Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"What is really going on in cricket?" - MCA

Last week I praised MCA on its decisive action to resolve the umpires, national players and national coach series of incidents over the last 2 months, however I said there is still a need for fine tuning. Instead MCA decided to completely overturn their good decisive action to improper judgement on their approach to the meeting with the umpires last Saturday.

Firstly, in incidents like what took place between a national player and the umpire, followed by national captain, national coach and the umpire, MCA must carefully think through how to handle it.

In the case of the national player and the umpire, it was a domestic competition and therefore the Competition Committee should be the principal party to follow through the matter. In the other case of the national captain, national coach and the umpire, the incident took place at a friendly game organised by MCA itself. Therefore it would be more appropriate the Disciplinary Committee be responsible for it. In both cases the MCA Umpires Board should be present to hold brief.

What took place on Saturday was the Vice President of MCA responsible for Development and the General Secretary conducted the meeting with the umpires. They seemed more worried that the umpires would boycott matches where national players are involved. Therefore they have issued an ultimatum for a decision.

The question I have to ask why is this particular Vice-President being so "sibuk" over the matter rather than the Chairman of the Umpires Board? Why should he conduct the meeting and then report it to the Umpires Board? It all seems a very strange way of handling such matters.

As for the General Secretary, he must realise that from an ethical position, he is already disqualified from participating in such meetings. His son is a national player and is the national captain and this rules him out. So why is he putting his head into such matters?

What i cannot understand is the MCA Exco members are literally "bullying" the umpires into submitting to their ultimatum. They do not seem to have any interest in conducting a timely enquiry as the national player and the national coach are on holiday. Further they want the umpires to come with a Code of Conduct, without realising such a Code already exists in the ICC guidelines. The MCA officials who conducted the meeting are completely lost and do not know how to sensibly resolve the issue.

To me the Umpires Board should receive an undertaking from MCA that national players and the national coach would conduct themselves properly at the matches from hereon. They should also receive further undertaking that the 2 inquiries would be held within a specified time period. Equally, the Umpires Board must on their part also provide an undertaking that the umpires would ensure the Code of Conduct would be properly adhered.

If such undertakings are in place and a monitoring system is implemented, I am sure there is no need for any ultimatum. Just a little bit of "grey" matter needs to be utilised in the thinking process, so as such matters can be easily sorted. What MCA has done is to make the situation even more tense.


Anonymous said...

Well said Gandhi!

MCA doesn’t know the proper procedure to conduct an inquiry. They always form ad-hoc committees to solve issues and these ad-hoc committees never come prepared or planned. Even the inquiry on 10th July 2008 (Thursday), involving a national player and the umpire – the manager who made the complaint was not called for the inquiry.

Your suggestion of the competitions and the disciplinary committee is only applicable on the players and team officials but not on the umpires. This goes same at the ICC level. The umpires should be bound by the code of conduct for umpires.

The ICC code of conduct is only suitable for professional players. It is not suitable for Malaysia, but the guidelines can be modified and suited to our needs. MCA (competitions committee) should have its own code of conduct for the players and team officials. A copy should be given to every team and undersigned receipt.

Where is the Umpires Board Chairman? Why is the Vice President so ‘sibuk’? Because the Chairman of the Umpires Board has ‘chickened-out’. He joins-wagon with the other MCA officials all the time finding fault and accusing the umpires rather than standing by them. We know that he wants to safeguard his post and position in MCA. It is also known that the umpires’ board has not held their meeting in the last 10 months. My my my! The chairman must have been very very very busy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gandhi,

Why don't u come and run MCA and coach the national team and also give courses to the umpires. Don't be a chicken and write stuff about ppl and associations when u can only sit and write but can't do anything else. Come forward man!!!

I think u make a very good all rounder.

Common Gandhi......