Monday, June 9, 2008

MHF - Are they in silent mode or in hibernation?

Failure to qualify for the Olympics and the disastrous performance at the recent Sultan Azlan Shah Trophy seem to have put MHF in silent mode. Do they find it difficult to give an explanation or have they gone into hibernation? Neither is a good sign as Malaysian hockey becomes the ultimate loser.

The legacies in hockey built over the years by Tun Razak and Sultan Azlan Shah seem to have been destroyed over the last 2 years. Why? There was so much of promise when they came to power, yet the enthusiasm seem to have faded away. It would seem a few people have acquired extra power and are calling the shots to suit their own personal agenda. It is said only their friends are selected on a rotation basis as team manager, coach or any other positions including even as players on a national touring team. It is not about capabilities or abilities in the respective fields but rather friendship based their "ala carte" menu, which i am told could easily change at whims and fancies.

Seriously, this seem to be a blatant accusation and I intentionally incorporated this into the article. It is my hope that those who read this would draw MHF's attention to it, so as they can
have the opportunity to put their side of the story.

The President of MHF was formerly the Chief of Defence Force and such a person would not let such things to happen. I am sure he is not aware of what is happening. These matters are never brought to his knowledge or may even be kept away from him. Sadly, as he is the President, unnecessarily he becomes a victim of the actions of selected group of people.

There is a lot of moaning and groaning and what makes it seem justifiable is the current state of hockey in Malaysia. To build legacies is not an easy process as it is hard work and time proportional. To destroy them is easy and an overnight exercise, in which the glory of national hockey also takes a battering.

MHF has to switch on and feel the pulse rate of the hockey fraternity. It is time to get out of silent mode or the hibernation process and address the issues. I am sure in this way, the rights and wrongs can be determined and we can make a fresh start to rebuild Malaysian hockey - building another legacy that puts the nation back into the international arena. Come MHF, after all this is the sort of job you set out to undertake when you were elected. It is the trust that was given to you, so honour it. Is that difficult?


Anonymous said...

Hope you have visited Rizal hashim's blog. Gives you an insight on what's happening to hockey....

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anonymous said...

Latest mess up todate, m'sian junior team lost to Austria 3-4 and the junior coach murali got the cheek to say the reason is long journey as stated in the star today.
Well done, keep giving stupid excuses, Tengku Majid would believe this make sure Malaysia finish last in next year junior world cup behind Singapore.
Last year when Tai Beng Hai was the coach who lost to Singapore he was pressured to resign.Now how tengku?
Sultan Azlan Shah, Tan Sri Alagendra please come back and save hockey from this moroons!Pls send this monkeys and donkeys far awa from hockey.