Saturday, July 5, 2008

A new GM for MHF.

News is buzzing amongst the hockey crowd that a known person would be appointed as General Manager for MHF. No he is not a former national player, coach or administrator. Rather he was a former Secretary of a State Hockey Association and was also an Organiser of a State Foundation that were back to back Champions for 2 years of the MHF National League.

Apparently, he also did a stint as a Sports writer with a renowned evening papers. Here he did become famous with some of his articles particularly in hockey. Holding on to a position too long is not his forte. He went on to serve as an aide to the former Minister of Sports and Youth. Again, he was there for a short period. Thereafter he moved on as an aide to the first Chairman of Sports Advisory Committee and then joined him at FAM. From there he hopped on to "My Team" and worked his way as GM of Malaysian Super League (MSL).

In between all these he had spells in Royal Selangor Club and the Lake Club. There is no doubt that he had lived a nomadic life style, not wanting to remain permanently to see the result of some of his hard work.

This person is hard working and is prepared to put in the hours. He has been in love with hockey and he would travel the extra mile to ensure that things are properly done. He was a good friend of the late S. Satgunam, the former Secretary of MHF. This is where he was able to appreciate the administration of MHF.

To some he is not an easy person to get along. He is quite fixed in his way because he wants to achieve results. This at times would not go down well with people. However, with people in NSC he has always had a good relationship and this would help him when he takes up his position in MHF.

The only concern I have is whether this person would get easily disappointed or upset the status quo that he may not have a good spell in MHF long enough. One does not have to be a PhD holder to know that he had not survived long in a number of his other positions. The feeling is that he takes each job like a new toy. After sometime he gets bored with it and then he looks for another new toy i.e. another job. This is something he must be aware and he must know that this reputation of him always precedes him.

Anyway, lets welcome him to the job in MHF and wish him the very best in his undertakings. I hope he can catalysts the change in MHF for the betterment of Malaysian hockey. MHF needs it badly.


Subadra Kogilanathan Kuppan said...

Dear voicy man,
you forgot one important fact. This man of yours was told to leave FAM on grounds of sexual harassment.
Or are you the man himself???!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

And the man is... Satwant Singh Dhaliwal!

Wanted said...


Maybe you stop writing about yourself ... these person you are talking about is hopeless and a man without integrity thats all...

Truth Prevails said...

Hahahahaha what a joke, a person who sexually harress ppl, becomes a GM of MHF ... hahahahaha ...the greatest joke of the year .... this man has never managed to work at one place and I dont think NSC is going to agree since they are the pay-masters ...IF this gus is appointed... then surely the media will go after NSC...Gandhi pls find some better stories to write or else stop writing about yourself ..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To guys with negative comments, really appreciate your news on ss. Shocking though, if you are right the police should take that up by now. Me too dont like him but there were speculations he is good in his job. Now we need to weigh his abilities vs speculation. Prove it and sensationlise it for the interest of sports or leave him to do what he is best at.