Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Malaysian Cricket Inquiry - " Is it becoming a circus ".

Before i get into the article proper i must relate a story. This morning when i opened the blog e-mail, i received a mail which indicated that he has identified me and named me. In response i requested him to continue guessing and probably one day he could get it. Some are worried of the message and others are more concerned of the writer. Maybe because i am using a non de plume name.

At yesterday's Inquiry Committee meeting, there was a 3 man panel made up of 2 lawyers and the former GM of MCA. 2 of the 3 were former national cricketers and the other is the convener of cricket for a club. 2 of them are officials with an affiliate while the other had been an official some years ago. Therefore the 3 have impeccable credentials to undertake this inquiry.

In my previous article i raised the issue of "closeness" directly or indirectly to the various personalities involved in the incident. This is where i think all 3 may have their position to sit on the panel compromised. A matter these 3 should view carefully.

While this may raise some concerns but there are other issues that may have widened the spectrum of the problems with regard to the panel. They are:

* legitimacy of the Panel i.e were they appointed by MCA Exco or otherwise

* terms of reference of the Panel

* were the personalities involved in the incident formally informed of the Panel

* the role of the General Secretary & Executive Secretary of MCA in this Inquiry

These issues must be properly addressed or not the whole Inquiry may seem a "shamble". Indeed there is a popular believe in various circles that all of this is being orchestrated to facilitate certain parties to gain certain advantage so as they do not suffer any serious consequences. I do hope that rumour is far from right.

Therefore, it is imperative that MCA must not do things that may turn this Inquiry into a circus.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gandhi,
Your views on the blog is getting less sharp and no more pungence in it.
There are only 2 reasons to this; 1. Your are scared that your indentity will be discovered. 2. You are avoiding legal consequences.

Well, be more forceful. Once you had taken 'that' step don't pull back.

Gandhi, said...

On the issue of the Panel members there is no reason for anybody to be hard on them.
They are 3rd parties who are doing pro bono work.If any, i have to be even more careful.If there are issues that need to be highlighted then i shall do it.For e.g on the issue of "closeness" which may give a different view in the eyes of others.
Further, my objective is not to be a destructive force in my articles.More important i am there to highlight issues that need to be addressed for the betterment of the sport.
Obviously in writing i must be careful to portray the facts.Sometimes they may not be right and in that case i owe a duty to rectify it. This is in particular when i have come to know of it.
I cannot play to the gallery except on the facts available at that moment of time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gandhi,

I would like to bring to your's and the MCA's attention that in every panel of inquiry, it is always the ex-players and officials are there. Can't they find anyone who has a paper qualification on the laws of cricket to seat in the panel. Do you think that the ex-players and officials know the current updates of laws. There should always be a balance and not one sided

Anonymous said...

Taking into consideration that all the 4 issues pertaining to the panel has been settled, the inquiry should proceed.

One of the lawyer & the former GM have played for the country, and they can be counted upon to give a fair decesion.

The other lawyer is experienced and recently defended a client in a highly sensitive case.

I am very confident that all 3 will conduct themselves in a highly professional manner and make a right decision.

I do not think that they will be biased just because they all happen to come from the same club.

Let us not put the cart before the horse and create a lot of confusion.

Let the hearing commence,you will see the difference.