Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"The Medusa touch in Malaysian Hockey"

Yet another e-mail on Malaysian hockey which i received today. The contents seem to give a good depth of MHF and how they use to operate. It would seem that their past modus operandi may not come to good use in the future. It would seem the "Medusa's stare" has cast Malaysian hockey into a stone and craved in it is our past glories. Hockey seem to be history unless something is urgently done.

Below is the text of the e-mail:

"Medusa in Greek mythology, originally a beautiful young woman whose crowning glory was her magnificent long hair, was desired and courted by many suitors. Yet before she could be betrothed to a husband, Poseidon (Neptune) found her worshipping in the temple of Athena (Minerva) and ravished her. Athena was outraged at her sacred temple being violated, and punished Medusa by turning her beautiful tresses into snakes and giving her the destructive power to turn anyone who looked directly at her into stone.

In the case of Malaysian hockey, the path is forth becoming a modern day myths, where the destruction is unavoidable with the current system malfunction! Every aspect of Malaysian hockey seems to be going astray, out of the norm in sports.

The Junior World Cup host job could be our last in the next few years. With the 2009 Asia Cup being awarded to UAE, Dubai Sports City by AHF; and FIH announced their full backing to India in hosting 2010 Delhi World Cup. And also future FIH’s commitments to award India with the hosting job for the 2011 and 2012 Men’s Champions Trophy will see the end of Malaysian’s way of qualifying automatically for major FIH tournaments, by virtue of being host.

MHF extra-ordinary vision as told by the coaching chairman in seeing the national head coach who is tasked to qualify for the 2010 Delhi World Cup and 2012 London Olympics without the need to go through a qualifier when he was appointed in 2007 will surely not materialise.

Further down the road, in reality we still do not have the ability to host an Olympic Games and bear in mind that the 2016 Summer Olympic which is already in the final stage of bidding. Cities like Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo have already been short listed and pending announcement by IOC in 2009. Guangzhou, China will host the 2010 and Incheon, Korea will host the 2014 Asian Games respectively means that our strong believe that by hosting these major qualifying tournaments automatically generate team’s super performance without the need for proper preparation is now squashed.

Are we seeing the end of our quest to qualify by virtue of playing host?

Looking back at past decision, national players are barred from taking part in overseas league, except for the “special ones”. With the recent announcement that 2 players already left to play in German league, we will sure to see more players take the same pursuit and hope that positive results will be achieved out of this. The intention and decision of granting the national players the opportunity to play in overseas league is an excellent one, after such a long mishap. It has been proven that the need for players around the world to undertake this kind of cultural and hockey exchange to improve their hockey endeavours.

Hopefully in Malaysia’s case, this decision is purely in the interest of the game and the country, and not an excuse to break camp, not to train when the number of players are reduced.

Then again, our preparation must start now as winning the Gold medal at the 2009 Dubai Asia Cup will give us the automatic berth into the 2010 World Cup. The mentality of paying millions in ringgit and cents to qualify for major tournament needs overhauling. The future of Malaysian hockey, without being awarded the host job for the 2010 World Cup, will now critically depend on a clever blue print which needs immediate execution to see us there.

Otherwise, we will be sure to see the increased momentum and larger scale rot in the sport, which eventually shall confirm the demise of Malaysian hockey!"

So much talk and writings on Malaysian hockey, yet MHF remains silent. They have put Malaysian hockey where it is today. Have they all turned to "stone" that they cannot comment?
If so, please do the rightful act. Step down and let the people who can save hockey do the job.


Anonymous said...


After some very juicy comments by bloggers, maybe you can publish a biography of those responsible for the demise of Malaysian hockey!

Probably a production house will make a movie out of it. I am quite certain the scrip will be box office material.

Profit can be channel back for the development of Malaysian hockey.

Or probably you can register with the "Malaysian Books of Records" and "Hari ini dalam sejarah program" by RTM to win some awards.

Anonymous said...


We should thank the Sports Minister Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob for his prompt action.

His coming meeting with the 102 former internationals who have expressed their concern with the state of Malaysian hockey, I am sure will give him a very clear picture of what has been swept under the carpet for nearly 2 years.

With the Minister's support and instruction given, NSC must act accordingly without fear or favour. The existing high level interference should not apply now. The Minister's instruction to form a taskforce is also an excellent decision.

The root of the problem and the culprits must identified and ship out to Timbuktu.

The culprit's vision and adhoc action plans would probably work there and turn Timbuktu into a hockey powerhouse.

Anonymous said...

exellent touch-up, sir.

Anonymous said...

Salute to the 102.
Nature is taking its course.The actual high ranking culprits ruining the game are only 2 whom are ranked very high. The MHF Secretary and the Chief Coach.
The MHF secretary puts all the wrong info to the top officials. The blunders he has made:
1. Naming is own staff as one of the Technical Official for the Hydrebad Tournament. By right it should be one of the State representatives. The Council doesn't know.
2. Naming a class two umpire for an international tournament without consulting the Umpires Board Chairman who is also a puppet.
3.During meetings he uses vulgar words.
4.Doesn't inform the actual to the Council members.
5.Most of the organisation is done by him. He is more in earning money than developing the game.

About the chief coach. The blunders:
1. Naming a Level II coach as a National Coach .Trip to Germany.
The Coaching chairman is puppet.
2. Naming all the Level II coaches as attachement coaches just to please the affiliates.

Every committe meeting of the Umpires, Coaching,Development and Competition meeting the Chairman , Chief Coach and MHF Secretary discuss only about who is writing the blog and condemn the previous Chairmans.
The difference between the previous chairmans and the present is education. The previous chairmans are all Teachers training lecturers, including the chief coach an ex teacher and also the late MHF secretary who was teacher. The present Chairmans are all Form 5 dropouts, the chief coach Form 3and the MHF secretary Form 3. I mean education place an important part but they should also be wise enough.
The next election, if the same officials are there than MHF now Mortury Hockey Association will become Missing Hockey Association.If a new body is taking over make sure its the best. Among the 102 if asked only 10 of them have taken up coaching. They would had signed but doesn't mean they are good to hold post and take up coaching. Some looks like parasites.
The best is only one ex international Singh as signed. To him I take off my hat.
The next election will be delayed till Disember because the present MHF officials want to sell their products again. In the last election one official promised RM 5,000.00 worth of equipments for development in all states. This time we don't know what? It's easier to buy 2 votes from each states just by some token.
We hope the OCM which is investigating listens to wise people not the MHF Secretary or the Chief Coach. The MHF secretary is good with is words which has got 1000 lies and his natural dramas. When he sees one race he condems the other and vice versa. The Chief Coach is rich enough to throw money to do lot of harms.

From- Disgusted State Hockey Association.

Anonymous said...

Dear Disgusted,

I am also a teacher. I honest retired one.

You are absolutely right, all the teachers performed their role in MHF exceptionally well.

I think it could be their knowledge and their honesty that made them standout.

Except for one, whose job is current on the line.

Because he is a sweet talker wriggled his way to the top on shortcut method. A girl will fall in love and marry on the same day if he would have seduced her.

Looks like it is going to be a sharp and fast ending, like the fast shortcut way up.

Gandhi, said...

I received this mail:

"long live S.S. Diliwat... the (deleted) of hockey, come save us... "