Saturday, July 12, 2008

"ACC seconded coach to Malaysia" - Clarification

On 24th June 2008, my article of "Malaysian Cricket Prima Donnas", I had indicated that the Malaysian National Coach was seconded by Asian Cricket Council (ACC). In a clarification comment dated 25th June 2008, I also did indicate that the Coach is being paid by ACC. In the same comment I did request if there was anything different to revert to me.

On 11th July 2008, e-mailed and highlighted the following points:

*ACC makes an allocation to 18 of its non Test playing members for coaches.

*Members choose unilaterally its coaches.

*There is no direct link from ACC to any country's coach.

I further clarified, whether the Malaysian National Coach was recommended by ACC and the response was "never".

As such I am duty bound to highlight this pertinent point and ensure that the integrity of ACC remains intact.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Gandhi,

Thanks for finding out details about the Malaysian coach. I am very sure he is here on social visit pass.
MCA has blurred the eyes of the public by using ACC's name. I wonder what else could they do?
If this info goes to the immigration department, he is in big shit!
This recalls me of the incident of the national coach and the national umpire. I wonder, does the coach realy knows what trouble he can get into?