Monday, January 19, 2009

A plea for Malaysian cricket.......

I received this nicely worded comment, which in many ways tantamount to a "plea". The writer without mincing his words basically is pleading for cricket lovers to put aside their differences an work to improve cricket.

An excellent call and i believe a "unity" MCA committee must come in to undertake this task. Question" How do we go about this? Only people with vision, great courage and able to see the "big picture" can come together. Are there such people? Yes ! there are many but an effective leader who has the admiration and support plus able to transcend the prevailing pettiness needs to be invited to lead MCA. Such a person must be able to hold together the MCA, so as they stay focus to what they must do and achieve.

Below is the text of the writer's comment:

"Fellow Malaysians and cricketers,

It is sad to see or read things like this on a blog. Instead of getting together to solve a problem, everyone is pointing fingers at each other and making things worst. I bet there are a few disgruntled cricket lovers, does not matter who, can be a current player, an ex player, officials current/ex and etc and the cause is because our National Cricket Team is not really performing or providing the results in almost all age groups including the senior side. In order for us to be at the top, we have to stop behaving like kids and grow up.

If you are someone capable of helping out, just help and if you are someone incapable of helping, just leave it to the people who are capable of helping. If you have a problem, why voice it out here, why not voice it out to someone in charge and make it official?

We really need to consider putting aside our differences and accept the fact that we are Malaysians and cricketers to top it all. We should be behaving like gentlemen instead of barbarians or hooligans.

Bottom line is, let the ones who are in charge of doing their work do their part and if there is a flaw in the system, do something to change it."

Would this advice be adhered by the "power brokers" involved in the coming MCA election?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Voters,
Please vote for people who can do something useful for Cricket. Please dont vote for power crazy candidates. Please vote for young and who really can do work, Please dont vote for certain groups, Please vote for right candidates. Even that guy from other group, if you think he can bring changes please vote for him. Atleast this term i want see group less committee, then only they will work. Whoever win the election, please do something for cricket. Come on voters, its all about for development of Cricket.
Please dont let a group win this election. Lets vote for individuals.Doesn't matter from which group that individual. If you let a group win, before completion of 2 years you can see clashes between them. Its not a election campaign. Its all about for Cricket. Think about it guy's.