Friday, June 20, 2008

Speed recovery Mr President.

In my obsession to write yesterday's article i failed to recognise that the MCA President was hospitalised for a surgical procedure. It was improper of me to remain silent of the matter. I think it is only proper that i extend my prayers and good wishes for his speedy recovery and to return to a quality life so as he can continue his endeavours.

Mr President, my best wishes and hope this "enforced" rest would provide you the much needed energy, once you are on your feet.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gandhi,
One side you condem the MCA/OCM
President, in your block you
praise him for a speedy recovery.
Nothing of this would change the
faith of MCA,the poor NSCA is still
sufering with no positive assurance
from MCA.

Let me tell you, Gandhi, nothing
will change the attitude, leadership of the President.
He is a man of fun and frolic rather serious in building the
CRICKET into ASIAN class to the
Waiting to take up International
appointments rathar Local, I
bet my last dollar.
You will not dare publish this comment, afaraid of being cautioned.
Lots of mine have been supressed,
why do you do so.Be open of your views.
The more we suppress the doings
the more they create turmoil.

If you wish to seek support from
the public, then be more proactive.

Yoursin Cricket.

Just me "OJ"
Keen supporter.

Gandhi, said...

Just me "OJ" thinks that i am there to condemn the President and he cannot understand my article for his speedy recovery.
Firstly, i must state that i undertake a critical analysis of the subject matter.In the course i may be critical of certain personalities and this is related to the position they hold and what they have to do.However when one is in hospital,he is like all of us and he needs our support for his speedy recovery.That is only being humane and sportsmanship.
As far as most officials in NSAs are concerned,they are there on a voluntary capacity. They have been elected on trust to undertake their function. If they do not carry out their function it is our responsibility to highlight and at times be critical.Unless someone had abused the position than it becomes a different issue.
As for the President of MCA, i must state that i have a very high regard for him on what he had done and to what he is doing. However it does not stop me from being critical in areas where i feel he may need to handle things differently or it maybe construed as not the proper way.Whatever it maybe end of the day whoever is elected has to answer for his actions or decisions.
As bloggers we bring to peoples' notice and hope that itself will let those holding positions realise, they are under public scrutiny.This is on the basis the bloogers themselves are doing the proper thing too.
Finally, please appreciate that i am only wanting to see fairness on the NSCA's issue.I am not interested in taking sides.
If i had given the impression that i was taking sides, it was wrong of me and i shall in the future take due care to vet my articles before they are published.