Friday, January 9, 2009

Well done TM for the decisive actions.

Apparently the MHF Management Committee met this week and the the news filtering across seem to reflect the mood of the TM at the meeting. Three areas he seems to have modified are the actions of certain people in MHF:

  1. Four Nation tournament at Johor Baru - Initially the Deputy President announced that this tournament would not be held due to the high expense of organising it. This is notwithstanding the fact that the pitches there are new and is meant for the June 2009 Junior World Cup. Conventional wisdom dictates that new grounds are usually "tested" with some form of tournament to act as a "dress rehearsal" for the major event. Therefore the original decision not to go ahead seem to reflect a narrow thinking mode of certain people in MHF. Indeed, most of the qualified nations would fly out at their own expense just to participate, as a familiarisation trip. Therefore the TM was decisive on the matter which reflects that he is prepared to look at the bigger picture.
  2. Need for professional culture - When the Team Management Committee (TMC) made the announcement of the coaches and the managers of the various national teams, the TMC had "short circuited" the whole process including the procedures. It would seem that the TM was not consulted and neither the Management Committee nor the Coaching Committee had endorsed the decision. Sources indicate that the TM was not a happy person when he knew about it. It is rumoured that the TM had cautioned a few of them including that some form of "show cause" letter would be issued in the future if such things are repeated. Apparently he was concerned over the lack of professionalism. It would seem that the TM himself has become a victim of the so called unprofessional approach of a few of them.
  3. Notice period for execution of documentation - After the TMC episode, sources indicate that the TM wants a clear cut period for him to assimilate the documents that MHF forwards to him. The aspect of pushing matters through at the last minute is something the TM would not tolerate. A very clear message that proper planning is required at MHF.
It would seem the "honey moon" period is over in MHF. It would seem that the TM is starting to exercise his powers as he sees matters are not moving in the right way. I do hope that every official in MHF does the right thing in a professional way, as it is important for Malaysian hockey. Self interest and seeking glamour, while overlooking ethics and conflicts of interest are only going to kill the game. People who think they are in that position must take the rightful action and not bring Malaysian hockey to disrepute.

Meantime, well done TM on your latest decisions.

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