping from one place to another. Lets all go to Jalan Bellamy to conspire.

Anonymous said...

How MCA can do the preparation for the national team?They don't have the fund to cater the U17
centralized training for next month ACC U17 to Nepal.Don't know where the junior from ICC & ACC missing or they using to settle debit.Even couldn't settle the I&P lease money also.(pss.must pay the ex.sec salary for drink).

Anonymous said...

why so series about drinking.we ve a lot of better things to write/debate.try do not to write about personal is a gentleman m sure u r not a cricketer.we must gv respect to the mca n mmca officials for their contribution.not all of them are paid and work for of cricket lah win.

Anonymous said...

I agree with ur some of ur comments, like dont write about the personel life. What i dont agree is, most of them they dont get pay,they doing for interest of Cricket. If u ask me better pay to them, so if anything goes wrong they are answerable. Now nobody is having responsibility, bcoz they got nothing to loose,they are not answerable for anything. Come on guys stop this Tiada Apa culture.
Lets MCA organise Debate in public, so some of the ex-players can come forward to share good things for future of cricket in this country. Stop all this nonsense stories, please come out something useful for cricket. Dont comment about cricket just to pass ur time. Their are lot of people outside willing to help to develope cricket in this country, why they not coming bcoz too much of politics involve thats why. Stop all this politics lets work together.

Anonymous said...

True what u said we shouldn't fight here with personal life but the things is they are paid staff lah bro.Where is the imaje of MCA with the other association bro?How u want 2 compare with there personal life?Look at squash,badminton or even football there office staff is better then the MCA staff.(with support of gen.sec).
Still the gen.sec want to go 4 gen.sec better don't.Don't make it me + mother childreans association (MCA).Hope this time MCA will get good exco member.

Anonymous said...

What is so great about ex-national players in Malaysia?

Has any Malaysian Cricket Team consisting current / ex-national players won big tournaments or big matches from day one?

So how would it be any different or better with the ex-players in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Malaysians and cricketers,
It is sad to see or read things like this on a blog. Instead of getting together to solve a problem, everyone is pointing fingers at each other and making things worst. I bet there are a few disgruntled criket lovers, does not matter who, can be a current player, an ex player, officials current/ex and etc and the cause is because our National Cricket Team is not really performing or providing the results in almost all age groups including the senior side. In order for us to be at the top, we have to stop behaving like kids and grow up.

If you are someone capable of helping out, just help and if you are someone incapable of helping, just leave it to the people who are capable of helping. If you have a problem, why voice it out here, why not voice it out to someone in charge and make it official?

We really need to consider putting aside our differences and accept the fact that we are Malaysians and cricketers to top it all. We should be behaving like gentlemen instead of barbarians or hooligans.

Bottomline is, let the ones who are in charge of doing their work do their part and if there is a flaw in the system, do something to change it.