Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Malaysian Cricket "Prima Donnas"

Last Sunday as Zakry & Fairuzizuan were busy keeping the Malaysian flag flying in Jakarta by winning the badminton doubles, the Malaysian national cricket team at a game in Kinrara staged a walk out in protest of an Umpire's decision. The manner of protest became questionable as the current National Coach, seconded by Asian Cricket Council (ACC), made his way into the field and requested the national players to walk out. Supporting that decision and also calling off the game was the National Team Manager, who is also the paid Executive Secretary of Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA).

Notwithstanding what the MCA's Vice President stated to the local media as a one off incident, in fact the trouble had been brewing for a certain period in time. A national player and an official of the Umpire's Board had a verbal clash in the field over a "run out" decision. The player, who could be referred to as a Senior player, contested the decision by his antics of throwing his cricket cap on the ground. This permitted some unnecessary verbal comments from both sides including vulgarity from the Umpire. I understand the Umpire was honest enough to admit to it.

This problem is further compounded by the presences of Sri Lankan expatriates brought by MCA for the local league. These players who come in with great expense to MCA had been intimidating the local Umpires. The 7 Sri Lankans here, were not the ones selected by MCA representatives who went out to Colombo in March 2008. The cricketers who were selected were players playing in the Sri Lankla premier league. Somehow, they dropped out before the trip to Malaysia and a certain former Sri Lankan Test cricketer replaced them with their 2nd league players. These players are to be seconded to the teams in MCA main league. It would seem that MCA had gone to great expense to bring trouble to the cricket scene in Malaysia.

Coming back to last Sunday's game, it would not be difficult to know who the National team was playing. No other than the Sri Lankan expats. The story gets even more into gossip nature, as there had been allegations that the National Coach manhandled the Umpire. This matter is being disputed. It is interesting to note that the National Coach is a former Test cricketer for Sri Lanka.

All this shows the shabby nature of the administration of cricket in MCA. What is surprising is how MCA's Vice President pushes the "dirt under the carpet" when he states that it is an isolated incident. The lack of discipline among the national players, compounded by the heavy handed approach of a ACC seconded coach shows total disrespect to Umpires, the custodians of the game in the field. The handling of the issue by the Team Manager and the MCA Vice-President shows to what extend they both go to "pooh pooh" the whole matter, as though it is a trivial issue. This is how "prima donnas" are created and they become a cricketing misfit.


Shahriar said...

Gandhi-ji, Please explain what you mean by "ACC seconded coach".
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Ghandi,

First and foremost, your facts are not correct. Please ask the 22 players involved, grounds men and spectators who were present. Some of my thoughts……..

1. The umpire pushed the national coach first.
2. Yes, it was wrong for the national coach to go in the field in the first place but pls bear in mind that it was communicated that it was a friendly / practice match for the national team and the coach would do certain experiment if required.
3. The bowler only bowled one full pitched delivery over the waist height and he was removed instantly. What was wrong in asking the umpire for doing so? (Pls refer to the law of cricket) He never gave any prior warning to the particular bowler or to the captain of the fielding side. And how on god’s earth can he say that the bowler did it deliberately when he did it one time, the ball might have slipped out of his hands.
4. The bowler was bowling his heart out and giving the national team quality game practice and he was not doing it intentionally. What happens if the national team faces quality bowling like that in a tournament???
5. Umpires in Malaysia have to pull up their socks and get their act correct……..
6. How many umpires in Malaysia are good enough to umpire ACC or ICC tournaments??? None……..our neighboring countries have a number of qualified ICC & ACC umpires. Where are our umpires heading??
7. Malaysian umpires only show authority to the local players and are not polite or understanding at all.
8. You give respect and you get respect. Umpires in Malaysia do not show respect to local players and shout at them during matches.
9. Malaysia cricket does not need the current umpires in Malaysia. They can kill a player’s interest or talent. The amount of bad decisions given during a match is bad for the game and might make an individual lose out on selection due to a bad decision.
10. MCA should get umpires from abroad……………..

Gandhi, said...

I was informed that the coach was organised by ACC for Malaysia and he receives remuneration from them.
It is for a period of 2 to 3 months only.
Unless you are aware of something which may throw some light on the matter.Kindly revert to me as it would be helpful.I can then do the needful with regards to the article.

Anonymous said...

Gandhi chiiiiii, are you getting the right info.... dont you have any good news from malaysian cricket.... cricket is not a familiar game in malaysia... if u keep on sending some unwanted blogs like this... is not good for cricket... You no need to write good things about malaysian cricket... dont spoil the their preparation... please dont act like a coward... be like a gandhi jiii not like chiiii

Anonymous said...

What happen to my comments......regarding the truth of the scenario & the quality of our umpires.......Is it a policy that truth should not be published and rather false facts and rumors be published.....oh yeah, thats why u a called a blogger!!!

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of potential in Malaysian cricket and my assessment the officials are screw up. You may wonder why I came up with such an drastic statement. The comments posted by some are either have some direct relations or conflict of interest in the subject matter. We must understand bloggers sensationalise issues and it's well received by the "academic world". I do understand they do the leg breaks and the reverse spin. A good master must be composed to handle all these spins. Only then you can nuture the players by being a role model. Confuse as it may but the simple fact is bloggers are good for the system if you know how to translate their message for the betterman of the game. So start to do some work now. Investigate the underlying issues and take corrective measures. Instead of finding out from the blogger the reason, why, who, get the facts right kind of things. That is if you want to improve the cricket. Otherwise just call for a meeting to close the chapter.

cricketer said...

The fact remains that there is one wrong person in an underachieving sport...earning multiple income for doing nothing.......executive sec, team manager and selector....

This is fundamentally wrong and there should be no argument at all if this is right? A wrong is a wrong in any way you see it......

and it is a real big big wrong for a person who cant communicate in Bahasa Malaysia to hold such a post in a national body...how the hell is he going to get things done with the government, sports authority, NSC etc etc...

I will not comment anything on his drunk-driving act, it has got nothing to do with his job!! he can do whatever he wants outside his working hours...most who trying to make an issue out of it are hypocrites….!!!