Monday, June 30, 2008

Honestly, we need a "renaissance" in Malaysian hockey!

Is MHF desperately endeavouring to do a public relation exercise? Today's daily paper reported that MHF is advising MSSM how to undertake the age group tournaments. Why? In the first place MHF "dumped" the age groups for hockey to MSSM. MHF lacks the vision for the future of hockey in Malaysia. Where and how are they going to get the supply of future national players if MHF abdicates its responsibility in grass root development.

The problem is MHF is embroiled in too much of everything except hockey. They are clueless of what to do. The leadership in MHF do not understand that they are elected to hold the post in trust to deliver their best for the game. The best is not there and I think it will never be there with this kind of style. Now MHF is suffering from "fire fighting" syndrome. Their sole existence is to extinguish any issues from being "blown" open. The idea is to delay matters as long as possible so as one problem overtakes the other and with time people shall only remember the latest. The principle is "first in first out" i.e. FIFO.

It has come to a time when I think we cannot expect anything from MHF. The future of hockey in Malaysia is suffering from a "chronic illness" and with the current team nothing can be done. To uplift the sport there is a need to ensure a drastic change takes place in MHF. We need the right people who have sincere dedication to ensure Malaysian hockey gets back to a new era. What we need is a "Renaissance" in Malaysian hockey and there must be a good dedicated team to do it.

Lets not be quiet about it. If we do not do something let us then know that as hockey lovers we have not done nothing to save the game of hockey in Malaysia. One day when one of your children or grandchildren asks the question 'What had gone wrong with hockey during our time?', do not then carry the guilt that we did nothing to save hockey in Malaysia.

Lets contribute in our own way by discussing what should be done. So please, hockey lovers lets get the ball rolling.


Anonymous said...

In most sports cultured countries we see that clubs plays a major role in the development of the game.

Unfortunately in Malaysia there is no clubs system to support this concept. Hence rightfully the responsibility lies with the National Association, i.e. MHF.

The decision by MHF to hand over the responsibility to MSSM is projection a negative message to the public. MHF being the custodian of the game should continue to undertake ownership of this critical area of the game. There must be some level of integrity and ownership in all this confusion created by MHF. Sad to note this scenario does not exist or experience previously.

Why is the need to change this system when it has proven successful over the years? The system is not at fault but the lapse by the custodian in putting emphasis and priority in this area must be the sole reason for the blame.

The ex-DG of NSC has given his disappointing view on the failure by MHF to diligently look into this area that has created a situation where there is lack of depth in the elite level. For the past 3 years the structured development for this age bracket was missing. Coaches were appointed on an ad hoc basis when the team is required to participate in tournaments overseas. There is no continuity in the training program as players are called in for just a short camp before leaving and disperse after the tournament.

Well, the results from the recent national Under 16 participation in Germany should speak for itself !

Then again the ability of MSSM to undertake this important task should not be a case for debate.

However we can’t afford to take the risk looking at the current state of Malaysian hockey. It is also not convincing whether at this stage MHF-MSSM arrangement will be a success looking at how the MSSM’s zonal and state tournaments are currently being organised.

We see the laxity in the organization of these tournaments where the format and timing is a concern. The students at the zonal tournaments are forced to play 6 a side format tournament in a weekend which will retard the players’ learning curve.

How are we to develop these kids?

What do they learn from this kind of tournament?

It could be a case of lacking in expertise but I guess it more of the priority in MSSM.

At the end of the day why should MSSM be pressured to deliver when the owner of the sports themselves, MHF has failed to work on the development of this age group for the past 3 years.

On the Champion Schools Tournament issue, the President could have perceived the whole matter incorrectly. Premier School Tournament is just another tournament in KPM calendar. There is no link or overlapping between these two tournaments as the champion of each state may not be a Premier School. For your information Premier school are full boarding school where intelligent pupils are selected to study there and a tournament is organized to cater for this category of selected school.

The decision to do without the Champion School Tournament will further kill the game as the cream of each state is being deprived of high performance exposure.

The top brass in MHF must be responsible enough to understand what is required to develop the game. MHF can’t run away from their role and responsibility to develop the game. The age group of 14 – 16 is the future of Malaysian hockey. MHF must not wash their hands off by just hoping that the future in the elite level can be achieved without investing first in this age group’s development.

If this is MHF’s vision for the future, giving priority to handling and organizing tournaments like the Under-21, Junior Hockey League, Malaysia Hockey League and the Razak Cup, then we must expect the worse and be prepared to accept the decline in the near future should MHF continue to shirk of responsibility and do not understand the facts correctly!

Is this called age group development?

Where is the initial work to create champions out of this age group?

Contradict quotes by MHF:-

1. National Juniors coach V. Muraleedharan had said that his present batch of players, who will represent the country in the Junior World Cup next year which will be co-hosted by Malaysia and Singapore, are still shaky with the basics because the schools system did not ingrain it in them.
2. A working paper which will eventually see age-group tournaments be organised by MSSM from next year. This is to ensure that quality is maintained as schools provide future national players," added Paramalingam.
3. A working paper which will eventually see age-group tournaments be organised by MSSM from next year"We had a re-look at all the tournaments we host, and feel that age-group events should be MSSM's responsibility from next year. We will, however, still provide MSSM with the technical aspects of the game," said MHF president Tan Sri Admiral (Rtd) Anwar Mohd Nor.

Rockin' Chains said...

Sad but true..some school based tournaments are still played on grass, the match time is limited to about 15mins - 25mins per half, and there aren't coaches, nevermind having any or no knowledge in hockey, especially in girls' schools.