Monday, July 21, 2008

A letter on the insights of Malaysian hockey.

Below is a text of an e-mail i received which i want to share with hockey lovers.

"I totally agree with you as to where Malaysian hockey is heading.

With the microscope zooming on them, 2 groups from MHF have made police report after the allegation made front page in the MM.

However this is what they want us to believe or rather bluff to scare off the bloggers to but time.

Over a coffee, someone told me that the police report has been withdrawn by the coaches. ... just for your information. You would probably know by now.

If we take a closer look as to why both the Junior and Senior teams are performing badly, we see similarity in both the coaches..

Both teams have been day in day out training the same method/things:

1. Contact game..

2. Goal shooting..

3. Over head passing..

4. Back four transfer..

5. PC attack (flick only)

No tactical drills or small group aspect in terms of tactics or structure wise.

These are basically what they are doing for the last few months. With these training, I don't see them improving from here.

The coaches are not committed and responsible enough to do the extra.

With FIH giving full support to India to host the 2010 World Cup they do not have an excuse but to qualify next.

The National league is also partly to be blamed. With the clubs playing a major role in the players’ way of lifestyle, we need to revisit the rules to break the monopoly of certain teams. What is the use when the number 20 - 24 are also national players? Rules were changed to please this club. What is being practiced by one major club is the main cause of all the gambling, alcohol abuse and womanising. Salary in paid in advance in 3 - 6 months. Players get restless with instant cash without having the need to sweat it out in the field first. The head coach is also a big player in all this and share the same interest with the players. I do not think i need to go any further ...

His favours can stretch further that you think, for the interest of the club owner, for example the national players are given off a day before and after the Satgunam sixes recently..

We should abolish the national league as it does not benefit the national team and it is doing more harm than good.

Mr Gandhi, as the situation is very alarming why can't the Sports Commissioner step-in an intervene? One blogger provided the the facts from the Sports Act 576 No 20, is the current affairs in MHF not breaching the Act?

What does it need for these people who are is in the driver seat to take action?

Just to share and hope that one day we can sit down face to face and have a cup of Ipoh Old Town Coffee."

Good to know if anyone can provide any further enlightenment to the matters outlined above.


Gandhi, said...

I received this e-mail and i have decided to edit it and print it under the "comments" column.

"This is the actual insight situation of the present Malaysian Hockey Scenario.It is run by (words have been deleted) at one time.This fact I heard is shocking but no one is taking action.Is it true?
1. An ex player who revealed the match fixing was threatened. Not only himself but the wife and the children. He was asked to pay compensation.
2. The players were warned not to reveal anything or they will be remanded.It was told by the MHF secretary.
3. The players were told that the elauns paid by MSN will be stopped.

4. The pay they getting from the various clubs will also be stopped.
5.A police officer was brought to speak to the palyers .True or not.
6.Suspected bloggers are being called on private lines and being threatened.
All this not coffee shop talk. Please someone investigate. Malaysia is not a cowboy country. We got law and orders.
We public want the truth."

Anonymous said...

Who is going to answer? How about you giving some comments.Sometimes we public cannot believe it but there wouldn't be a fire if there is no smoke.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gandhi,

Is it true about the claims that arm twisting and force is used on the national players?

Are we living in a 3rd world country?