Tuesday, July 8, 2008

MHF's Chairman of Coaching may ultimately be responsible for Malaysia's demise in international hockey.

MHF's Chairman of Coaching was a fantastic center forward during his heydays in hockey. However he does not realise that his heydays are well over. Similarly too is his outlook as the Chairman of Coaching. The coaches whom he had appointed at the Senior and Junior team are the reflection of the current deteriorating standard of Malaysian hockey at the international arena.

So why does he want these coaches around till 2010 or 2012? Just to give them more time to ensure that "death" comes to Malaysian hockey in a painful and prolonged way. If MHF is against foreign coaches then I suggest that the Chairman of the Coaching Committee provides a far better justification. What he had stated now cannot hold the ground based on recent performances.

I had previously asked this question: "Can any of our current coaches stand even in the shadows of the top 10 coaches in the world?" The answer then was no and it shall not change for years to come. I think this person in MHF should ask himself if he knows what is he talking about? Is he there to provide lip service to support coaches who seem to be embroiled with all sort of allegations. These coaches do not understand modern hockey and the basic principles of planning combined with foresight. Now that I know the views of the Chairman of the Coaching Committee, i can understand why all these coaches lack the depth to be good national coaches. It reminds me of the maxim: "The tail is only as good as the head".

We must put a stop to all this selfish attitude to safeguard one another position, so as the various personalities can sustain their position without proper accountability. It is shown in the performance of our team i.e. Senior, Juniors and the Under-16. All have failed and weaker teams are proving to be a challenge to Malaysia. The writing is already on the walls and if MHF cannot see it, then hockey is finished in Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Gandhi,

This is not a poison pen letter! I hope you can carry this in your blog for the interest of the game.

As usual “the pen is mightier than the sword”!!

Over the past few months bloggers highlighted their deep concern over how MHF has been operating for the past two years. The bloggers unearth many things, but two areas standout like a sore thumb in the centre of all these allegations.

1. The ability of the present coaching set-up to deliver by 2012.

2. The integrity and accountability of the coaches and top brass in MHF to the public and the interest of the game.

Allegations are strongly hurled at certain parties. As far as hockey is concern when there are rumours circulating, 90% chances that it is true.

However please don’t jump the gun as all parties are innocent until proven guilty as there is still the 10% leverage that we have to consider.

Pertaining to the above concerns, prominent MHF top brass have given their stand and comment.

MHF Stand No 1 - Malaysia Sports Loose Cannon.

On allegations that certain individuals in the national set-up are involved in the money-lending business, Tunku Majid said it was against his principle to poke his nose into people's personal lives.

 The comment speaks for MHF’s integrity and accountability. Will there be cover-up in the investigation?

MHF Stand No 2 - Local Daily.

Until yesterday, the police had yet to call Sarjit or any of the players for questioning.

"My players and I are open to investigation, and we will co-operate with the police when they need our help. There is nothing to hide, and nothing to fear.

 Then why is it that players are suppressed and threaten of their livelihood, their safety and also the safety of their families?

 Was it possible for the bookie to know who the player the team suspected to have leaked information to the press with internal collaboration?

MHF Stand No 3 – Local Daily

“Sarjit Singh (current national coach), was tasked to qualify for the 2010 Delhi World Cup and the 2012 London Olympics without the need to go through a qualifier when he was appointed in January 2007.

"And then, there was never a target of qualifying for the Olympics after Germany were dumped in our group. The target was to reach the final, and that was missed by a whisker when Japan scored the disputed equaliser," said Paramalingam.

 In terms of ROI Mr Chairman, pls be more accountable. The vision and objectives must also be clear. We can't wait until 2012 as we may need to play in a pre-qualifier to take part in a qualifier.

The case of the “Right” Versus “Wrong” will determine the fate of Malaysian hockey hereafter. This can only happen if there is transparency and professionalism in the investigation by the parent body, MHF. Hopefully the panel does not cover-up anything. We can only hope!

It will be more fruitful if the relevant authorities take pursuit in the investigation to protect the interest of the public and the game. For sure we can’t rely on the three man panel to probe into these allegations without interference. The panel will be subject to pressure from MHF top brass to maintain innocents even if the members are reputable.

NSC should take pro-active stance in forming their independent panel to study all the allegations. NSC being the paymaster shall have the right to terminate any player or coach that has breached their contract. Term of reference pertaining to code of ethics and KPI would have been spelled out in the contract.

From the allegations, the performance target/results do not seems to be the main issue. It is the coaching/work ethics, code of conduct and job scope conformance of the players and coaches that is being question. Clearly it would have been avoided if the coaches are more learned with the sufficient qualifications to plan and impart the latest practices to the team.

Is the team’s poor performance contributed by these malpractices?

Can we continue like this and achieve the 2010 and 2012 targets.

I am sure the new Sports Commissioner, Datuk Wira Mazlan Ahmad (ex-dg of MSN), is very well aware of the situation. At the beginning of this saga, Datuk Wira did urge NSC to address those issues objectively, including whether or not Sarjit Singh has the credentials to coach at Olympic level.

"Let us think objectively. As the government agency in charge of sports, NSC must seize the initiative."

I am sure that by now he would have changed his opinion after having witness the actual problem.

The situation is very pressing and critically, is he going to make an entrance now to prevent any cover-up and further deterioration to the game?

Under the Sports Act 1997, the Sports Commissioner can act through the power vested upon him by the Minister under Act 576 No 20states.

20. (1) The Commissioner may revoke or suspend the registration of a sports body if the Commissioner is satisfied that such sports body –

(a) has been registered as a result of a fraud or a mistake or misrepresentation in any material particular;

(d) is inactive or is no longer a fit and proper entity to be registered to represent its sport in any State or in Malaysia;

(e) is hindering the development of the particular sport and it is in the public interest to revoke or suspend its registration;

(f) has failed or neglected to remedy any malpractice, misconduct or irregularity on the part of its office bearers or its members within the period specified in the written notice given by the Commissioner; or

(g) is inactive, unco-operative or obstructive in the implementation of the regulations, policies or guidelines made under or pursuant to powers under this Act..

The call for the Sports Commissioner to intervene and exercise his power immediately is very sensible and appropriate!

The DG of NSC must also immediately take action as the current situation warrants such interference into the managemant of MHF, looking at the visions and actions as seen lately.

Both are in position protect the game and ensure that “no individual is bigger than the game!”

Hope it is still not late!