Saturday, January 17, 2009

A call for healthy discussion on "Cricket Development"

Obviously the cricket fraternity must have a lot of opinions and the comment column for any cricketing articles seem to be heavily debated. There are number of occasions it has deteriorated to personal attacks, from intelligence, lack of understanding of cricket to quality of language. Somehow, it all points to the coming election in MCA, which i believe maybe scheduled on Valentine's Day.

I hope people would know who was St.Valentine . If they know what he did then the MCA election on Valentine's day may be a historic event for the betterment of cricket. Energy is being wasted for the wrong reasons. If and only if, i mean if all the parties can work together than there is hope for cricket. "If" is a 2 letter word that may sound near impossible in Malaysian cricket context. So, it could be just wishful thinking.

Below is a note i received from a regular to my blog. He wanted his note to be published and is probably stirring for some comments. He has picked a good topic of "Development" and it would be nice to hear what the affiliates or MCA themselves are doing. To be honest, i do not expect MCA or the affiliates to respond.

Text of the note is as follows:

"I have been following this blog for the last 6 months and being in the cricket circle for the last 43 yrs. I believe I have all the rights to say on most of the comments:

“A Pot Calling a Kettle Black”

I would love to see Gandhi discussing a topic on the Contribution from all State Association in Developing Cricket in this Country.

Lets get the comments from the people concern and be transparent.

All this while the comments were on individuals, MCA, MMCA Etc. It’s about time to find and rectify the real problems.

May be this healthy discussion will help states or council members to elect the new EXCO members"

Although the writer of the note has not formally issued a "challenge" but he wants a healthy discussion. Lets see if the affiliates or MCA has the courtesy to oblige.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gandhi,
It's better for you to write more on Malaysian cricket rather than the numerous hockey issues for the seemingly lack of response indicates that either no one is interested or other reasons best known to you. However, its the opposite with cricket, serve whatever trash, comments wont be short to come by. Ironic maybe the MCA election coincide with 'lovers' day but certainly there will be no love lost on that day.
Development is non existent for some affiliates. Its the parent body's 'baby'. As long as the affiliates conduct their AGM/BGM accordingly, they are considered as legitimate and can continue to survive and of course vote.
Ask any of the delegates straight in the face come Feb 14 about their states development programme and you will know the difference between genuine 'lovers' of the game and the 'pretenders'.
Is there any sports association who 'punish' the affiliates for not carrying out development activities? For the original writer, could you kindly define development? Your input would help certain affiliates wake up from their slumber.

Anonymous said...

dear gandhi, this current title is the best.hope for good comments.keep it up.

Anonymous said...

For 43 years, what have you done for cricket??

If you could tell us 3 things you did for cricket then I am sure you will get many response to your question!!

Anonymous said...

What you did ?

3 things

hmmm sitting in the bar having drinks
Well talking about those days story
May be travelling to Aussie very often whenever exco metting takes place

Anonymous said...

Party has started. Hardly a day has passed, the favourite past time of personality bashing is back. The cricket development topic is too intellectually challenging (high standard kalau tak faham) for this type of scumbag commentators. They prefer to get a kick out of hitting individuals instead. Old habits die hard lah.
Just me, bro.