Sunday, June 29, 2008

NSCA - "Recognition granted". Who leads them?

After painstakingly writing 5 parts on NSCA's issue of recognition, I almost forgot to find out what was the final decision. Apparently, about 10 days ago, MCA had formally informed the Sports Commissioner that MCA recognises the office bearers that were elected at the April 2008 BGM.

Who leads them? Sources indicate that the President is Clarence Samuel and is known to many older cricketers as the late David Samuel's son. He originates from Pahang and got into cricket at a very young age. He turned out for Pahang as a Scorer at the age of 7 and a player at 12 or 13.

I am unable to understand why Clarence used to turn out for Yang DiPertuan Besar's XI of NS, when he was still a student at Raub. Probably, having played for His Highness XI, it seem natural for him to acquire residential rights in NS by undertaking his 6th form in Seremban.

Clarence is related to the late C.Navaratnam, a renowned cricketer and a long standing Captain of NS cricket. He became a regular in State cricket not because of family relationship, rather his ability as an all rounder. A superb medium left arm swing bowler, a very useful bat and an excellent close-in fielder. As a schoolboy he made it to the National Team.

I understand he had his tertiary education in the UK and on his return he played for Terengganu and Selangor. With age, Clarence has moved on to managing cricket and has been NS most successful team manager.That probably earned him the right to be a National Team Manager for nearly 2 seasons.

It is good to know that NSCA is in the hands of a true to true cricketer. I shall be waiting to see what his leadership brings to NS.

Good Luck Mr Samuel.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ghandi,

Your comments on Clarence is very flattering.. but i guess you don;t know much about him..That why your blog is good as people who know him well will not agree .

No doubt his playing skills were fantastic as player but more to that would turn yourappetite off.. He is not an honestly man comews to money..many times has has failed to return monies as Team Manager or NS manager. His excuse "I have lost the resists"..

Good Luck to NSCA