Friday, June 27, 2008

National Cricket incident also turns to Police.

Last Sunday's cricket game between the National Team and the Expats has now gone into the Police records. I reported the incident in my article: Malaysian cricket "Prima Donnas". I said that it was not an isolated incident but rather it was brewing for sometime. Subsequently I also wrote: "Wearing many hats" - MCA's Executive Secretary. Here, I indicated the multiple conflicts that may arise when a person is holding 3 p0sts. I related the article to the last Sunday's incident.

Today, the local media has reported that the concerned Umpire had made a Police report against the Malaysian National coach, a former Sri Lankan Test cricketer. Of late hockey had grabbed the necessary headlines and now it looks like cricket is following suit. The good thing is that it has nothing to do with allegations of match fixing. Still, it is a Police report and the issue of culpability is a key matter. Now it seems sports is also keeping the Police busy.

What is sad is that the Police report could have been avoided or delayed, provided time was given for MCA to act. The problem is that everyone wants an expeditious solution however sufficient time was not given. A letter sent to MCA on Tuesday, does not mean a resolution must be found by Thursday. At least 7 to 14 days must be given to MCA to set up an a Panel to investigate.

On the other side, MCA had also created a scenario that it was an isolated incident and that unnecessarily gave the impression that nothing would be done. The Vice President was made to eat his words when the concerned Umpire circulated the letter addressed to MCA. I understand that the letter has made its way to ICC, ACC, Sri Lanka Cricket authorities and various other parties. The extent of circulation must have checkmated the Vice President of MCA. I think he is lost for words.

Cricket is known as a "gentleman's game". Like Rugby, it creates excellent comradeship and a gathering of the old cricketing stars is a delight to watch. Yet now it seems the traditions in cricket have been completely lost. It has become a "hooligan's game", at least from what had taken place last Sunday. It is all about National players, National Coach, National Manager, a National Umpire and a National Vice President. Mind you, it cannot get bigger than this in Malaysian sports!


Anonymous said...

Dear Ghandi,

As a cricket lover, I must applaud you for a job well done concerning Malaysian cricket and its ills today. the problem on the field and administrative is nothing has blossomed over the monthsdue to the attitude of national players and those imported whose "Kurang Ajar" attitude towards umpires have led to this.

The polis report is good.... nationalplayers are too big for shoes... they have yet to reach any level and boast so much. even singapore is ranked higher than malaysia and one day Bhutan will be above Malaysia in Asia.

Perhaps the captain of the National Team Visnu Suppiah can throw his bat away and start a new life as an umpire. Afterall with just 27 runs (7 matches) in the Franchise League lately how did he find his way in the national team for the ACC Trophy in July. The answer is simple. His father (the Hon Secretary) appointed the Executive Secretary (former captain) first to the admin post and then as selector and national team manager. If the Executive Secretarey (Ramesh Menon) have any principles he will drop this bloke for others who are deserving.

But Alas!! he cannot do that because his job is on the line and a RM6,500 pay that goes with it.So to protect his interest, he makes both dad and son happy!! Just like a tamil filem...a happy ending. He is on probation.

That is why even when the Executive Secretary was caught by cops drink driving (on probation)and charged in court next day.. he ran to the Hon. Secretary for shoulder to cry on. Guess what... All is forgotten..!!!!

Than MCA own backyard is full of people with less principles (politicians).. the various portfolio are held by people who have no idea what to do... they spend most times overseas (Jakarta and Australia) and seen only around when the president is at a function.!!

Appointment of coaches at at u-13, u-15 and u-17 level is given to pople who have not been in the scene for long time. It has also much todo of pleasing their 'friends' across the road - malay cricket - afterall malay cricket is seen as doing something at age group. Haris abu bakar appointment as national under-17 coach is a shame.That man has not coached a junior team for 6 years. Yet he was made the coach and taken to west indies for the u-15 tournament overnight!! he is with malay cricket.

I hope you will continue to write the ills in malaysian cricket and don't be cowed by those who hit out at you in this blog (comments). I can only say that those who are hit back are the ones you are refering in your coloum ..National Players, National Manager, National Vice President and Those in the National Cricket Association!!..You are telling the truth.. God is with You Ghandi.!!

srimm said...

Dear Gandhi,

Thanks for highlighting the police report in your blog.

You have sadly stated that the police report could have been avoided. It is not that I wanted an expedited solution.

For your info, there are 9 Sri Lankans inolved in that game. I presume that they are here on social visit pass. They are not employed under MCA. They can leave the country anytime they want. Anything can happen to me. MCA is not going to take care of my family. Infact when we umpire MCA doesn't cover any insurance for us, but the players do have.

So the police report was more to cover myself than to penalise the other guy.

Infact ever since the incident, none of the MCA officials has called to speak to me about the incident except to tell that I have made things out of proportion and I have not followed procedures.

Anonymous said...

For your information Haris Aby Bekar was ex dept.General he is not holding a single post.Why you going against him what he did to you.And whom you want to put as Junior coach point me who is capable?

Anonymous said...

For your information plz think N study the rule plz.
In history never happend it the coach go to the field N interfare the game.If u say this 'gentelmen' game then tell me where is his gentelmenship.Where ever you go with this matter u can't win becoz the 1st question why u entered the field?Thats all.You ask the ex.national player also.