Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tun Ahmad Sarji - A role model to Administrators, including those in Sports.

Today His Majesty Yang Di Pertuan Agong XIII, on His Majesty's Birthday bestowed the Seri Setia Mahkota Malaysia ( SSM ) on Tan Sri Ahmad Sarji, which carries the title of Tun.

Tun Ahmad Sarji, 70 years of age, was the former Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN) and is currently the Chairman of Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB). He sits on a number of corporate boards and NGOs, including President of Badan Warisan Malaysia - The National Heritage Society.

A fan of the late P.Ramlee, he is probably the only one who has the full collection of his movies and songs. This would have given him the impetus to write a book titled "P.Ramlee Erti Yang Sakti". He has also published other books, including "Hang Tuah - Tokoh Epik Nasional" and "Lawn Bowls in Malaysia : The President's Memoir".

Tun's activities are highly diversified including religion and education. Tun is the Chairman of Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia (IKIM) - Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies and also Joint Director of the Malaysian Commomwealth Studies Centre at Cambridge University.

That is not all, for even in sports Tun has a major imprint. He is the President of 3 Golf clubs, Impian in Kajang, Saujana at Subang and KLGCC in Bukit Kiara. It seems the concept of time is stretchable in Tun's activities as he is President of Asian Lawn Bowls Federation and also continues to be President of Malaysian Lawn Bowls Federation. This elasticity is even extended into cricket as he is the Deputy President of Malay Cricket Association of Malaysia.

The question is, how is Tun able to do all these? A great Administrator, who manages time effectively and efficiently. A meticulous person, who empowers himself with knowledge before he proceeds to undertake a task. He does not have time for pettiness as he always sees the "big picture", guided by his religious beliefs which itself embodies the principles of equity and governance.

Tun is a great advocate of the belief that when people are entrusted to position, particularly in sports they must have the passion to undertake it and also understand the concept of trusteeship, that is, one is trusted to perform. Therefore it is imperative that they do not disappoint the sport, players, colleagues and the public.

Driven by such commitment, both in lawn bowls and cricket, Tun has been the key personality
in ensuring grass root development is properly undertaken. Tun's eyes twinkle as he narrates the success story in lawn bowls. Yes ! Malaysia has World Champions both at individual and team event. In cricket a lot of effort is being put in at age group level and god willing it is matter of time before the fruits of success should appear. Going to Bayuemas itself would show how an old oil palm estate has transformed into a sporting arena consisting of the Indoor Lawn Bowls Stadium and the Cricket Oval.

In all this Tun always remembers his father, the late Abdul Hamid Aroop who was solely responsible for him developing his passion in sports. Abdul Hamid was an all rounder in sports, working his way from player to coach to Secretary, of the various sporting associations. His main games were hockey, cricket and football.

As Tun would pay tribute to his late father, today we all must congratulate Tun Ahmad Sarji, for being honoured by His Majesty. With his vast contribution to the nation and his remarkable devotion to sports, Tun has surely become a role model for all of us in how to undertake our assignments.

Congratulations again Tun and our prayers for your good health and the need for your continuous service.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Bloger,

What was described on TUN Ahmad Sarji, seems that you have truely
understood this splendid ,Simple,
a very very great man, who could be a ROLE MODEL, to all MALAYSIANS, specially to the BUMIPUTRASin malaysia, always sitting to modify and Macro the Political certainities. A real waste of precious time, where reality is not visible.
Have a chat, with TUN, then one will know of his knowledge and Experience if you wish to grasp.
Never one could see nor feel his temper, just snobs you and thats the end of your story with him...

Knowing him is like believing him!

Just Me!
Pengachara DiRaja.
9th June 2008.