Sunday, June 22, 2008

Malaysian Cricket : Final Part 5 - NSCA recognition by MCA seems to revolve around a 2 votes issue for MCA elections.

In Part 4 I highlighted the aspect of seeing the big picture and getting away from the pettiness that bogs cricket today from progressing. Indeed the article should have been on the NSCA episode but i did not have the necessary information.

It has been a few days since MCA had the 2 parties attempt to resolve the stalemate on which party is to be recognised as the bona fide elected officials of NSCA. The first party held its BGM in April 2008 and to this party I have always referred to as the newly elected officials. The other party held theirs in May 2008 and I refer to them as the former President's group.

I have consistently raised the issue that the key to resolving the NSCA's dispute is how MCA handles the aspect of Presidential Prerogative and the ground rules. So long as they are not in NSCA's constitution or aspects of it not approved by the Exco and or Council, then any actions arising using that as a basis would tantamount to being unconstitutional and an abuse of power.

I understand when the meeting on 18th June commenced at MCA office in Kinrara, MCA applied some strange wisdom to propose a new BGM be held. In advocating that, the Chairman of the meeting MCA's Deputy President was endeavouring to again indulge into the ground rules. That's why I refer to it as a strange wisdom, for it was the ground rules itself which was one of the causes of the dispute. So why reignite it?

The newly elected President of NSCA did not mince words when he questioned MCA as to why they are approaching the dispute in this manner. For him it was a simple question: Was their BGM illegal? He expounded the view that the former President chaired and participated in the meeting that decided on some of the "irritant" issues. Having done that, the former President also set the date for the new BGM with the Council. As an after thought, he made a complaint of the BGM that took place which he endeavoured to cancel using the term Presidential Prerogative. Why did he want to cancel it? Because, he wanted to unilaterally introduce ground rules that were going to undermine the Council's decision which he chaired.

It would seem these were not the issues MCA was looking at. They were looking for a compromise, probably to accommodate a party. It was good to know that the newly elected officials of NSCA had done their homework. They were not rolled over and that is important, especially when they are right

I think the NSCA episode is a lesson to everyone. Do the things in a rightful manner. Follow the rules of the Association and ensure whatever is done it has the approval of your Exco or Council. Big names and influential personalities cannot undo what is legally right. If they do they are tampering with the rules and this is going to haunt them.

So, MCA is going to decide on the fate of NSCA. I understand discussions will be held with the President who is currently indisposed. A final decision shall be forthcoming soon. All in all, I still think MCA has a long way to go before they can get to their dreams of being a "Test" playing nation. The first step is a gigantic one and that is to see the "big picture".

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