Thursday, June 19, 2008

MHF : "Well done to Malay Mail and also to MHF President's action".

Last night I went into "Cintahoki"s 4th letter which i was unable to publish as it did not fulfill the criteria I laid for the comments. My intent was to extract the main issues and publish them today. It would seem another lover of hockey beat me to it. It is no other than the the renowned sports writer Johnson Fernandez. Johnson is with the newly revamped Malay Mail in a different but higher profile capacity.

I understand the recent events in Malaysian hockey have taken such a twist and with Johnson's intimate knowledge of the game, the Malaysian players and the officials, it would give him a better insight into what is happening. Without doubt "Cintahoki"s 4 letters serial provided significant contribution too.

Johnson's ability to smell a "rat" provides him the in-depth investigator skill to capture the appropriate information to bring the issues to the forefront. The fact that he met the President of MHF and the Secretary yesterday, following which MHF seemed to be changing gears to move itself forward suggests something is happening or going to happen. Johnson's knack of presenting matters would have left the MHF President without much of a choice except to do the rightful thing, that is, to call for a full investigation.

The full story is in 19th.June 2008.

Malay Mail must be congratulated for allowing it be the front page headlines, signifying the importance of the matter. The MHF President must also be praised for being prepared to investigate. It is the 1st step in the journey of thousand or more steps. Yet it has started.

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