Sunday, June 1, 2008

Malaysian Hockey - " A need to investigate "

There had been a number of anonymous letters, followed by gossips and discussions at various levels on the current Malaysian hockey scenario.
Professionally,it is not proper to give credential to anonymous letters. In this instance,the "juiceness" of the contents seem to give an impression that things do not look right and bright in Malaysian hockey. Generally,people seem to accept rumours or allegations in anonymous letters more readily these days, unless and until the contrary is proven.
Therefore if no parties in the Management of Malaysian hockey respond, a negative stigma shall be implanted. This shall have damaging consequences to Malaysian hockey. Looking at the allegations with our recent dismal performance at the Olympic Qualifiers and Sultan Azlan Shah Trophy, there is certainally a case for proper investigation, independently by MHF and NSC. The piece meal approach of "fire fighting" is not going to help in resolving the Malaysian hockey predicament.
Parties have been sitting tight and playing a waiting game. Maybe, there is this wishful thinking that with time people may forget the issues. Even if that may be so, one should not forget that in the process, Malaysian hockey may also see its ultimate demise in the international stage.
Is that the price Malaysian Hockey has to pay? It is time MHF and NSC get their act together and do the first thing, that is ,to appoint independent teams to investigate what had gone wrong in Malaysian Hockey.

By : "Gandhi"

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