Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is a "storm" brewing in MHF?

It is rumoured that the TM is meeting all the officials and coaches that were appointed by the the Team Management Committee (TMC) sometime this week. The TM is probably going to listen to their ideas and get to know them better. After all they are suppose to be working for the betterment of Malaysian hockey, at least, according to the TMC.

How on "earth" did the names "surface" to the TMC, is going to be the key question. News from the grapevines indicate intense lobbying took place and the Chairman of TMC was literally bombarded with non stop calls. Certain members of the TMC were also involved and by the time the meeting took place at least 3 to 4 members of the Committee knew how to "play" their cards. The Chairman of the Coaching Committee had other ideas but he realised that he could not upset the prevailing situation and went along. 2 others remained innocent to the whole charade that was taking place. In all this an NSC official was present and taking an active role.

Having made all the necessary appointments and giving credence to the lobbyists, the TMC is now shopping for another member to the committee. Indeed they have approached 3 to 4 others and most of them have turned it down. The ones who believe in a professional working culture, and the demands of ethics, and the understanding of issues relating to conflict of interest, would not want to participate as a member of TMC or agree to the appointments. It is people who seek the journey of glamour and think that in the process they are doing a good deed, would clamour for such appointments. In fact they do not realise they are doing more damage to the administration of hockey and ultimately the game. The way the TMC has operated, it shows that good governance and accountability are only "paper" items but not to be put into practice.

So why is there a storm brewing in MHF? After the TMC's announcement of the various appointments and the shelving of the Chairman of Coaching Committee's recommendation, the various state affiliates are literally upset. Certain coaches who hoped to find their names on the list have already sounded their respective state office bearers. Many are waiting for the Coaching Committee meeting to vent their frustrations. One affiliate had this to say: 'What is the difference between the current MHF and the previous one.They are all doing the same things despite the promise to change". There is a feeling that nothing has changed and if any it has brought certain "new people" in to continue the old habits.

Even those who have been named to the various positions are a little puzzled. They do not have their letters of appointment, their terms of appointment and their targets. It would seem that these were all done in a hurry to fulfill the wishes of a few people so as their personal objectives could be achieved without looking at the broader interest of MHF. Indeed intense lobbying is still continuing for various other appointments by the TMC, to ensure friend's promises to certain parties are honoured. This also includes foreign consultants.

There has been recommendations of how appointments should be undertaken. If "grey matters" had been utilised, the TMC should have advertised for the various places and had a panel to shortlist the candidates. They should have interviewed them and then recommended who should be selected. This way everything would be above board and a basis set for the fulfillment of good governance and transparency. What is surprising is how TM is tolerating such actions and how NSC has become part of all these. Maybe the term "tolong kawan" has a greater meaning to certain key officials than the betterment of hockey and Malaysian sports.


Anonymous said...


NSC official shouldn't be holding or seen to be in any position in NSA{National Sports Associations}.

There is a conflict of interest here.

Who report to who now ?

Imagine they hold position in all the NSA in Malaysia.{Then we don't need NSC anymore)

For a game to improve,it starts from NSC itself.

Its about time OCM take a stand in this matter.


Anonymous said...

How can hockey be out of the shit house when the same story is repeated after every agm.SAME OLD GAME BEING PLAYED YOU SCATCH MY BACK AND VICE VERSA.

Anonymous said...

Common sense said...

Please Mr gandhi, i dont understand at all why are you so upset that KLHA officials appointment in the national team set-up.

For your information KLHA has won U-16,U-18,Sukma and Razak Cup.They also runner-up for the U-12 and U-14 boys category.Meanwhile they are also state champion for the girls U-16.

So if is not the KLHA officials who has done so well, then who should be Mr Gandhi?All this thing must be done on merit and those who has achievement.The previous regime does not believe in that but now the new regime is doing some change.Give them a chance.Afterall they can never go worst than the previous regime.

At least this new regime is doing alot of changes in various committe.Give them a chance then if they fail then you can say but not now Mr Gandhi.

Be patient!!!

Anonymous said...

common sense says that KLHA has produced results and therefore KLHA should be deciding the faith of Malaysian Hockey. Maybe! The issue addressed by Gandhi is nothing got to do with KLHA. The article goes down to the root of good governance. That's utmost factor any reader should comprehend. My view the article is not questioning the lineup. Still confused? It must go through a selection process and the like.