Sunday, July 20, 2008

Congrats to the young lady Datuk Nicol David and veteran Datuk Ng Boon Bee.

The Yang Di Pertua of Penang on TYT's Birthday honoured Penang born and bred Women's World Squash No 1 Nicol David by bestowing the title of "Datukship" on her. Now she shall be known as Datuk Nicol David.. What an honour and she fully deserves it. Congratulations to her and the hope is that she continues her success in Women's World Squash series.

I hope that the both the Federal and State Governments also recognise her parents with some fitting award for the sacrifices they have done to ensure that Datuk Nicol David is where she is. This would help to portray the role that parents play in ensuring that their children flourish in sports. This is a much needed exercise if we want children to participate and take an active in sports.

Datuk Ng Boon Bee is a rare sportsman, for he is a triple international. He was a National player for football, rugby and of course badminton. Originating from Perak this person should have been honoured at his peak. Somehow it was not done, yet His Majesty Yang DiPertuan Besar of Negri Sembilan on HM's 86th birthday bestowed the "Datukship" title on one of Malaysia's greatest badminton sons. Congratulations to Datuk Ng Boon Bee and our prayers for his good health and happiness.

It is wonderful to see the young and the veteran honoured for their services to sports and to the country. I hope that there would be many more such sports persons in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Gandhi,

The great 'sportsman' should be
awarded and rewarded when they are at their peak not at their tail end when they are draging their
feet and body.
Its strange other states are recognizing these awards, when the
hometown state should reward. This
has been a trend in Malaysia.

Just look at our Astronaut,the
turn around was so fast, simply
it reflects on the colour code of
your ethinic background.

The Minister should carefully
look at these areas to award our
deserving sportsman when its due.

Malaysia Boleh Apa pun boleh....
Why do you need 'Datuk'in your
dieing age...!!!!!

Just Me