Sunday, July 20, 2008

Malaysian Cricket Inquiry - Now it is a circus!

On last Thursday 17th July, MCA made some interesting decisions with regards to the May and June incidents with regard to a national player, national captain, national coach and, common to both, a national umpire.

For the May incident the national player and the national umpire were reprimanded and details will follow in a letter. To those who are not aware of what takes place in MCA on such matters, on the surface they seem fair. If one lifts the veil, then the aspect of the complaint manager not being at the hearing, calls into question the wisdom of the decision. No doubt the manager had provided a written complaint but his absence is no excuse for the reprimand of both.

Today being a hockey carnival at RSC, a number of stories have emerged and they are quite juicy. MCA had not much of a choice but to arrive at such a decision. On Friday the National Team played Hong Kong and this national player who had been banned had to play the match. This player, a former national captain, is the "heartbeat" of the national team. His absence itself is a sure sign of defeat for the National Team. There is no way MCA was going to permit it.

As far as this player is concerned, he has had enough of reprimands both in writing and verbally. MCA past and present do not have the guts to make a brave decision even when it is a clear cut case. Further, as a staff of MCA, there is this aspect of being "within the family" concept. I do not blame the player but rather the administrators of cricket who do not have the "stomach" to instill the sense of discipline. This is where other players too tend to take advantage. Ultimately, the "prima donnas" club in cricket appears, which itself reflects what national cricket is about.

As for the June incident of the national captain, national coach and the same national umpire, MCA formally approved the 3-man Panel. Strange! They had commenced their hearing on Monday 13th July. How come? As a spectator it is exciting watching MCA perform the circus act. Apparently, someone in MCA Exco had requested this 3-man Panel to commence without giving them a letter of appointment and the terms of the inquiry. The reason all these were possible is because of familiarity and "closeness". The 3-man Panel believed what was told to them and dived ahead. Seriously this itself is a proof that these 3 personalities have to disqualify themselves. Even if they do a proper job, which I firmly believe they would, having indulged into an inquiry without proper procedures, calls into question their overall approach.

The matter takes a greater dimension as one of the persons involved in the incident is connected to a key member of the Exco. Apparently this Exco member may have given the instructions to commence the hearing despite no formal approval of MCA. If that is the case then it is proper the whole Inquiry be reconstituted.

MCA, everyone is watching. Do not sweep issues under the carpet to momentarily solve the problem. On the long run MCA is only going to create a bigger problem. Such mockery must not be permitted and it is important proper wisdom must prevail in MCA.


Anonymous said...

Funny!!! How come this particular umpire is involved in every out burst. I am sure, the umpire has some hidden agenda!!!

I don't see other umpires making a fuss or getting involved with players or MCA. Hmmmm!!!

Something to think about!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Comment,

You are in the dark, please enlighten yourself, the 'UMPIRE'
is very experienced and is the secretary to his field, which was
informed in the media a week ago.

What outburst you are talking, when
its only one major incident, and
thats with our 'Tiny KULU' from
the land of the Tigers exercising
his privilage rites-as he feels.

Other umpires are not courages like
this Mr.Secretary.

Now you can think more about something.

Just Me.
Mr.Take 5.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Take 5,

The 'Umpire' had another out burst with the ex national captain. Whereby, the umpire was found guilty using the F word on the ex captain during franchise league. Talk about professionalism. Amazing isn't it?

Why cling to fancy positions like the 'umpires secretary' when you don't even have a clue about the laws of the game and the conduct of an umpire. Looks like anyone can hold a fancy position these days.

'Tiny KALU/KULU' that you were referring to, never had any disciplinary or outburst during his entire international career. Please dig up on facts if you are doubting this. So give me one good reason why he would want to dirty his hands by messing around with one person who will not make any difference in his life in any way. Furthermore, he does not even know of the existence of the umpire.

At the end of the day, cricket is such a small game in Malaysia, it is sad some people (let's not mention names) use it to gain personal fame or for individual needs. This is why cricket is Malaysia will never go far. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Mr. comment,

As Mr. Take 5 said, you are in the dark. You wouldn’t know of his contribution to sports in Malaysia. I managed to get the UMPIRE’s biodata. Here it goes;

1. 1968 - Played football for school team.
2. 1976 - Played football for Selangor Youth.
3. 1978 - Played football for Johor Larkin District.
4. 1979 – 1980 - Played sepaktakraw for Kuala Lumpur non-Malays team.
5. 1981 - Qualified as class 3 football referee.
6. 1983 - Qualified as class 2 football referee.
- Qualified as MAAU athletic official.
- Appointed as the sports secretary for KL schools.
- Qualified as a jungle orienteering coach.
- Qualified as a canoeing coach.
7. 1985 - Qualified as class 1 football referee.
- Qualified as a chess arbiter.
8. 1986 - Qualified as a national FAM football referee.
9. 1988 - Was the organising secretary for MSSM cricket in Kuala Lumpur.
- Qualified as an instructor for football referees.
10. 1989 – 1996 – Appointed as the technical chairman for cricket in KL schools.
1989 - 1993 - Formed the Berita-MIlo Juniors and participated in the Nava Shield
and Tunku Imran Trophy.
11. 1990 - Qualified as a handball umpire.
12. 1991 - Qualified as a handball coach.
13. 1992 - Qualified as an instructor for handball umpires.
- Team manager of the FTCA SUKMA team - Champions
14. 1993 – Qualified as a member of the Association of Cricket Umpires &Scorers UK
- Uplifted to grade 3 cricket umpire by MACU.
15. 1994 - Organised the National Under-12 and 14 cricket tournament for FTCA
16. 1994 – 1996 - A committee member of FTCA
- A committee member of MACU – News letter editor
17. 1995 – Qualified as a Level 1 Cricket Coach.
18. 1996 - Uplifted to grade 2 cricket umpire
- Moved to Labuan
- Started cricket in Labuan
19. 2002 - Formed the Labuan Cricket Association – President.
20. 2002 – 2005 - President of the Labuan Cricket Association.
- Secretary of the Labuan Football Association.
21. 2006 - Moved to Genting Highlands.
- Qualified as a level 1 swimming coach.
22. 2007 – Appointed as the umpires and scorers board secretary.
- Uplifted to grade 1 cricket umpire.
- Qualified as ACC Level 1 umpire.
23. 2008 - Qualified as ACC Level 2 umpire.
- Qualified as a member of the Australian Cricket Umpires Association NSW
He has also:
- Received excellence service award from the Ministry of Education.
- Received the pingat Bintang Kinabalu from the Sabah state government
He holds a degree and masters.
Think you can beat that?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very impressive. It seems as if you were writing about yourself! I think you need to clarify some doubts about who is actually in the dark.

Firstly, what ever you have listed seems more like a resume as compared to justifications of why Mr. Umpire is very good, skilled and professional in umpiring. You might want to remove some irrelevant achievements which has no relations to this. If you think all of us should know how talented Mr. Umpire is, then publish your list in the newspapers. That would help. Played football for school team? Received the pingat Bintang Kinabalu from the Sabah state government? degree and masters? Come on...who really needs to know all that. Does that even narrate to the issue here?

My friend, a man can be a carpenter all his life, but does that make him a master at woodworking? I really doubt that.

In case you were not exposed to the outside world, degree and masters have become almost a requirement and is not something outstanding anymore. So i am assuming that a PHD holder knows the game of cricket inside out and is the best as compared to everyone else just because he has a PHD? Is that what you are trying to imply? Absurd! And for your information, I never did mention that Mr. Umpire was intellectually challenged so I do not see the relevance of you informing the whole world that he holds a degree and masters. Maybe you were trying to imply that he is a professional when it comes to actions and thinking since he has degree and masters but even that does not apply here judging from the fact there is not only ONE outburst involving Mr. Umpire. I think you clearly know that by now.

From what I can see, maybe he likes getting fame this way. Well we all want to be famous now do we? But there is a time and place for everything. This is tiring. So if you still want to go on rattling about how great Mr. Umpire is, what he has achieved in school, how multi-talented he is, then go ahead and entertain yourself but if you have true interest and passion for the game of cricket, write your heart out. Like i said, this is not about Mr. is the quality of CRICKET we are concerned about.

And for the record, if you really think I’m in the dark, you should step into the dark too cause it’s a much nicer place as compared to the light your seeing. Maybe its starting to blind you afterall.