Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Football's episode in CYC seems to be showing its face in Malaysian cricket

Asian Cricket Council (ACC), similar to Asian Football Confederation (AFC), is the parent body in Asia for cricketing nations. Like AFC, ACC also has its head office in Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, do they share the same modus operandi in dealing with affiliates?

Recently ACC had requested Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA), to organise an ACC cricket tournament in Malaysia. MCA gladly obliged and named their Organising Committee. All seem well except MCA overlooked naming 3 personalities, who in the past had served ACC in other tournaments. 2 of them were former exco members of MCA and the other is still a senior serving official. In the past these personalities were the favoured friends and the President of MCA never failed to recommend them. Sometimes they are referred to as the "President's buddies"

Omitting these 3 personalities did not go down well with ACC. In the current MCA set-up, there have been outcries why these people were always the chosen ones. Therefore the long standing President of MCA permitted his exco to make their recommendation. ACC refused to budge and still insisted on the 3 personalities to be Organising Chairman, Tournament Technical Director and Competition Chairman.

When the situation became tense, ACC offered a compromise that the Organising Chairman shall be jointly held, while the other 2 posts shall be ACC nominees. The matter remains unresolved. MCA, as organisers, are being dictated on what to do. Why?

I always thought the broad parameters of what is to be done is given to the Organisers and the rest is left to them. Unless the Organisers use incompetent personalities then the right of intervention by the parent body seems appropriate. In this case, due to the fact that certain of the current MCA exco officials are involved, ACC seem to be unnecessarily interfering with its affiliates function.

Strangely, the MCA President seems to be taking a "care free" attitude and has not been pressing for MCA's rights on this matter. More so as he is in the hierarchy of ACC. After all, ACC and the President's offices are in the same premises and a short walk could easily resolve this uncalled for action from ACC.

Give everyone the opportunity of undertaking the task as they have the right to do so.
Interference is only going to jeopardise the game and create tension. Is it good for the game?

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Dear Blogger,
What has been highlighted, seem to
only be the tip of the iceberg.
If you are interested kindly prey
into the manner in which MCA,runs
their affiliates matters, will then give you, a clear and juicy
Many more, if you wish to discover.

Me,Cricket Lover.
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