Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rumours of signature petition in Malaysian Hockey.

I received an e-mail and contents of it is displayed below. Note that it is stated as a rumour and needs verification. As such where there were identities in the e-mail, i have deleted them.

I hope someone could assists in providing information whether such an exercise took place and if so what is the content of the petition.

Text of the e-mail:

"Are you aware that a petition with 1,000 signatures has been handed to the DPM on friday to protest against MHF's role in the state of hockey today. Rumours are that many of the ex-players signed the petition.

The petition was initiated by National (name deleted) Association (N(initials deleted)A).

This rumours, you need to verify this with your source before posting further articles in your blog.

N(initials deleted)A Officials.

President - (name deleted) at 013-( no deleted)
Sec - ( name deleted) at 012-(no deleted )
Treasurer -(name deleted ) at 012-(no deleted ) ."

Lets see what is the feedback.


Anonymous said...


It is in the papers and the Sports Minister Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob wants to meet the 102 former internationals who have expressed concern with the state of Malaysian hockey.

The minister wants to listen to the former players proposals before taking any further action.

There is a possible move to set up a taskforce to look into the state of hockey.

Anonymous said...


As the stakes are high, I hope that the people responsible will survive their fantasy in one piece.

The momentum for justice is finally in full motion.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gandhi,

Looking at the magnitude of situation, the Minister should not only instruct NSC to form the Taskforce but get ACA and JHDN to act as well.

The earlier claims by MM should be investigated thoroughly and leave no stone unturned to save the game.

The hockey world is concern and waiting to see the results of the investigation.

Anonymous said...


Are you sure this 102 is doing the right thing?

102 sounds familiar... only the stroke is missing..

Hopefully not the "10/2..10/2"

Well done in the name of justice.