Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Malaysian Cricket - Mr. President you need to do something.

The current President of the Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA) brought much needed excitement to Malaysian sports when he was President of the Malaysian Squash Association, the founder of Sports Excel and then when he took over the leadership of the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM). Even in cricket, the players were given greater international exposure.

Strangely, with time the fresh breath seem to have loss its freshness. His preoccupation seems to be more related to international activities connected to International Olympic Council (IOC), International Cricket Council (ICC) and Asian Cricket Council (ACC). Things started to stagnate and groups have come into being either to support or oppose him. Is it because he has been in sports for too long, or is it that people have taken him for granted and decided to do what they want?

There seem to be too many issues brewing in cricket and I think I want to highlight it to him so as he can do the proper thing. These are matters that is talked about and may not have come to his attention. He must be given an opportunity to address it if they are bona fide issues. Some are matters that have happened in the past that may need comments just to let people be aware how it was handled.

Some of the issues are:
  • The failure of MCA to ensure that existing cricket fields throughout the country are carefully maintained and are playable grounds. With the exception of the Klang Valley, there is lack of good grounds in other places.
  • It would seem when the Kinrara Cricket ground was constructed, MCA did not have much of an input. They seem to have left it to other parties and the main building is awkwardly located for those who want to enjoy cricket. It is an unfriendly building for older people as the steps to and from the seats are at a steep gradiant.
  • Within the Exco there seem to be camps and a number of issues are discussed outside and decided upon before the formal meetings.
  • The current predicament caused by ACC's interference in the organisation of an ACC tournament gives the impression that the President of MCA has many ways of ensuring how he gets his buddies involved.
  • The appointment of a full-time Executive Secretary and being unable to take minutes questions the selection basis. To further appoint him as a National Selector and also as National Team Manager begs the issue whether there are no other persons among affiliates or others who could do the job. The Executive Secretary usually manages the office administration unless in MCA it is different.
  • It is known that family members of Exco have also acquired some powers to manage the office.
  • Not only in Exco are there camps but even full-time staffs are also taking sides particularly as management is undertaken by shouting and cursing
  • Coaches are recruited and terminated at short notice because of players power or as the various Committees have their own candidates.
  • Programmes and Staff like Development Officers were recruited and terminated as the programmes are shelved because of the lack of proper thought process before implementation.
  • The N. S. Cricket is in doldrums as MCA officials have been passing the bug of settling the issue of the Association to the State, OCM and the Sports Commissioner's office. The matter is compounded with the President requesting an OCM Vice President's involvement which has confused the matter. Strangely, MCA remain oblivious to the matter.
  • The results of the Senior National team and the Under 19 seem to show that Malaysian cricket is still lagging far behind.
  • Even those who undertake development at larger scale than MCA have to face the politics of MCA who seem to want to undermine their funding from the authorities.
  • Power centres have grown in the North, Kinta Valley, Klang Valley and South to seek position in MCA.

The list can continue but this is just an appetiser, as I felt the President should be aware what is being talked about. I have done my little bit and essentially the President has to address it and ensure that the energy of MCA is put in the game and not in politicking and maneuvering.

This article is not meant to upset anyone, rather, in the hope cricket as whole would come out better. Lets all work together in the name of cricket and for the benefit of cricket in Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Spot on Gandhi.

We need ppl like you to run MCA.........

MCA = Malaysia Clown Associaton

Gandhi, said...

I received a comment at 4.22am this morning with regards to MCA,its President and Deputy President.The comment also included the former President of NSCA and claimed that he is a relative of the MCA President.
I refused to publish the comment as it would seem very much a personal attack and does not come within my guideline.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gandhi'

You refused to publish my comments,
fearing its getting to personal, just to remind, my style is direct
to the point, rather beating round the bush,if you are talking or
discussing with level headed
sports leaders,then humble, kindness and simplicity is the best
solution for such disputes.

MCA has presently been having
Two camps, to convene their daily
deliveries.Check it out Brother.

Incidently what I expected had been
published for the benefit of Cricket Lovers and the officials
involved with NSCAs dispute.

Thats so much for now, until the
next update and reading pleasure to all Cricket Lovers.

Yours in Cricket.

Just me OJ
Keen Supporter.

Anonymous said...

As a cricketer I wish to express my views on the above article written I believe by an ardent cricket lover.

Obviously the President of MCA is a charismatic, experienced and fun loving personality when you talk or mention about cricket. He loves the game very much and always a live wire during cricket dinners and functions belting away Country & Western songs.

But the President’s biggest drawback is that he does not personally meet the higher authorities to solve issues of employment and educational needs of National players, cricket grounds, sponsorship / funds for MCA and other matters. Usually the lower rank officials are left to solve these problems as they are not well respected by the higher authorities. Thus we do not get the desired results.

For example, what has happened to grounds like the PKNS field in Klana Jaya, RRI in Sg Buloh, N.S.Club field in Seremban and the Ipoh Club Padang? Even the Kilat Club ground in K.L.is expensive and not well maintained. Malacca does not even have a proper cricket ground.

Having camps in the EXCO is due to the weakness of the President. If a leader is dynamic and dedicated to the development of cricket there will not be 2 camps. He should spend more time at home solving the MCA problem rather than spending more time in ICC & ACC. It is also about time that the Deputy & Vice Presidents and other officials of MCA are given opportunities to attend meetings at ICC & ACC levels for exposure and to be groomed as good administrators. This way, there will be a harmonious working relationship among the officials in MCA.

As for organizing tournaments, Malaysia has always been known as good organizers. To organize any cricket tournaments, there should be more officials from MCA involved rather than outsiders. We could incorporate outsiders but the main officials of MCA should take charge, with ICC or ACC supervising the organization.

The role of the Executive Secretary should be clearly outlined. From my experience, his function is to help out and alleviate the responsibilities of the Hon Secretary. Asking him to be the National Selector & the Team Manager only goes to show the administrative weakness of MCA.
If the Executive Secretary is required to spend more time outside the office how well managed is the office going to be? Being paid a salary RM 6,500 and delegating his work to the other staff and spending time out of the office is mind-boggling!

What has happened to all the former Internationals? Does MCA keep a record of their existence and how often is there a dialogue between them to discuss issues of improving the standard of the game in Malaysia? They are the best candidates for coaching & managing a National Cricket team. From my knowledge, there is hardly any communications between the ex internationals and the MCA administration. I am sure that an ex international association should be formed to help run MCA better. MCA has run out of ideas but I believe the ex internationals have abundance of them!!

The Development Committee (D.C.) in MCA should be revamped. It is very difficult to do development by staying in Kinrara. The D.C. should incorporate the D.C. of all the state Cricket Associations. This is a heavy responsibility and one man working part time can never achieve it.

MCA must employ a full time Administrator to chart the development and future of cricket in the Country. Each state to prepare a 5-year development programme to be funded by MCA. Funds only to be paid to states where there is continuous development programmes.

The N.S.Cricket Association saga seems to be unresolved due to the inability of MCA to reach a decision. Although the Sports Commissioner’s office has directed MCA to make a decision, but the EXCO seems reluctant since the President of MCA and the former President of NSCA( team B ) are related. Even after listening to both team A & team B, MCA seem so incompetent and apprehensive to make a decision.
MCA’s delaying tactics has killed the game in Negeri Sembilan as they are barred from taking part in any tournaments organized by MCA. What a blow to the noble game?
Wonder whether MCA is the real custodian of the game of cricket in Malaysia?

The standard of the game in the senior team and the age groups is dwindling and this is further compounded by the poor development programmes by the states. There do not seem to be any motivation from the players to improve & excel in the game. Since the pool of players is small, the players are complacent and do not give much emphasis on training.

Our inter-state league is not of high standard, as such there is no room for improvement. For the game to improve, MCA should provide playing contracts to the senior players. In addition, the players should be attached to clubs overseas especially in Bangladesh, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu. They should be attached there for a period of 3-6 months.

All the above plans can be a reality, if we have enough resources and funding. MCA should strive very hard for funds and sponsorship to uplift Cricket in Malaysia. We also need the expertise to work and achieve the goals. There is no room for part timers as everyone should approach it in a professional manner.

Anonymous said...

The role of the Executive Secretary should be clearly outlined. From my experience, his function is to help out and alleviate the responsibilities of the Hon "Secretary. Asking him to be the National Selector & the Team Manager only goes to show the administrative weakness of MCA.
If the Executive Secretary is required to spend more time outside the office how well managed is the office going to be? Being paid a salary RM 6,500 and delegating his work to the other staff and spending time out of the office is mind-boggling!"

Question now is, how much is he getting paid/allowance to be the National team manager/selector?

Sound almost like a multi-level-marketing income structure! Getting paid in many ways for nothing done!