Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The realities of Malaysian Hockey.

Who pays the allowance and salaries of the Malaysian hockey players? Who pays for the coaches? Who pays for the General Manager or Executive Secretary? Who pays for the overseas tours? Now, would you be surprised to know that it is from the coffers of National Sports Council (NSC)? Mind you, even for development of hockey under the 8 core sports i.e "Sukan Teras", it comes from the Government.

So, you can see everything comes one way or another from the Government. It would seem that the only thing MHF does is to administer and organise matters. They organise tournaments and the various related seminars, its technical officials, enter into discussion on appointment of Coaches, train and select the players for the various national teams and other aspects related to hockey. This cannot be over taxing.

In short, the Government through its agencies provides the financial resources and MHF manages the operational aspect of hockey. In the past this relationship has worked in a "symbiotic" manner i.e mutual benefit of both parties. However, lately the relationship seems to have lost its direction. MHF has become "parasitic" and therefore killing the very body of the game of hockey. It is undermining the years of good cosy relationship MHF had with NSC, which was sustained because of the performance at various levels of national teams. Furthermore, the goodwill that prevailed between MHF and NSC permitted a 2 way process of interaction that allowed MHF to recover from its non performing periods.

Now, all these arrangements are history. MHF takes NSC as a "cash cow" and the concept of accountability for the monies spent is not co-related to the level of performance. Also, there are personalities in MHF who work their way through the structures with all the excuses and somehow manage to obtain the finances. Part of this problem arises because certain people in NSC still want to give a chance to Malaysian hockey. This is fine but do not get carried away by allowing good money to chase "rounds of defeats" based on poor performance due to lack of proper planned training with a strategy outlook.

In the corporate world, the leadership in MHF would not have survived. The same basis too must be adopted by NSC and the other relevant Government agencies. Please stop the ROT in Malaysian hockey.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ghandi,
It is not only hockey that takes the NSC as a cash cow but a lot of other sports. One of them is squash where every little expenses will be thrown at the NSC hoping for them to pick up the tab. It is just plain embarrassing as a 5 star association cannot raise money for itself.

Anonymous said...

In the Corporate world as described by your goodself, the term ROI and KPI must also be applied to justify the money spend.

Or else it is just plain bad investment. Hence, the
"cash cow" must cut losses by firing those "project managers" who are not performing!