Friday, July 25, 2008

"Circus is in town" - Malaysian Cricket Inquiry.

When we think of a "circus", the first thing that comes to our mind is entertainment under a big tent undertaken by acrobats, clowns and performing animals. In the case of Malaysian cricket, the big tent is MCA, the entertainment is provided by MCA Exco, the 3 man Inquiry Panel and the personalities involved in the May & June 2008 incident. Well, it is not a real time show but the events that had taken place provide a good choreography for a circus show!

In MCA books there is no such words, or meaning, to the terms ethics and conflict of interest. They cannot have it because they thrive on the principle of "Machiavellianism" i.e the end justifies the means. In the case of the May 2008 incident they had 40% of the Exco to sit in a Committee to determine the fate of the 2 involved personalities. They had the full Exco to endorse it and as a result the 2 concerned parties were only reprimanded. Again, the complainant did not turn up for the hearing. Why did they have to do it in a hurry? Well! Well! Well! They needed the national player to play a game against a visiting team a day after the Exco had made the decision.

The "clowning" became even more apparent as the MCA Exco decided to reprimand the national umpire. My understanding based on ICC guidelines is that the matter is under the jurisdiction of the Umpires Board. Mind you, MCA Exco in this instance had become "judge, jury and executioner". What a confused lot.

Now on the 3 man Panel. They are distinguished members, but obviously more interested in doing the job rather than appreciating the manner in which it is undertaken. Again it seems to give a distinct taste of "Machiavellianism". This 3 man Panel commenced their hearing without any official endorsement from MCA, simply based on verbal communication from an Exco member whose own family member is a party to the incident. Furthermore, all the members of the Panel are closely connected to the Exco member and his family. So what were they endeavouring to achieve?

Good question, except that their first hearing had to be prematurely terminated. This gave the MCA Exco to rectify their "silly" actions and formally appoint them. Still it does not excuse the Panel for their initial action and the issue of "closeness". Compounding the issue is that on the day of the official hearing both the Secretary and the Executive Secretary were seen to be present at the OCM building where the hearing was taking place. Again it seems they were not bothered or they are so big in Malaysian cricket that nothing can stop them from doing whatever they want. Sheer arrogance of the highest order.

So, what do you think the decision is going to be? Now that ACC tournament has commenced this matter will probably be put on the back burner. With time everything would be swept under the carpet. Therefore the end justifies the means, while we all have been entertained and carry the memories of this cricketing circus.

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