Friday, June 13, 2008

MHF - Mr.President, Why are these things happening in Malaysian hockey?

Just a moment ago i received the dreaded news that our National Juniors lost their 2nd game to Poland 2-1. Yesterday, our boys lost their 1st game to minnows Austria 4-3. They have 1 more game with France, who incidentally have defeated Poland. So, is there much hope for the 3rd game?

The 1st defeat in this Junior Challenge Open was attributed to the boys tiredness because of SUKMA and the long flight to Poland. That sounds like a good enough reason but it does reflect poor planning by MHF if they did not anticipate such issues. I wonder what could be the reason for the 2nd defeat? Maybe it is the extended jet lag that is troubling the players performance. Anyway, lets see what they would do against France.

At least for the Juniors the media seems to be providing us with the news. In the case of the National Under 16s, the team left quietly for Germany and returned quietly too. There seems to be a news blackout. I do not know if this was intentional or because it was not news worthy. The fact is the Under 16 team lost all their matches.

An interesting gossip has developed from the Under 16 tour to Germany. As part of a rotation system developed by certain officials that is meticulously put into practice, a certain state official should have been the manager of the tour. However, his busy schedule could not permit him to be on the tour and so he nominated his relative. Someone approved it and he became the Manager. "Presto"! What is so difficult, if you have the appropriate "contacts" to make the decision? This gossip must be checked out!

Now to the more serious stuff. The future of Malaysian hockey based on the Germany and Poland trips seem to be in total doldrums. What is really happening to our hockey? I am still of the view that we do not have the right people doing the jobs. People want position and the power that comes with it however when it comes to the job, they are a total failure.

Lately, there is all sort of talk from bringing in foreign coaches, to reshuffling the local coaches. Talk and talk, and it would seem hockey would also die with the talk. That is the state we are in and Mr. President you have to do something. You should have started this sometime ago but the feeling is your position and power is usurped by others. It is because of all this Malaysian hockey is suffering and may end up a terminal case.

Mr. President, please do all that is deemed necessary to save Malaysian hockey.

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Gandhi, said...

I had received the 4th letter circulated by "cintahoki".It is a long letter running into 8 to 10 pages.
Unfortunately i cannot publish the letter because of the "language" of the contents.
However it provides an insight to whatever maybe happening in MHF.I would put it on "compulsory" reading list for hockey lovers.
I had promised the person who forwarded the document that i shall use the info and acknowledge the source is from "cintahoki".
That is the best i can offer, unless "cintahoki" modifies the "language" of the letter.