Sunday, July 13, 2008

MCA Cricket Inquiry - "Beware of close relationships".

On Monday 14th July, MCA's Inquiry Committee shall officially commence their hearing on the June 2008 incident between the national captain and the national coach against a national umpire. The incident took place in a friendly match between the National Team and the Expats ( mainly made up of Sri Lankan players, the majority of who are here on contract with MCA).

Apparently the Expat's bowler was bowling bouncers and beamers despite the national umpire's warning. The national captain walked into the field and confronted the umpire. Similarly the national coach followed suit and engaged in some verbal comments. Subsequent to that there has been allegations of "man handling".

I understand that the Committee is made up of members of the legal profession and some of them were former national cricketers. The bulk of the members are connected to an MCA affiliate, while one of them had worked as the General Manager of MCA many years ago. There is no doubt that these people have the relevant background to undertake this Inquiry.

The only matter I like to highlight to the various members of the Committee is one of close relationships to any of the personalities involved in the incident. Most of them are members of a particular club and may have a close relationship with the national captain directly or indirectly including through the said person's family. This must not be seen as infringing any ethical guidelines. The closeness may also be dictated by regular drinking sessions or being frequent teammates.

What is important is the administration of justice without giving any party cause to be concerned over doubts that may arise because of the existence of "closeness" directly or indirectly to any of the personalities involved in the incident.

Good Luck to everyone.

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