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Malaysian Cricket : Part 2 - NSCA recognition by MCA seems to revolve around a 2 votes issue for MCA elections.

On Saturday 14th June, I posted Part 1 of the NSCA matters with regard to recognition by MCA. Part 2 is a continuation, which essentially begins with the background to the undercurrents prior to the BGM that was held in April 2008.

Despite the President of NSCA's cancellation of the intended BGM, the Secretary insisted the meeting shall proceed as decided by the Council. On the day of the meeting, the President and 2 of the Vice Presidents did not turn up. The Treasurer had formally resigned after the Council meeting and "delegated" his duties to one of the Vice Presidents, who was the Chairman of the Finance Committee.

The BGM delayed the commencement of the meeting despite having the necessary quorum. This was to provide an opportunity for the key officials to arrive. The meeting commenced without them and one of the Vice Presidents chaired the meeting. One of the matters discussed was the issue of the "Presidential Prerogative" to cancel a Council approved BGM, which the President himself chaired and participated in. The other issue that drew attention was the matter of the "ground rules".

The matters relating to "Presidential Prerogative" and "ground rules" were aspects that were not enshrined in NSCA's constitution nor something that was approved by the Exco or Council. Yet these 2 matters may hold the key to solving the NSCA crisis, provided fair minded personalities are involved!

Sources have indicated that the meeting proceeded well and again the Executive Secretary of MCA was present and he could provide useful evidence for both the days.

An interesting story that had developed by then and it relates to 2 of the newly elected Vice Presidents and the new Secretary of NSCA. Apparently, they are involved with a certain Organisation which is an associate member of MCA, yet powerful and strong enough to undertake massive development programmes in cricket. It is known in the cricketing circles about the "bad blood" that had flowed over issues relating to the Under 19 World Cup, funding for Development programmes and selection of players. This "shadow fighting", undertaken by certain parties seems to show its ugly face in NSCA.

NSCA would have 2 votes in MCA and the fear who controls NSCA maybe the issue. This probably explains what were taking place after NSCA's BGM. The new Secretary of NSCA filed the necessary paper work with MCA and Sports Commissioner's office. However, in the background, the former President of NSCA had made a formal complaint to MCA and also informed the OCM official of what was happening. MCA suddenly found the urgency to have a hearing on this matter. At this stage it is difficult to state whether the communications were
handled through the e-mail or otherwise. The last time, MCA's excuse was the e-mail was not opened for a few weeks.

At the MCA's hearing the Deputy President of MCA took the Chair and in attendance were a Vice President (Development), the Secretary and the Executive Secretary. Both sides were given the opportunity to state their case.What was glaringly absent was the reports (if any) from the Executive Secretary, who was present on both occasions at the BGMs. No decision was forthcoming after the meeting.

The weekend after the hearing, MCA had its Council meeting. The new President of NSCA and the Secretary made their presences felt at the meeting. The Chairman of the meeting was the Deputy President, who was sitting in for the President. He indicated to NSCA that they cannot participate in the meeting as their matter is yet to be resolved. The Deputy President did indicate that the legal advice he had obtained, was for NSCA to refer the matter to the State MSN and State Sports Commissioner's office. Further he did indicate since NSCA's Constitution is not similar to MCA's it would be difficult for MCA to resolve it. Now this becomes a joke!

Much later these NSCA official realised that they were sent on a "wild goose chase" in which the "goose" does not exists. State MSN only assists State Sports Associations with funding and recognition is that of the parent body. Further there is no such office as State Sports Commissioner. So, why all these "stories" from MCA? Is there an agenda that is being created by MCA that NSCA is not aware?

The issues become more complicated as MCA Secretary indicates that it must be handled by OCM. On checking, OCM was adamant that this is a parent body matter and they must first resolve it. Then following a visit to Sports Commissioner's office, MCA Secretary states that NSCA must take it up with the Commissioner. This again put NSCA on a "wild goose chase". Guess what? Another wrong information, as the Sports Commissioner wanted MCA first to resolve under the Sports Act.

Why all the delays? To a stage it seems like "disinformation" had become the order of the day. Surprisingly, all these were coming from MCA. Read Part 3 and the answer may be there.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Gandhi,
Malaysian Cricket -Part 2,seems to have some element of Truth and
justifications, as far as the BGM
which was convened in early April.

I am not certain and would wish to
clarify from your sources,the Two
elected Vice Presidents and Hon Secretary, are NOT an ASSOCIATE member of MCA, as to the Association
you are thinking of, as it is an Independent Cricket Association,
registered with the Sports commissioners office, for Junior
Development within schools in
Malaysia for all races.

If they were Associates, why all this bikkering,and bad blood,junior
development would be implemented
very smoothly in MCA unlike now.

Who will be carrying the 2 votes
from NSCA, in MCAs coming elections

Lets get this juicy results from GANDHI himself,already in store
I presume....

Have a good week ahead.
Yours in Cricket.

Just me "OJ"
Keen Supporter.