Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is the time right for President of MCA to retire graciously?

The current President of Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA) came into MCA as an arrangement to replace the then incumbent Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah. Apparently that arrangement was also extended to the post of President of the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) which was held then by Tan Sri Hamzah.

While that was history, the point is, the people felt that the time had come that Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah had to "go". The idea was for a smooth and acceptable arrangement so as the transition of "takeover" would be much easier. Further it was also to recognise the years of service Tan Sri Hamzah had put into cricket and to ensure a level of respect was bestowed to him. Equally, it must be recognised that the current President wanted to do it the "gentleman" way i.e provide a gracious exit.

After years of service to MCA, the question is whether the current MCA President is in the same dilemma as Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah. If he does not feel it, I can probably understand. However there are already "talks" whether the President has the time for MCA. His preoccupation with OCM, International Olympic Council (IOC), International Cricket Council (ICC) and Asian Cricket Council (ACC) plus the corporate sector. creates a feeling that he does not have the time for the "smallest" of all the outfits i.e MCA.

There is no doubt that MCA is the "smallest" but it must be recognise that it paved the way for the President to hold the various posts in the sporting arena. Small yet powerful enough to provide the accessibility. Of course, one cannot take away the personality of the President that has also contributed to him holding the numerous positions. Still the "passport" for him was and is MCA.

Now that the MCA election is due in February 2009, the question of the post of President has become a talking point. This time there is a greater call for the need to find a "new face". How serious is this, is questionable. Still, if the President is challenged and even if he wins with the majority being eroded, the "writing is already on the wall". This is where the President may have to consider whether to "call it a day" with MCA.

On the other side, it is rumoured that for the President to sustain his position as President of OCM, he still has to be an official of a National Sports Association (NSA). This may force the President to want to remain in MCA, provided he wants to defend his position in OCM. Again an arrangement can be made in MCA, e.g creating constitutionally a post of "immediate Past President" as an executive post and thereby fulfilling the requirements needed to recontest in OCM. There maybe other options but the key issue, is that, it is possible.

The fundamental aspect is, what is the outlook of the President of MCA i.e does he want to or does not want to contest. My advice is to bid the farewell when the scenario is still looking good, thereby also permitting a new leadership to emerge.


Anonymous said...

This article is being cheeky. You are trying to provoke comments by speculating on the personality. Previous issues hitting at individuals rather than addressing the problem resulted in a flurry of comments, hence one reader mentioned 'pot calling the kettle black'. This article is no different.
Since no comments, thus no 'hits' on past issues like development, the writer has resorted back to highlighting individuals.
What 'crime' has he committed for him to be removed? Surely the international cricket circle will know if he has not contributed anything in his own backyard for the last 15 years. May I suggest that the writer list down his contributions / success and failures whilst helming the association.Running an associaition has never been a one-man show. Other officials play equal and important roles. They too should be held accountable.
Challenging the presidency's post is a healthy democratic process. If the challenger can lead the sport better, so be it. Hope the voters are not swayed by money or whisky politics.

Gandhi, said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Is the time right for President of MCA to retire g...":

dear friends
f u all ve time, pls look at neighbour country website n their 20/20 league.tey ve given our players a chance.all the while v blaim on players who plays u all heard abt icl players also participate?
well done our players at least u ve a chance 2 play wt test nation players n improve ur cricket.i believe u all can bring our msian team to a unite n ve a good relationship wt officials.

msia boleh.

Anonymous said...

No body is blaming players who play out of the country but they should also participate in their own league if possible. Players in Malaysia demand and not choose to play for their states because they don't get money, which has its pros and cons.

How was one of the most senior member of the national team selected for the recent Saudara Cup when he didn't play a single state match because he choose not to play for any state!

What are the selectors doing? For you information, the selection committee is headed by our very own President.

This handful players who goes to Singapore to play is because they are paid. They would never go if they are not paid.

Yes, our neighbors have taken cricket to a different level. Their current domestic structure is so strong and competitive. Their Exe Sec being a cricketer himself has organized and changed the concept of cricket in his adopted country. What is our Exe. Sec doing? I believe, he was chosen to bring in fresh ideas, innovative concepts etc, as he was one of our very successful captains. Other then managing the national team and sitting in the selection committee, he doesn't bring any ideas or thoughts to cricket in Malaysia. Sad but true. Probably, he can take a lesson or two from our neighbors.

What is going on with football in our country is exactly what cricket is going through. Just that cricket doesn’t get the publicity and it is one of the least popular games. As much as you can blame it on the players but our structure is so weak and depressing. We will never ever be able to compete with others! We have talent and facilities but cricket in a whole is not structured correctly.

I suppose we are much better event organizers then our neighbors.

Cricket will be history.

Anonymous said...

i agree with your comments.but about the players getting paid,do we have any volunteers to play for free?try to tackle and take care the players. don't hurt them.

Anonymous said...

i think this si somewhat unfair to tunku. While he may not give it the day to day attention he has raised the profile fo cricket , and through the ICC and ACC brought lots of money intot he malaysian game. All of this seems to have been forgotten.
This is a thankless task and one he has carried out with dignity and effort over many years. I was a selector and its time consuming and with young children I gave up so I know how much effort all of this takes.
Tunku has been a superb representative for malaysian cricket who has done a great job. Now if a few retired bureaucrats with time on thier hands want him gone, what makes you think they can do any better. To date I ahvent heard of a developement or marketing plan for crciket otehr then the one deveeloped years ago by Tunku and his old committee.
Its unfortunate in Malaysia that committees can be taken over and guys who get things done but who dont self promote can be thrown out. Just because he is not an arrogant person constantly telling you what he has done doesnt mean he hasnt achieved a hell of a lot.