Wednesday, July 2, 2008

MHF, please give us an honest assessment of the Junior Team.

One of the morning dailies reported that MHF is looking at a bigger picture and that's why they are not sending 12 of their good players.Therefore the team to July's Asia Junior Hockey tournament in Hyderabad is a weak team and nothing much is expected. The Chairman of the Coaching Committee goes on further to add that these players who were not named for the trip would not be able to play in next year's Junior World Cup as they would be over age. So, this is MHF's big picture !!!!!!

Another morning daily reported why some of the key players were not included for the Hyderabad trip. 3 key players are still injured while some of the rest are still nursing injury from their tour to Europe. Obviously, this daily is not having sight of the big picture !!!!!!!

2 sets of different reasons reported on the dailies. It would seem the one who highlighted that MHF is looking at the bigger picture must surely be starting to create the excuse in case the Juniors perform badly in Hyderabad. Why? Is that the big picture?

Seriously if MHF had seen the big picture than they would not have selected the 12 players who were going to be over age for the World Junior tournament next year, for the trip to Europe.What the Coach and Coaching Committee Chairman had referred to as a strong team had performed disastrously on that tour. Imagine! They lost to unheard Austria and were thrashed by Belgium. They think if this team goes to Hyderabad, Malaysia would perform much better.

I think MHF honestly believe that hockey lovers are people like them who cannot think. They get their friend in the press to give a favourable impression of what is happening. If MHF had seen the big picture they would have put more players who would play in the Junior World Cup for the European tour as exposure and also as a warm-up for the Asia Junior tournament. Is this not a bigger bigger picture than that of MHF? I think one must not pull wool over peoples' eyes. It can be seen through and through and does not help MHF in its current predicament.

What we are seeing in MHF is the lack of proper planning combined with foresight. As it stands what is happening in MHF provides the impression things are undertaken haphazardly. It reminds me of someone doing school homework who is not worried that what he does is right or wrong. What he thinks is more important, is that the homework book is handed in. So, how can someone then achieve the desired results?

What i am saying is the people involved in all of this sort of work in MHF do not have the calibre to undertake it. It shows in everything they do. I am honest enough to highlight this and i am not prepared to "beat around the bush". Just compare our Coaches from the Senior and Junior teams with the coaches from the top 10 teams in the world. I am sorry they cannot even stand on their "shadows". If they are far below this category, then please do not expect anything from our hockey teams. This is the reality and that is the picture.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Gandhi,

We certaintly not expecting much from our junior /national team.

What MHF is doing now,we can predict what the future for hockey will be like.

Is just a matter of time we will be contending for the SEA Games gold medal with Singapore and Thailand.