Thursday, July 10, 2008

MCA! MCA! What are you trying to do?

This morning MCA held its Inquiry session on the May 2008 incident between the national player and the umpire. MCA in its usual unplanned style, set-up an Ad Hoc Committee which was chaired by the Vice-President (Development) and included the General Secretary, Competition Committee Chairman and an Exco member. A "heavily fortified" Committee, which probably had to only question 3 personalities.

The story of this morning's proceedings is such that the umpire was first called in. Sources indicate that he probably spent only 4 to 5 minutes with the "powers to be" in MCA i.e the Ad-Hoc Committee. Information that was gathered later in the day indicated that the umpire was steadfast and refused to get into a verbal discussion of the incident. He stated that the facts of the incident were in writing and requested the Committee to refer to it.

The Chairman of the Committee read aloud the umpire's report and apparently the umpire nodded his acknowledgement. The Chairman then explained that they would have to report to the MCA Exco, who then have to refer to the Umpires Board. In fact, the umpire reiterated that neither this Committee nor the Exco could take any action against him.

The next person in was the national player, who also was the former National Captain. Interesting is that he is a staff of MCA and it would be interesting to see how the members of the Committee would deal with him. I say interesting as there were 2 Selectors in the Committee and the General Secretary, who is in-charge of administration. The term ethics or unethical seems not to have any meaning with MCA.

Surprisingly, the team manager of the team that the national player played for was not present. So, it would seem that one third of the evidence i.e from the team manager, cannot be considered in view of lack of authentication by him. Now it would be interesting to see how one against one would be considered by this Committee.

Lets take some trouble to see what MCA is trying to achieve in this Inquiry. 4 Exco members constitute the Ad-Hoc Committee and this Committee is going to report to the Exco. The Exco is a 10 man Committee and therefore can there be integrity in the decision of the MCA Exco on this matter. Seriously, this Ad-Hoc Committee in relation with the MCA Exco has created far bigger problem by infringing ethical issues and basic rules of natural justice.

Therefore, would there be a fair hearing. "JUSTICE MUST NOT ONLY BE DONE BUT MUST BE SEEN TO BE DONE". I think this is where MCA has completely mixed up matters and that is not good for the administration of justice in this incident.

What makes matters confusing is that there is a belief that MCA would take its own sweet time for a decision to permit the involved national players to play the ACC tournament. The rumour is that one player is a staff of MCA whilst the other is the son of an Exco member. Insofar as the National Coach, his term ends with the ACC tournament and with that the story shall end. This is what people are speculating of what is going to happen.

Please MCA help to erase such doubts so as people would believe justice would be fairly and properly administered.

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