Tuesday, June 3, 2008

FAM - "Better late than never"

FAM must be congratulated for their current position on the CYC football tournament. RM17m per edition is a substantial sum and it is strange how FAM was seemly left out of the consultation process. Can it really happen, considering 2 Ministries and the Cabinet Committee on Sports were involved.
Possibly when the event took place in 2007, certain personalities in FAM may not have brought it to the main Council for notification and for its decision. The presences of these personalities at various CYC functions may have given the impression of FAM's endorsement. This is probably why the President of FAM refuses to indulge into any discussion relating to the 2007 tournament. "Bygones are bygones", why reignite the 2007 matter as these people are not in FAM anymore. A sensible decision by the FAM President and the priority of ensuring FAM's current position is clearly stated is vital to the future of football in the country. What is important is that FAM recognises it and wants to move on the right track. Syabas FAM.
The only niggling issue that i find difficult to comprehend is AFC's role in the CYC tournament and how they were prepared to stay back and watch FAM being left in the lurch.


Jack Matthews said...

Interesting article. However surely you must agree that inspite of the impressive stance the FAM has adopted, the entire issue merely reflects badly on the nation and its ability to conduct business.

Would it not be better if the FAM made a statement that it was dissapointed however willing to come to a compromise for the sake of national integrity?

Also Jonathan Price met the Sultan on the 16th of May and said that the AFC would handle technical matters at the CYC yet on the 17th the Sultan made the annoucement that CYC would not be sanctioned or allowed to take place in Malaysia. (NST 4th June 2008)

Bad press for our nation I think, regardless of the 'noble' motives behind the choices.

rizal hashim said...

jack matthews,

its clear you are not privy to certain principles behind the organisation of a football match in any country.

first it requires the sanction or blessings of the governing body, in this case FAM.

FAM must be involved in all technical aspects of the game, i.e. match officials, match commissioners, venue and general co-ordinators, ball-boys, media organisers and the whole works.

CYC is not AFC's baby. CYC is a Malaysian Government project which did not observe the proper channel.

Gifted's sheer disrespect towards FAM, therefore, warranted such action.

In the final analysis, the Sports Minister should have sat down with the various parties and compel Gifted to use FAM's technical assistance instead of using theirs.

Money down the drain...